The Cleansing of Iraq.2

I am dreading writing this post. Seriously. Even though I know the whole picture, I don't wish to complete it.
Not that it will make a difference to you, but it does make a difference to me. My secret pathetic attempt to hold on to a peg of an illusion.

Stark facts spoil the picture. That's why romance films have no stark facts- or let's say, the story has a happy ending.
This is what the Western press likes us to believe, in particular the American press. Reporters are all too happy to wire stories of a pink Baghdad - lo and behold, they exclaim - things have improved - weddings are taking place, people walk the streets, it can't be all that bad...we did do a good job after all - is the implicit message.

You see because in the American mind, a wedding taking place or someone walking the street is a favor bestowed upon another country. Like - hey what are you complaining about - you had a wedding in your neighborhood, or we filmed you going to the market, and we aired you live.

So Iraqi sheep and Western liberals can sigh with relief - normal life is back. After all, there are 2 new shopping malls and a MacDonald is about to open. It can't be all that bad.
After all, a couple of Marriott hotels are being built in Najaf and Kerbala, it must be good.
After all, the average Iraqi salary has gone up from 200$ to 500$ with a 150% rate of inflation...things are definitely looking up.

You see, that is the problem with the masses - spring, summer or fall - they can't see beyond their nose, beyond their immediate pocket. The masses can't see the bigger picture. Am here to give it to you - whole.

So let me pick up where I left off, in the ongoing cleansing of Iraq...

In no order - since all is interrelated, interdependent...(do use those grey cells)

- The financial/economic cleansing of Iraq, of its resources :

I can't begin to tell you the amount of information I receive daily of how Iraq is being pillaged by both those in power and by foreign companies.
For example ; since 2008, I have read not less than 10 investment reports claiming that tenders/bids have been won by X and Y foreign company for Electrical power plants. Until this very day, the average Iraqi gets 1 to 2 hours max of electricity per day. Anyone who can afford it, lives off a generator. Those who can't buy a generator, are cooked, literally. We are talking of extreme weather conditions here. Very cold winters and excessively 50C in the shade summers.
The question is where did those millions of $ worth of contracts for electrical power plants go?
Total silence...and another bid is won by another foreign firm, and still no electricity.
This alone is one example. (this has just come in and relates to latest figures in 107Billion $ lost supposedly fixing electrical power plants - a must read HERE)

Let's look at oil now. You know oil don't you ? the stuff you would love to drink. Again, report after report of the new pipelines, the modernization of drills (not to be confused with the Muqtada Al-Sadr electrical drills), of tenders won by big companies in the South, in the North, oil exploration, oil this, oil that...and what do you get in reality ?
I will tell you what you get.

Each political party/faction, individual, in power will only sign a contract with you if he gets a 200% commission on your project, it can be an unrelated project to oil, it can be in anything else. This is the deal - I get a commission, you get your own pipeline for a limited
time and you can trade in it as much as you like. I am serious, this is what is taking place.

This is how oil smuggling operates. The Iraqi puppets installed by the Americans smuggle the country's resources for their own benefit. Billion of $ worth of revenue disappear yearly. Be it in the North "Kurdistan" (lol) or the South (Iranistan) of the country.

A special paragraph devoted to Iran. Since the puppets are mainly sectarian shiites, the privileged client is of course Iran. Iran has been receiving FREE oil for years, and numerous bilateral deals privileging Iran in all aspects of trade is a fait accompli. Iranian gas, Iranian fruits, Iranian vegetables, Iranian manufactured goods not worth a nickel, and so on and so want Iran, you got Iran in Iraq.

Billions of dollars of bilateral deals are guaranteed with the Islamic republic of Iran. And since some parts of Iraq have become a province of Iran, whole areas in the South, in Nejaf and Kerbala for example, have been bought by Iranians through land acquisition at preferential rates, for peanuts. To the extent, that Arab shias in this area are slowly waking up to the fact that the rug has been pulled from under their feet in the name of Ahl al Bayt, in the name of Imams al Hassan and al Hussein, ie in the name of Shiite political ideology.

In the North of the country, in so-called Kurdistan, the Kurdish mafia has appropriated not only oil wells, but also land by forcefully driving out non kurds. In the "independent" region of "Kurdistan", separate oil deals are contracted, guaranteeing a non accountable revenue for the Kurdish mafia and its "region", in other words an ILLEGAL APPROPRIATION of both land and natural resources. Last time I read of something similar, it was happening in Israel.

It is difficult to cover every single deal going on...but am just giving you a foretaste of the economic pillaging of Iraq - not that you care. My head is spinning big time at the extent of the theft.

Let me continue by briefly tackling the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Prior to the invasion, and in the period preceding the sanction years, Iraq for a "third world country" that had only been freed of British colonialism not more than 30 years ago had a thriving industry. Not totally self sufficient, but sufficient enough to fly with its own wings.

Of course, the sanction years destroyed that developmental leap, and the Iraqi industry suffered a major backlash due to the draconian prohibitions imposed by the civilized world. The 2003 war of liberation put a final end to anything called an autonomous industrial development. With the bombing of major infrastructure, also came the bombing of major industrial sectors - from textiles, to pharmaceuticals, to food, to cement...not even soap or baby food factories were spared. We were bombed back to the stone age.

That was of course a necessary step by the "coalition of the willing" to ensure the total destruction of Iraqi infrastructure, after they had bombed the electrical power plants, the communication networks, the media TV, Radio, etc, the water sewage and treatment plants, the roads and bridges...

The message was - start anew, from a "clean" slate.

Hence it came as no surprise when big American firms the likes of Halliburton and Co, hosting Iraqi "reconstruction" conferences in the post 2003 period and chaired by Iraqi traitors whose names I am keeping for future reference - admonished an audience of Iraqi engineers, scientists, planners, industrialists, chemists - to start looking into small farming instead. The Texan cowboy said that day - Iraqi Industry is ours.

True to his words, Iraqi industry is no more. Again, hundreds of bids for that or the other are published daily...and won. What is being produced, who is producing it - remains unknown.

A natural repercussion of the above, is the human element. And since you are all so humanitarian let me tell you about the human element :

Thousands of Iraqi workers have been laid off with no compensation, unable to be re-employed, living on less than a 1$ a day. You know why ? Because all those who have bought the industries in Iraq are employing either their own blue collars workers or hiring non Iraqis.

A reminder here - We are talking about IRAQ, about our/my country up for grabs.

Let me continue...because you have only read 1% of what is happening...

And I must admit, in between each paragraph, I stop, pause and ask myself - what good ? you are addressing nothing but vile idiots.

Good Lord, there is so much to cover under economic cleansing, am not sure if this will end...

Agriculture :

Just like in the Industrial sector, Iraq prior to the sanction years was nearly self sufficient in its agricultural production. Not only that, it also used to export wheat, rice, dates and other food stuffs to neighboring countries. Naturally the war with Iran plus the sanction years brought Iraq to its knees food wise, which resulted in poor quality edibles, long queues for a can of tomato paste...but was offset by a rationing system that worked pretty well during those 13 years of "civilized" punishment.

In post 2003 Iraq, the agricultural picture looks a 100 times worse. The American policy of scorched earth - by which thousands of arable land were either razed or burnt, coupled with a drought provoked by the water cleansing of Iraq (see next chapter on Geography), coupled with bilateral deals for imports by which Iraq now relies heavily on foodstuff imports mainly from Iran, have led thousands of farmers to abandon the land and seek urban dwellings in hope of finding livelihood. This rural exodus into the city is not without consequences. But am not here to give you a sociological treatise.

Hundreds of hectares of arable land (arab-le meaning fertile) have either been sold for a small price because too dangerous to reach or not profitable enough to cultivate, and hundreds of others have been replaced with a more lucrative farming - poppy fields, with the seeds given/donated free of charge by neighboring Iran. It therefore comes as no surprise, that in the latest wave of protests, hundreds of Iraqis marched to the borders of Iran (from the South), forming a human barrier saying - STOP.

I feel this post is never ending. I have only given you little and there is so much more... And to be honest, had you really bothered, you would have found out all this by yourself...which again brings me to the pointlessness of this endeavor. But I started it, I have to finish it.

I still need to address :

- the Kuwait connection and the strangulation of Iraq.
- the US billion arm deals with US occupied Iraq
- the fraudulent billion dollars deal in obsolete technology and imports
- the missing billions since 2003.

I will update this later...all this is too much for me now.

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