There is no such thing as Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a handy word you you can get away with it. There is first Justice be done, followed by Forgiveness.

I am aware of all the proponents for Forgiveness...they are usually Predators. For, who will ask for Forgiveness but one ?!

Had it been a one time off, an independent case, a singled out case , a something out of the ordinary...I would have forgiven.

After all, humans are known to err...imperfect beings that they are.


But, this is not a one off, nor an exception, this is a repetitive pattern, a repetitive pattern I have learned by heart (by the way that says much about your creativity or lack thereof...)

How can you forgive a repetitive pattern ?

Repetition means a deliberate repetitive Intention.

When someone intends --- you have to equal that power of intention...

Politics is all about interests, but it is also about intentions.

You Americans did not harbor the best of intentions towards us. You were in fact ILL intentioned (maybe that word does not exist, so there you have it now) ILL-intentioned.

When they wish you ill...if your body is will become ill...the Iraq body was weakened...over 13 years of sanctions debilitated the sick man till his death...

This was Your intention.

There is nothing to debate here, nothing to argue.

I spit on your condolences cards, your funeral attendance. I look at your attention, your intentions...

And I see it today.

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