An Observer at the Banquet...

I never liked gatherings nor banquets...I am allergic to hordes of people rushing to a buffet, gorging themselves with food, quickly stuffing down "all you can eat from 8 pm to 11 pm"

I've always found these buffets grotesque. They have always conjured up surreal images of apparently civilized beings in suits and latest fashion dresses, turning into a "modern evolved" Gargantua...

There is something crass, like morally and philosophically crass about this approach to eating.

Something reminiscent of cannibalism, where you carnivorously appropriate human flesh so as to take on whatever attributes you have ascribed to it.

This cannibalism - the eating of living human flesh is closely associated to necrophilia. In case you missed it when he was alive, you can always make up for it when he is dead.

There is no better way to describe today's event - the "capture" and lynching of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

I am beyond politics right now...I am into your banquet...your buffet.

I can't but notice that you rejoice whenever Arab flesh is served...I can't but notice how you cheer, gloat and lick your fingers in preparation...

I can't but notice when you immediately rush to get a piece of the meat and if you happen to be a politically correct vegetarian, you will find some other non meaty thing -- maybe hair from the vegetal/mineral kingdom, or maybe you're just a vegetarian pornographic voyeur from afar...watching a sovereign leader's body being stripped naked, or maybe you are a repressed closet homosexual, or a female who no man touched...salivating at carnal images of body parts ....

And just like in a banquet, it got you all excited...

Is it real vegetarianism this hair or maybe a just an acrylic wig ? your media asks.
Is this patch really bald so where is the toupee ?
What about the rest...not that you will eat it, God forbid, because you are true vegetarians, but show us, show us the rest...

So they showed you the rest...inert bodies, placid faces riddled with kicking boots made in America.

For some, that was not enough...they needed it UP CLOSE...a question of getting those gastric juices flowing....from the gut to the groin.

Wohaaa...and the erection happened, finally. No Viagra, no youporn, no blue film DVD or magazine - it's all hot - you exclaimed - check it out. You did manage to save a few dollars.

So you checked it out, like the little impotent voyeur that you are.

I saw others at the Banquet.

Bearded ones with long rosaries, hijabi women dying for a man, and your standard leftist - they said - God forgive us and had a peek or two...the bolder ones had more than just a few peeks, they licked their lips...and called it a Victory.

Did you notice a thing about banquets and buffets ?

There are always curtains, thick curtains somewhere...draped curtains, like in a show, like in a theater, like in a play.

And I don't know why, but this image of gargantuan eaters hiding behind curtains to masturbate, keeps assailing me...

There must be something very primitively archaic about these wars of Freedom. There must be something very hot about "brown" men being lynched.

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