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The Politics of Corruption

Qana , again - Qana revisited . A deliberate act to open up old wounds. They want it to flare . I am dampening the fire with my tears . I will not let if flare . I hate Saudi Arabia , the regime . Am no shia for that matter but I still hate them . They represent everything that I detest most . I heard the news about Qana . I cried to the skies . I implored God , Allah, the Virgin , the Prophets , Jesus , Mohammed . I called upon them all .... I called upon them during Qana I and during the Ameryia where hundreds of Iraqis were burnt to death during their sleep in their refuge . A refuge from b52.s , a refuge from smart bombs . They were burnt alive in their sleep. I wailed just as I am wailing now . I wailed when Falluja was pounded with phosphorus bombs and they picked dead children in Falluja square . I cursed and implored God and his prophets . .... I wailed at Jenin and Gaza and Ramallah. And cried fiery tears helpless and hopeless...and again I am helpless and hopeless. Where

Wars - Beginnings with no End

I am tired . The stream of news coming my way is making me tired . I am physically , psychologically and emotionally tired . I have lost count of the numbers of dead . Dead bodies , dead lands , dead souls . The destruction seems to have no end in sight . I am writing to stay sane - maybe sane is an ambitious aim . Let's just say I am writing to fight the death around me lest the written word may revive something . I have already witnessed 6 wars or is it 7 - there too I have lost count . I am only in my 40's I would exclaim - an exclamation that would fall on deaf ears . Can you imagine 7 wars in 40 years? Let me recall . Actually I do not need to recall , its all very vivid in my memory . First war , 1967 - We spent many weeks in shelters . I started seeing black . Then came 1973- I used to stand on the balcony and count the numbers of israeli jets that would fly over my little head . Wondering why the skies turned suddenly gray . I started picking black clothes . Then the L