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The Iraqi Holocaust - Part II

Weapons of Mass Destruction/ Radioactivity/Depleted Uranium. The road of Mass Genocide continues... In part II of the Iraqi Holocaust:"Rememberance and Beyond" video no.2 (see here) shows the extent of contamination by radioactive material (nuclear to some-also known as Depleted Uranium/DU.) Since 1990, the whole of Iraq, its waters, its soil,its air are polluted by this highly toxic cancerigenic lethal matter DU. Its life span is in the million of years. And the People of Iraq continue to pay today and for many generations to come the price of the only real weapon of Mass Destruction found in Iraq. Added to the D.U, sanctions were imposed by the United Nations... Stay tuned for Part III. Video : "Depleted Uranium Alert" by apfnog.

The Iraqi Holocaust-Part I

The Road of Mass Genocide In eagerness to be loyal to the United Nations "spirit" of Rememberance of Holocaust victims, I hereby present to you Video no.1 (see here) in a series of videos of "Rememberance and Beyond". This video was taken during the Sanction Years, sanctions imposed by none other than the Security Council of the UN. Video footage " Iraqi Hospitals before the 2003 Invasion" by greaserig

Never Again ?

Today the United Nations Department of Public Information held its second annual observance of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust followed by a ceremony at the UN Headquarters. The programme included special messages from the U.N Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, the presence of : Sheikha Haya Rashed al Khalifa from Dubai,the Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman,Madame Simone Weil, a Holocaust survivor,Thomas Shindlemayr of the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs, a college student Marie Noel who shared her experience visiting former concentration camps in Poland and many more guests... A special musical concert was given by HaZamir with jewish students from the Zamir choral foundation and another special cantor flown in specially from the New York Synagogue to recite the Kaddish. This special ceremony for a special rememberance of a special people will be followed by no less than three special visual exhibitions of art work

To Aicha...

One day old Aicha was deliberately shot in her back by the Iranian backed Al Mahdi death squads. Her sin ? her crime ? Her name was Aicha. I dedicate that song to little Aicha who was not allowed to see the light of day. I love you little Aicha. Sleep in peace in God's arms. You and countless others will never be forgotten, that is my promise to you. Video: Outlandish version of Aicha .

Saturday Night Fever.

A bit of Rap music for you and you can listen to it here , to warm you up for the evening... Just in case you don't like Rap, I have a romantic Ballad here for you . Do excuse the not so very politically correct pictures and language of the American boys. These are your boys after all. Have a great hot Saturday Night. P.S: Seems that the music played in Gitmo cells is Techno and heavy Metal, just in case you don't like either Rap or sentimental Country music.Cheers.

Back to the Future...

A brief summary report on"Operation American Freedom and the Liberation of America ." Following 13 years of a cruel stringent embargo that left 1.5 million americans dead of which 500'000 american children below the age of 5 , the Iraqi army, with their imposing armada bombarded the U.S with over 700 tons of B.52's. Iraqi armored vehicles, 150'000 Iraqi soldiers and 100'000 subcontractors and mercenaries(from the Arab world and Africa) have taken hold of Washington DC and other parts of the country. The Iraqi soldiers toppled the Washington Monument, ransacked and pillaged the National Gallery of Art, the National Portrait Gallery as well the great Smithsonian institute and museum. The White House , the Pentagon and the CIA have also been targeted and now encircled. Hundreds of Iraqi generals with their troops have squatted the headquarters of the American Government. The White House, looted, has now become an enclave of the Iraqi occupying forces and has

A stroll down Haifa street...

Haifa Street in Baghdad was of course named after a Palestinian town now under Israeli occupation. It used to be a street, actually a neighborhood, where all denominations cohabited. It also had specially designed buildings overlooking the Tigris river, reserved for academics only. Iraqi academics , from all backgrounds, "ethnic" affiliations, "sects" and "religion"and from different fields of specialization lived in those buildings on Haifa Street, rent free, courteousy of the Iraqi government. This was part of Saddam Hussein's government campaign to promote education and to encourage individuals to strive for a career in academic knowledge and teaching thereafter. A letter was sent to me via e.mail , a letter of despair and tragedy written by an Iraqi professor who lived on Haifa Street. I am going to translate the whole thing for you. " My name is Ahmed Kamal Nabil . I am a university professor since 1975. I live on Haifa street. On the 7th

Happy Now ?

Again, the Independent has been voicing its concerns over the hole in the soul of its anglo-saxon readers. A noble thing to do, naturally. The article states that despite the West's affluence, people are gloomy, sad, depressed short unhappy. It seems being wealthy brings on the blues. The wealthier you are,the more depressed you are, according to the article. It also says something very interesting : "In a world of abundance, when everybody has what they need,something strange happens. They begin to want what(omega) they don't have." (of course we are talking about the West here and don't you ever forget that.) Fascinating, this business of wanting what you don't have, is it not? Which reminds me of a story. A "well intentioned" man, a journalist, a writer, I am not sure, ended up in Baghdad when it was being "liberated." He proceeded to loot some of Iraq's belongings. He says so himself and calls himself a thief of the occupatio

To the Iraqi Resistance.

"Al Roa3t wal Nar" New song by Iraqi Singer Kazem al Saher. "Roa3t" means hordes of barbarians and "nar" means fire. The rest is self explanatory. (Unfortunately, I have no time to translate the lyrics- enjoy the music though and the images!)

Oh Bloody Day !

Oh bloody day, oh bloody day, when zionists americans walked, when fascist iranians walked, oh yes when they walked, to wash Baghdad's "sins" away. It was a bloody day. Another 100plus blown to pieces today and over 150 injured,maimed,crippled for The mainstream media says the slaughter took place in a "predominantly sh'ia" area, Bab Al Sharqi. They claimed the same when Al Munstansiriya University was targeted and another 100 persons were carbonized just last week. Bullshit! Both Al Munstasiriya and Bab Al Sharqi are very mixed areas. The latter is in the center of Baghdad, a commercial area,akin to your local downtown. Stop manufacturing sectarianism whoever you are. Everytime an attack takes places on innocent Iraqis, the "predominantly sonneeee" areas get sieged . Haifa street, Al Amariyah, Al Yarmouk and today al Adhamyiah. What a handy convenient fabricated excuse. The Rat and the Mouse, the rat being none other than Muqtada a

Analyze this...

I find it so admirable when an english daily devotes publishing space for the mental health of its readers. The "Independent"newspaper has committed itself to a praiseworthy endeavor, that of allotting a new column run by Dr. Cecilia D' Felice (what a lovely fitting name), a shrink. On the couch as of next week, and your major complaints will be dealt with, in the most empathic manner. Needless to say, I am jumping to the occasion before anyone else takes my turn, hoping to receive some valuable insight. Dear Dr.Cecilia D'Felice, It is with great interest that I read your article, "How to be Happy" in today's edition of the Independent. Maybe you will be kind enough to reassure us in Iraq that we are indeed OK. The whole of Iraqi society (what is left of it) has been exhibiting a myriad of strange behavioral patterns for nearly 4 years now and growing steadily more bizzarre. For instance and I shall give you a few "cases": Our women have been

Hush now, little one ...

I have good news for you. American "consumer sentiment has improved to a 3 years high, propelled by falling gasoline prices and a favorable view of personal finances and economic growth" says a survey . You must be happy. This means more savings for you so you can consume more, eat and spend some more. Go right ahead and anesthetize yourself. Now what this survey won't show you, is that during those three comparative years, over 260'000 Iraqi children died since 2003 to make your life smoother over there, wherever you are . Now,Iraq has the highest mortality rate for children in the world.( read full article here) Since you love economics and you count so well when it comes to figures, dollars and dimes, let us do together a simple calculation. -In the 13 years of sanctions from 1991 to 2003, a conservative estimate places the number of dead Iraqi babies to 500'000 .(and the price was well worth it according to M.Albright, your democrat.) -Since 2003 , another

You ain't nothin' but a dog.

Where is that fascist french bitch brigitte bardot ? I need her in Baghdad now! Someone find her for me. Otherwise contact the animals lovers in england or america. Call the society for the protection of animals, greenpeace, the wwf, the ecological movement, or any "liberal" "progressive" whose heart melts at the sight of endangered species. Since they are not moved by the death or the maiming of humans maybe this will move them. I would not bet on it though. It's an Iraqi dog. Another Arab dog. A limping, injured, dog being "taunted" by american tiny pricks called soldiers. Threatening to kill the poor thing for "fun". Killing as a sport, killing for rest and relaxation-your famous R&R, killing for pleasure, killing for leisure....killing coz you are so afraid of both, life and death. Cowardly bastards. You have spared nothing and no one, not even a crippled animal. Just shows. But guess what? Even that stray wild dog ran away from yo

Ugly Tidbits.

A University- Baghdad :Al Mustansiriyah used to be one of the best in the Middle East. Over 70 people blown to pieces . Mainly female students. Why target students ? Bunch of CRIMINALS! Pools of blood mixed with sewage and rain and human limbs and books floating amidst the debris. Bush blames Al-Qaeda . Seems that is the only word he can pronounce correctly. He is also disappointed that they "fumbled" Saddam's killing. And the other dumbass Al-Maliki, the new Cyrus of Iraq, blames Saddamists terrorists . A new term in the genius vocabulary. And Blair the liar says these deaths are tragic but cannot be blamed on the occupation. UN : Has finally awoken from its past Kofi Annan overdosing. It published today that the Iraqi government figures for Iraq's dead were underrated. It is not 16'000 as those bastards pretended, it is in fact 34'400 plus . And around another 34'000 injured. I say Bullshit. The figure for 2006 is around 60'000 dead and don&

Down Memory Lane...

My late grandmother, we call her Bibi in Iraqi dialect (pronouned BeeBee), has been on my mind a lot these past weeks. Usually, when that happens, it means that she portends a special message for us "out there." When she passed away, we were under "the shock and awe" liberation campaign and she did not get the funeral she rightly deserved. She passed away during the night. But she did open her eyes that one last time and professed the testimony of the Unity of Faith. "There is no God but God and Mohamed is his messenger." Then she slipped quietly into Death and onto the other side. I am glad Bibi passed away in such a way. I keep wondering how she would have coped in her old age with the current hell. Did you notice something too? Hardly anyone mentions anything about the elderly in Iraq. You get to see quite a few articles on children and widows but nothing on the elderly. It is as if those don't matter anymore. Marginalized by age, life and the libe

Burning News...

I called my lovely good friend Nadia, a sunni ( if you know how much I hate giving those sect qualifications) married to a wonderful man , a shia, living in a predominantly shi'a neighborhood in Baghdad. She was crying softly on the phone and I could barely hear her speak. Finally her husband picked up the conversation and gave me the news. As some of you may know, most of Baghdad has been without electricity for some time now. Nadia was heating water on some kerosene heater, she wanted to bathe her kids. She tripped and the boiling water fell all over her legs, arm and chest. She cannot get to a doctor because they had already received death threats from the Mahdi & Co death squads and she fears leaving her house. So does her husband. They might never make it back if they go past that front door. Her burns have turned to huge pus filled blisters and from what she described, I think the burning wounds are infected now. She cannot sleep, cannot eat, cannot walk from the pain. Si