How Iran Operates...

I've been reading tons of articles, analysis on Iran and how it goes about its business...listen to me, am an Iraqi and we have been dealing with Iran since the late 70's if not before...I can tell you exactly how Iran works...

Iran on the surface is a good chess player...but once you understand her moves, it becomes too predictable, almost boring...

So I will give you short points here and please use your "intelligence"... I did say "intelligence" maybe that's a high order..but try nonetheless...

Iran  :

- does not put all her eggs in one basket.
- uses contradictory statements in her favor.
- opens many windows of opportunities at the same time to different parties, but they all belong to her.

- kills her own and blame others to maintain her control.
-  uses different groups seemingly unrelated or at odds, to further her ambitions
-  makes ample use of religion addressing people regardless of sect to further its agenda
-  will always have a different agenda from the one officially professed 
-  works on different need to understand that, both internally and externally. It's like cells within cells..if you catch one, another one eludes you...ask the Iranians, they know all about it...
- will portray as if one segment is fighting another, this is on the outside...on the inside they all kiss and make up.
- pays millions of dollars to so-called anti-imperialist/anti-zionist websites, groups and individuals to further its aims and its agenda. Some don't even know who is really paying them, Iran uses third parties, and most of them are not Iranians.

These are just points, headlines..but I have keeping for myself for tonight...

Iran is crafty but not crafty enough for an Iraqi.

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