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The Fig Leaf.

In 2003, someone said that the occupation of Iraq is the fig leaf that has undressed and uncovered all...and ever since I have not stopped seeing your ugly nakedness staring me in the face... Through the existence of this blog, I saw more of your ugliness... I wonder o' Beloved, why has all this human filth fallen into your lap ? The filth of deceit, lies, hypocrisy, cruelty, brutality, indifference, sadism, insanity, treachery, greed, covetousness, jealousy, envy -- a bundle of all the most bestial aspects have occupied you. Whether it is from individuals, group, or nations. From the left or the right. From the Arabs or the Westerners. From the Muslims, the Christians or the Jews. From your own and from the Beloved where do we go from here ? Toxic poison, radiation, vermin, worms, germs, viruses, excrement, sewage, garbage, obscurity, disease, drugs, prostitution, exile, poverty, obscurity, pollution, hunger, thirst, walls, blood, limbs, morgues, bombs, mortars, mass

All Equal Before Death...

Sure thing, Death is the great equalizer...but some in the face of it - are more equal than others... A.Hakeem head of the despicable SIIC, head of the Badr Brigade, the Shiite Iranian militia (by the way all the Shiites militias are Iranian militias), A.Hakeem who landed in Baghdad thanks to American tanks, A.Hakeem who had close ties with the neo cons. A.Hakeem head of the thugs who raped, tortured, murdered Iraqis, including Iraqi scientists, academics, doctors, ex-army officers and exiled thousands of Arab Sunnis...A.Hakeem who was tirelessly aiming for an "independent" southern Iraq, falling smack into the Zionist plan for the partition of Iraq. A.Hakeem whose son Ammar is known for his criminality, corruption and theft. A.Hakeem and his fucked up Shiite revivalism, hoping to turn Iraq into a full fledged Iranian colony so the long awaited Persian Mahdi can finally materialise in the Wilayat Al-Faqih...the Wilayat Al-Faqih Khameini style...A.Hakeem with close ties to

Another Stranded Forgotten People...

This is not getting much coverage - Displaced Somalis fleeing in thousands... Somalis are our Muslim brothers and sisters too, and they should not be forgotten. They have no support from the international community and this innocent people need our help. It is overwhelming. Where does one start ? Iraqi refugees, Palestinians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalis...? And they tell me that the Islamic world is not exclusively targeted. These wars of imperialism definitely have a "green" flavor to them. La Hawla wa la' Quwata illa Bil'lah Al Ale'ee Al Atheem.

Objection !

Yuk, ewww, a woman in power. How gross ! Disgusting, disgraceful, she will pollute those pious turbans with her menses. It's not that really, but can she really be up to it ? After all they do bleed, get pregnant and are highly emotional. Chaotic creatures, women. Very chaotic. "Conservative religious leaders in Iran have raised objections to the decision by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, to include three women in his new cabinet. The Tehran Emrouz newspaper on Saturday quoted Mohammad Taghi Rahbar, a member of the parliament's judiciary committee, as saying there were "religious doubts" over how women would cope with the positions. "Although it is a new idea to choose women as ministers, there are religious doubts over the abilities of women when it comes to management," said Rahbar, who heads the clerics' faction in the 290-member conservative-dominated Iranian parliament. Rahbar said the clerics' faction, whose view has yet to b

Fed Up with Blogger.Com.

It's now been over 6 months that my users stats view under profile, have been frozen. They did unfreeze them 3 months ago but they reverted back to their policy of sabotage. What are you trying to prove Blogger.Com ? You are proving nothing except the obvious - BAD FAITH. I don't care much about my user stats but it is my right on my blog just like other bloggers have theirs working with no apparent problems. So unfreeze the goddamn thing now !

How to get inside a Fortress.

Green zone. Sounds like a nice word. Green lush, cool shades, paved streets, no garbage dumps, no pools of sewage, running water and 24/7 electricity...all complemented with bars serving alcohol, a couple of dancing nightclubs, Olympic size swimming pools with WATER, and good looking women and hookers alike, throwing away their dreary black robes for hot pants... To get inside that fortress of corruption, theft, criminality, prostitution (political and otherwise) get inside the pimping circle of the puppets of the dual occupation, is no easy task. Several checkpoints and stringent security measures are in place well before you reach the main gate. Today's explosions inside the fortress tell us otherwise... Maliki was quick to blame "Sunni insurgents" and "Baathist Saddamists" as opposed to non Saddamist Baathists. However this short video tells otherwise, or at least leaves the door open to other "culprits." How to get inside the green fortress re

The Bright Side of Death...

A reader sent me this with a short comment : " This should become the national anthem of the New Iraq..." I found it absurdly hilarious but very telling in all of its symbolism. Thanks I.

Tired from Iraqi News...Tired from Your Chaos.

or Bullet points news... I have a lot of "fresh" news from Iraq, but am very tired tonight and very depressed from what I have heard. The destruction and resulting political, social, economic. ecological, cultural chaos is so gigantic,so monumental, that I don't even know with which piece of news to start... All I can tell you for tonight are two things : 1- Obama and Odierno, confirmed that much more violence is expected in Iraq. Odierno even stated that "areas of conflict" like Kirkuk and Nineveh province will require an indefinite American troop presence. The Americans want to see an Independent Kurdistan, I guarantee you that. 2 - the second piece of news I want to share with you, apart from over 7 explosions in Mosul, Kirkuk, Baghdad leaving at least 50 people dead -- is that again, Iranian special forces have been caught in Hilla, Babel and parts of Baghdad, armed with explosives, alongside some alleged Al-Qaeda members. All Baghdadis know for sure and ag

It's All In The Name...

You can consider yourself lucky not to carry a Muslim name. For those who can't understand my spelling -- spell it - Moooslem or Muzzies for short. Because if your name is slightly Moooslem, you can be arrested, hassled and denied entry in any of the "civilized" western countries. But if your name is Christian, Hindu, Shinto, Jain, Buddhist, Jewish, they will let you through - provided that the passport control officer is not some fucking ignorant moron (like the rest of the majority, may I add) who can't tell the difference between a Sikh and a Moooslem. They're all turbaned, after all. Aren't they ? It doesn't matter if you are young or old, ordinary or famous. You will have to go through security checks - and trust me they will check you out, in the most minute of details...and they will probe, and question and interrogate and if need be strip and give you the finger. Maybe you are hiding WMD's or some secret Al-Qaeda codes for terror networks, up

Iran, American Imperialism & "The Left."

Paola Pisi, editor of Uruknet , sent me this link on Ahmadinejad /Khamenei's Iran and the "left" with a short comment in which she said : Lee Sustar's article is one of the best analysis I've read on Iran, but I will not publish it, because even he, still thinks that Saddam was a US puppet or something. And the worst is that surely Sustar thinks this in absolute good faith... But he does argue that Saddam Hussein waged a war at the behest of the U.S, implying that he was...but then he goes on to state the following : "Iranian governments of all sorts have tried to achieve a kind of accommodation with the U.S., dating from the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s when the Iranian government used its influence to obtain the release of Western hostages in Lebanon. In exchange, the Iranians were able to purchase U.S. weapons via Israel to fight Iraq--and the money used to buy the hardware was sent to the right-wing Contra guerrillas fighting to overthrow the Nicarag

Semitic Musings...

My previous post got me thinking about this Semitism business. I will try and simplify my thoughts with basic examples. There is a historical consensus that Arabs are Semites - a Semitic people. By Arabs, I mean the inhabitants of not only the Arabian peninsula, but also those who were referred to in contemporary history as "Levantins" - Iraqis, Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians and some included Egyptians too. The Arabic, the Syriac/Chaldean, the Hebrew are all off shoots from the mother language which is Aramaic. Some historians argue that even during Babylonian times, the Arabic language existed apart or in parallel to Aramaic. One American archaeologist I met, said to me that his team excavated a Torah in Arabic that predates the Hebrew one. Anyway, this is a matter for historical debate which is not what this post is all about. Interestingly, colloquial Iraqi Arabic - in particular the accent is terribly close to Hebrew and Syriac. For instance when I listen t

Ali Baba & his Forty Thieves...

Who do you think is Ali Baba ? Do you think he is America, Israel or Iran ? There must be a chief thief no ? Somehow the 40 is a give away - don't you think ? One thief for each year of "desert wandering". I wanted to write about the lousy article of L.Fadel from Mc Clatchy about her Baghdad memoirs. And use this article to show you how propaganda is subtly or not so subtly created even by what is considered an "Indy" media like Mc Clatchy. I did say Indy media not Hindi media. Hindi media for me is Bollywood. Come to think of it, Western media beats Bollywood and Hollywood, combined. There are actually quite a few things that irritate me on the net, apart from my lousy virtual keyboard that is driving me absolutely bonkers... There are as I said the likes of - L.Fadel, add - P.Cockburn (big time), Fisk (even though I feel this latter to be less of a hypocrite - that's normal though, he still lives in the colonial era in his head - or maybe it's not in h

@meric@ r@pes @nd pimps Ir@qi children in the n@me of Freedom.

Keybo@rd problems - refer to previous post. Will not expl@in myself @ 100 times. Bet you, this will not r@ise too m@ny eyebrows, nor self righteous, condescending, p@tronizing, holier th@n thou, r@cist, p@tern@listic, indign@tion @s my frequent us@ge of the word fuck. R@ping @nd pimping Ir@qi children in the n@me of Freedom @nd democr@tic hum@n rights will NOT "tickle" your "highly mor@l sensitivities" @s much @s the word Fuck. This is how fucked up you @re. @nd this is @meric@ folks. This is it. @nd this is the acquiescence of the sect@ri@n shiite puppet government of Ir@ni@n militi@s in Ir@q who still @llows Bl@ckw@ter to oper@te. But of course you'd be he@ring none of th@t from the "liber@l" "progressive" prostitutes. "The declarations describe Blackwater as "having young girls provide oral sex to Enterprise members in the 'Blackwater Man Camp’ in exchange for one American dollar. They add even though Prince frequently visite

De@d Keybo@rd.

Ok@y, the @ died on me. Been repl@ced by this @. That should temporarily solve the problem. Plus spell check which will sort out weird wordings, but not @ll. However, this does not solve p@ssword problem which m@y cont@in th@t s@me letter. @nd this is only the st@rt. c is following, x, @nd y. Suppose you m@y not he@r from me regul@rly unless I m@n@ge to borrow someone else computer. On @nother note, h@s still not rele@sed my users st@ts yet. It's been like 2 months now. Is there @nything @t @ll th@t's working ?

Fuck the Hypocrites.

Fancy that ! The F. word in all its splendor right in the title of a post. I love the F. word, what's so wrong with it? Face it folks, had your parents not fucked, you would not be here reading this blog and getting very offended in the process...Besides, I warned you a thousand times, you don't like my language - don't read me. In other words - Fuck off. I love it. I absolutely love it. I love it when people get so ruffled up, with the word Fuck. Take for instance, a couple of commentators on Uruknet , under my Uncensored Anger Manifesto part 6, which this website chose to publish. Some were terribly offended by the word FUCK. Then they proceeded to preach by telling me that it is most unbecoming and uncivilized to use such obscenities. Civility and civilization or lack thereof, for them is confined to words, not acts. The Iranian collaboration with the US in destroying Iraq is not an issue - which is what this post was all about. The word FUCK is. The dirty opportunism a

Sick & Tired of Your Dirt.

I am sick and tired of dirty politics, dirty politicians, dirty unprincipled political positions, dirty political opportunism, dirty political strategies, dirty political lies, dirty political opinions... I woke up with a strong feeling of nausea, polluted by all this shit. Had it been under "normal" circumstances - not that I recall any "normal" circumstances, I would say - differences of opinions. But not now, not today, not yesterday, not since 2003, not since 1991, not since... Not so, because we have paid with our lives, our families, our children, our homes, our country - the dirt of your politics. We have paid with our lives your dirt. There is no longer any room for concessions or compromises here. This is our red line. This is my red line.

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto - Part VI

So did you miss it ? Did you miss the uncensored parts ? It's been a long time, has it not ? Some of you may argue, it's all anger. Wrong, dead wrong. There is general anger, and there is specific anger. The uncensored Anger Manifestos, like your fucking Karl Marx, or Marxists, or leftists ( hahahahaha) , are very specific. They are directed straight at you. Talking of "leftist" clowns, there is a circus visiting here, soon. Think about joining it. The pay is good, but I confess, maybe not better than what bloody Iran has been paying you in " pots de vin " - bloggers included, through paypal, direct cheques and website supports...not excluding "anti zionist" blogs, naturally. It's all a question of money really. K.Marx was after all, correct, in his "Das Capital". And it is also all a question of "Islam", one peculiar kind of Islam, Shii'te Islam. Islam ? No. Wrong wording. One peculiar kind of affiliation, that convenie

18.54 Minutes of a Soul Wound.

Someone forwarded me this very moving and powerful video. The four artists interviewed, summed up in 18.54 minutes, my three years of blogging. I have mentioned, referred, inferred to, in all of my previous posts -- the Iraqi Soul. Yes I believe that there is a collective Soul of a People, in particular an ancient people like the Iraqis. I don't want to say much. I invite you to watch closely this short documentary. Watch it closely with attention and listen to what is, and most importantly to what is not said. For those of you - whose souls are not deadened out or numbed out with denial, justifications, rationalizations, apathy, indifference, spite, or greed...have some tissues handy. 18.54 minutes may sound too long for you, too long in your very busy schedules, but 18.54 minutes for us, is only a second of what we have witnessed and experienced. A second of our errant Souls. View this movie at Errant Home : Director: Nada Doumani | Genre: Documentary | Prod

A Revelation : Find, Know - Yourself.

Truths I need to learn usually reveal themselves in my dreams... I was actually debating whether this post should go on the Uncensored blog or not... What the hell - after all, they are both my blogs. But it is as if this one is like some public persona and just one click down the page, the private persona is present right behind the public one. Of course all of this is happening in my head but not quite - since readers have associated this blog with Iraq, maybe forgetting the one who writes about it. The Arab woman. Or maybe I have forgotten her in the process, too. So the dream I woke up with, revealed to me some truths I have been hiding from myself or more aptly unwilling to face on some deeper level. I am not quite sure what prompted it. I have been listening to that Greek song that I had just uploaded on my Uncensored blog. I listened to it not less than 25 times, searching desperately for some translation. I just felt it to be a most important song for me, for now... So I fell