The Cleansing of Iraq.1

When you destroy, when you ravage, when you pillage, when you annihilate, you are in fact cleansing...and Iraq is being cleansed of Itself.

Most people are very stupid. When one talks about the cleansing of Iraq, they immediately think - physical liquidation - as in killings.

Well you must be quite pleased to know that the above is ongoing, since 2003. The bulk of that form of cleansing has already been undertaken. Thousands have been killed, over 200 "fresh" mass graves have been unearthed, ethnic/sectarian cleansing of "minorities" has been achieved.

Another form of cleansing of Iraq is the massive exodus, with thousands of refugees that no one hears about anymore. Add to the above the thousands of maimed, handicapped by the occupation and what ensued. Add the missing in the hundreds and add the psychologically traumatized for life debilitated by memories of torture, rape and loss and also add...yet another form of cleansing -- the ever lasting effect of Depleted Uranium and other toxic waste, both of these have been addressed in this blog on numerous occasions. Long lasting Toxicity and its consequence as in premature birth, genetic deformities, cancer of soft tissues, and the rest -- ensure the cleansing of future generation...

This is the demographic arm of cleansing whose aim, after the tearing apart the Iraqi mosaic was to effect demographic changes that are irreversible. This is not even population control, this is beyond population control. This is erasure.

This is one level of cleansing, the physical as in the body, either eliminating it, or paralyzing i.e rendering it useless.

There are other forms of cleansing taking place in Iraq. Using a little grey cells won't hurt. Looking at things from a social/sociological perspective is not too much to ask is it ? Or maybe it is, in view of the disgraceful level of ignorance one encounters on this circus called the net.

The Intellectual Cleansing of Iraq is another aspect. I shall group under the heading "Intellectual" everything that is related to "Intellectual Property" meaning everything to do with Education, Learning and - the human cadre - also called the Brains of a Society.

Again I have tackled this issue in the past, namely that of the destruction of the Educational system in Iraq, the re-writing of the syllabus, of the history, the growing rates of illiteracy - a thing that was eradicated in the past, the dilapidated state of schools and universities with no proper sanitation or equipment, the no access to education by the newly pauperized class - the child of the occupation, the deliberate and organized assassination of academics, doctors, scientists, teachers, the brain drain of Iraqi society through exile or death.
The new Educational system, having liquidated the brains of Iraqi society, is now based on affiliation by sect/ethnicity regardless of academic competence, based on forged diplomas (this is another topic that touches every aspect of Iraqi society - this business of forged diplomas - from doctors, to lawyers, to teachers, to nurses, to government officials, to diplomats...)
The hiring of personnel with forged diplomas is also another way of maintaining the current level of intellectual mediocrity that characterizes occupied Iraq. The repercussions are enormous for the future.
Also under "Intellectual cleansing" I must add the burning and looting of archives and public libraries, where precious data, records and information are now for ever lost.

Another related aspect to this intellectual cleansing is the value of the printed word -the book. Iraqi society was known for its intellectual curiosity and historically so. During the sanction years when people were forced to sell their books to survive or burn them for fuel, there was still hope that the book' the written word can be redeemed. Today no such hope exists. It does not take a genius to figure out that when a society is too engrossed in daily survival, with matters related to water, electricity and security - it has no inclination to read anymore. Hence the intellectual degradation of Iraqi society. When a society stops reading, it stops thinking, questioning, contemplating...

Which brings me to the second form of cleansing - the historical cleansing of Iraq.
Iraq has been cleansed of its history, both literally and symbolically, not only through the re-writing of the educational syllabus, but directly through the destruction and looting of its ancient artifacts, its museums, the erasure of its past through illegal trading, smuggling, the theft of its heritage (again google my previous posts) where Iraqi history ended up in Tel Aviv, New York, Dubai, Holland, France, Germany...when even the in laws of the puppet PM were caught smuggling it.
The message sent- you no longer have a history. The message sent - is we have broken your ties to your past - the new Iraq has no sense of continuity anymore. You are a new invention. Our new invention. The bastards of History.

This is a monumental task trying to address all the aspects of the cleansing of Iraq, my head is spinning...

The cleansing of institutions, of civil society. Difficult to subdivide and group but am trying. Under this, I will include state institutions like hospitals, the medical field, civil society and its associations for instance gender based associations, journalists, trade unions and the rest.

Let's start with the medical because it is one of the most important ones. Again, I have written at length of the dilapidated state of government hospitals, where so called reconstruction money, which is Iraqi money by the way, ended up in the private bank accounts of the various parties and their militias that are currently ruling Iraq.

This of course has given rise to a huge black market that runs in parallel to the hospitals day to day workings. Medical equipment is stolen and sold on the black market, where that same hospital patient is forced to go to and purchase- be it band aids, syringes or medication. Added to that, a whole new medical mafia has entered the scene in the Iraqi medical services, where not only diplomas are forged, but where also your sect matters. It is a fact that non Shiites are too scared to go to government hospitals because the mafia that rules the polity also rules the medical services. This medical mafia also performs unnecessary surgeries to beef up their end of month revenues, surgeries undertaken in the most insalubrious of conditions, where the patient has literally no hope of recovery. This is no exaggeration. This is the truth.

The Iraqi medical brain drain coupled with the current corruption has effectively cleansed Iraq of any concept of public health prevention and cure. Hence the return of diseases that we thought had been long eradicated, hitting in particular the poorest of the Iraqi society, which for your info constitute the bulk of Iraq under occupation.

The cleansing of civil associations/bodies, such as gender based ones, for which I shall reserve a special paragraph, trade unions that have been infiltrated by party militias, press syndicates that are bribed by the government to report what it wants it to, coupled with the disappearance of journalists who struggled to report the truth making Iraq one of the most dangerous countries for reporters.

Of course I have failed to mention, en passant, the bizarre silencing by the silencer gun that takes place daily in Iraq and ABROAD, notably in Sweden, forcing many Iraqis to return to Iraq because they feel it is "safer".

I shall continue in the following post. I am overwhelmed with this eagle's view. Besides your attention span counts for shit. I need to break it down in small pieces.

To follow (Insh'Allah - if no silencer gun reaches me) :

- the cleansing of the economy - pillaging, missing billions, privatization, reliance on imports/bilateral deals, selling of Iraqi land/property, rise of a service economy, oil, gaz, smuggling, industry/agriculture...

- the Urban cleansing through geographical partition plus demarcation of areas through ideological/religious symbols.

- the Geographical cleansing - ecology, environment, delineation of areas, disparity North South of country, use of visas within country, water, drought, electricity, port in South thwarted by Kuwait, role of Iran, Turkey in the erasing of Iraq.

- the Social cleansing - drugs, trading in forbidden toxic goods, trafficking of children, orphans, widows, pauperization, disappearance of middle class, of technocrats, chronic unemployment, sectarianism - long term repercussions.

- the Gender cleansing - backlash for women, power of religious ideology, retraction of gender laws/rights, rape, domestic violence, prostitution.

- the Religious/Ideological cleansing - ethnic cleansing of non Shiites, non Kurds, imposition of new ideology, sectarianism, destruction of the arts, client/patron/tribal state.

- the Cleansing of dissent/protest/human rights, liberties, freedoms - sect based secret political prisons, no trials, infiltration of courts by sect parties, extensive use of torture, disappearance, kidnapping, abduction, bullying, harassment, silencer gun.

Am sure there are more "bullet" points I need to add in part 2.

- Last but not Least ... The Future of Iraq cleansed of Itself.

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