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URGENT: UPDATE 4. Hiba Al-Shamaree Iraqi Female Blogger

Finally received some news regarding the arrest and imprisonment of Hiba Al-Shamaree, Iraqi female blogger whose real name is Dr.Hanan Al-Mashadani, by Iraqi security forces. Please see my previous post on Hiba Al-Shamaree HERE . In that link provided there is also a petition which you can sign. So please do so. And someone who insists on remaining anonymous kindly translated the latest appeal sent by her sister Huda Al-Shamaree. So THANK YOU Anonymous. _________________________________________________________________ Greetings, The Iraqi Government, which had previously denied the existence of  Dr. Hanan Al-Mashhadani (aka Hiba Al-Shammari), has finally allowed a telephone conversation between Dr. Al-Mashhadani and her lawyer, Mr.  Karim Ahmed Al-Asadi . During the conversation which took only five minutes, the legal status and nature of charges against Dr. Al-Mashhadani were discussed. According to what we got from the lawyer, the charges revolve around the rubbery Terrorism

"Extraordinary Sanctions"...

Listen folks, it's well past 8 am here and am still sitting behind this bloody pc reporting crimes - Your crimes on Iraq... Not that am expecting you to give me a medal for it or anything like that -- but seeing the SILENCE around the biggest crime of the 20th/21st century, staying up without sleep is well worth it... Not that you really care, God forbid...and surely I don't wish to wake you up in any way...but just in case you happen to wake up from your 20 years of snoozing  --- allow me to tell you that the sanctions on Iraq have been lifted today but only partially so... Yes you heard me, read me right, if you read me at all... Yesterday the "Iraqi" Foreign Minister Hoshar Zebari, ever so proudly stated that " clause 7 of the UN " will be lifted... meaning that it is not lifted yet... Clause 7 of the UN - that body that supposedly represents human rights and the Geneva conventions will be lifting soon, maybe, perhaps -- the embargo on Ir

Updates on the Iraqi "Elections"

"Doctor Amira Khedr Albassali Al-Saadi. Candidate for the Sadrists/INA Electoral list no.316" UPDATE 26th February 2010 Following my previous posts here and here on the same subject - will need to update you with some "fresh" news. But before doing so, I have to say that Al-Arabiya has a very good coverage of the "runner up" (more like runner down) re. the Iraqi "elections." Al Jazeera both Arabic and English is terribly lacking in its coverage. But as I have said in the past, this stems more from its pro-Iran political agenda, hence the news regarding Iraq are kept to a minimum and whenever possible, ensuring that no overt anti-Iranian allegations are aired...Shameless Jazeera ! Anyways getting back to my little coverage of the so-called elections. Why am I doing that when I myself don't believe in any of it ? Partly because by doing so I am showing the fraudulent nature of the political process and its election under occupation

America is so "troubled"...

Even though the US is supposedly "troubled" by the Syrian-Iranian love affair, that did not prevent it from appointing a new ambassador to Syria.. And even though the US is "troubled" by Iranian influence in Iraq, that did not prevent it from siding with its parties and  militias in the invasion, occupation, ethnic cleansing and segregation/partition  of Iraq and produce a formidable sectarian Shiite pseudo-state. Nor did the US army have any problem whatsoever cordoning off the Green Zone for Ahmadinejad's, Rafsanjani's and Larijani's visits in the heart of U.S occupied Baghdad. Nor does the US have any problem in having Southern Iraq become an Iranian enclave nor does the US have any problem in Iran's aiding the Kurdish Regional Government and its militia the Peshmergas, a question of finishing off the ethnic cleansing that is taking place in the North of the country. And as expected, a longer stay of US troops in Iraq despite claims of a withdr

URGENT - 3 Iraqi Women to be Hanged by March 3,

UPDATE : I MADE A MISTAKE, THE ARTICLE IN QUESTION IS DATED 2007.THESE WOMEN ARE PROBABLY DEAD BY NOW. MY APOLOGIES. I just saw this on Muslim Woman Org  (read rest of article by clicking on link). I quote:   " According to attorney  Walid Hayali  of the  Iraqi Lawyers Union, Wassan Talib,  31, has been charged with the killing of five police officers in an attack on the police,  Zainab Fadhil,  25, was charged for an attack on a joint patrol of the  Iraqi and U.S.  armies in  Baghdad  while Liqa Muhammad,  26, was charged with the killing of an official in the Green Zone in the course of a kidnapping.  None of the three women was permitted to see a lawyer. The trials to which they were subject are  illegal under international law.  All three are prisoners of war with protected rights under the  Third Geneva Convention.  Their execution would not only be illegal but would also be immoral.."


Am on  a roll tonight, nothing will stop me...except the All Powerful... I have noticed something that keeps staring me in the eye --and it's very simple really..IT can be summarized in two words. - your oppressor wants you to shut the fuck up. You would have thought it's something much more sophisticated , but it's not's just that - be a sheep and shut the fuck up ! I have dealt with the American public for quite some time, even though it's online, it's still a good barometer... You see, when you deal with those Westerners, you can tell  them anything you want, as long as you don't point the finger at them...this is how it works... Being the two faced hypocritical asses that they are, they will tolerate you talking generalities but not singularities, but not pointing the finger.... You can say our mass graves, our morgues, our lost ruined lives, our exile, our orphans, our widows. our pain, our fucking long  as you don't say

Some Artistic Input...

This is some artistic input, if you don't mind... I've looked at this picture several times during the day..and this is what I just read here .. I mean, what is this the Simpson's family reunion ?! US aiding Iran in its capture of "terrorists" grand ! Am I the only one who sees something very wrong with it, is this just a figment of my imagination or are you all so fucking brainwashed with tons of similar crap that you can't even notice no more ? The  face covered men, ---ah finally! at last men are veiled with a burqa ...about fucking time...but why do they remind me so much of the day when President Saddam Hussein was hanged at dawn, with similar cowardly faces hiding behind masks while the face of the one about to be lynched was uncovered.. just like this one... And it a smile or just the last rays of sun hitting his face ? And why do they look as if they are holding his shoulder in some touch of non sectarian friendship ?! Is

How Iran Operates...

I've been reading tons of articles, analysis on Iran and how it goes about its business...listen to me, am an Iraqi and we have been dealing with Iran since the late 70's if not before...I can tell you exactly how Iran works... Iran on the surface is a good chess player...but once you understand her moves, it becomes too predictable, almost boring... So I will give you short points here and please use your "intelligence"... I did say "intelligence" maybe that's a high order..but try nonetheless... Iran  : - does not put all her eggs in one basket. - uses contradictory statements in her favor. - opens many windows of opportunities at the same time to different parties, but they all belong to her. - kills her own and blame others to maintain her control. -  uses different groups seemingly unrelated or at odds, to further her ambitions -  makes ample use of religion addressing people regardless of sect to further its agenda -  will always have

Ahmad Chalabi " Iraq's Sovereignty - always my Priority"

I f you think that the above title is a joke, think again. This is not satire. This is exactly what Ahmad Chalabi said in an interview with the gutsy Souhair Al-Qayssi, Iraqi female reporter, yesterday on Al-Arabyia TV. I have already covered such an interview with one of his sleek "aides" Entifadh Qanbar and you can read it here . When wanting to write this post, I looked for a picture of Ahmad Chalabi. I had no problem finding one. I settled for the first one that showed up in my search. The above picture of Chalabi was taken in what was called the White House Iraq group with J.Allbaugh,  Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Dick Cheney.  And this is what Dick said about  Chalabi: "When it comes to Perception Management, Ahmed Chalabi and Joe Allbaugh have the best of intentions for the future of Iraq." (source) . But let me not get sidetracked as I don't want to forget all the details of this interview that lasted a


UPDATE 2 - 22 February 2010 I said I will update this post on a regular basis to give you an overview and a foretaste of what is actually happening now in Iraq, in "preparation " for the "upcoming elections". And even if you are not interested, I shall jot down everything I know and I hear -- for the record. And I am doing so because this is my notebook registering your crimes, for the whole world to see and read... Let's start with the Dead shall we ? I have no time to write an essay, I will give just headlines... - 30 dead today in different parts of Iraq - Baghdad, Tikrit,  Kirkuk, Mosul, what follows is not included in the reported 30 dead. - several sectarian murders by the Katem - the silencer gun the favorite weapon of the Shiite Militas. namely 3 in Adhamiya, ordinary people, gunned down early in the morning. 1 Academic gunned down in his car. a family of 8 in East Baghdad, including all the children, found beheaded, another family of 4 in Baghdad