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Slogans and Appearances.

This post is particularly directed to the "Muslim" Ummah. I don't know anymore what "Muslim" means nor do I know what "Ummah" means, I am using these words because you parrot them I figured maybe you know what they mean... There is NO Muslim Ummah and there is NO Muslim. There are appearances, shadows, of meanings and definitions... If you believe growing a beard and veiling yourself make you a Muslim then good luck with that. I have known way too many of you to know the fallacy of appearances. If you think quoting, repeating Hadiths and Quranic texts make you a Muslim, then good luck again, I have sat through a hundred of your sermons before... The time is now or never ! The time is now to dig deep. You are always on the defensive...justifying...the one who knows the Truth does not need to need the Truth it does not need you. You exchanged the Truth for slogans and appearances....and you got stuck there... And th

Ground Zero.

The Jews have their Holocaust industry, you have your 9/11 one. I read a lot of your garbage - masculinity and 9/11, therapy and 9/11, unborn kids inheriting trauma and 9/11, love, forgiveness and peace and 9/11, Islamophobia and 9/11, conspiracy and 9/11, the new world order and 9/11, share your thoughts 10 years on from 9/11... Oh it's 9/11, yeah 9 and 11 are part of calendar, they will keep repeating year in year out, so will you...9/11. 9/11 is the only thing that happened to numbed out America. Come to think of it, nothing else happened. Finally they are something important, they got a 9/11. I mean let's face it in two hundreds years of history if only one 9/11 happened, just shows a) how irrelevant you are and 2) very few actually give a fuck about you to carry some 9/11. So I can really understand why you made it into such a big thing --you finally received some attention, you little ignorant narcissistic self seekers... Besides, it was a good ploy to flex som

Iraq, Libya ....It's all the Same.

I was starting to feel guilty about my absence from this blog. Here I was supposed to continue on the Cleansing of Iraq, only to be faced with the Cleansing of Libya. I hear myself say the same words - who would have thought that Libya would be suffer the same fate as Iraq. Granted, there are some variations, differences, but is not the theme very much the same? Are not the discourses, be it from the media, the governments and that dreaded damned cursed "antiwar" the same ? Did the Americans, and NATO (France, UK, and the coalition of the willing) not use the same excuses, the same wordings, the same sentences, identical to Iraq ? Of course they did. And again, we are seeing it all over again, just like they did in Iraq, i.e use so called "Islamists" be it of the Shia (Iraq) or Sunni (Libya) type to invade and conquer another sovereign Arab state, destroy it and pillage its resources. The "Islamists" have become the puppets of the Emperor. It