Iran, American Imperialism & "The Left."

Paola Pisi, editor of Uruknet, sent me this link on Ahmadinejad /Khamenei's Iran and the "left" with a short comment in which she said :

Lee Sustar's article is one of the best analysis I've read on Iran, but I will not publish it, because even he, still thinks that Saddam was a US puppet or something. And the worst is that surely Sustar thinks this in absolute good faith... But he does argue that Saddam Hussein waged a war at the behest of the U.S, implying that he was...but then he goes on to state the following :

"Iranian governments of all sorts have tried to achieve a kind of accommodation with the U.S., dating from the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s when the Iranian government used its influence to obtain the release of Western hostages in Lebanon. In exchange, the Iranians were able to purchase U.S. weapons via Israel to fight Iraq--and the money used to buy the hardware was sent to the right-wing Contra guerrillas fighting to overthrow the Nicaraguan Revolution.

Trita Parsi, author of a book on post-revolution Iran's dealings with the U.S. and Israel, wrote, "Throughout the 1980s, when Iran's strategic interest compelled it to cooperate with Israel in order to repel the invading Iraqi army, the [Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini government sought to cover up its Israeli dealings by taking Iran's rhetorical excesses against Israel to even higher levels.

Moreover, Iran effectively supported the 1991 Gulf War. A decade later, Iran provided invaluable support in securing Western Afghanistan for the occupying forces following the U.S. invasion; the Taliban had been seen in Tehran as a major threat. And even after being denounced by Bush as part of the axis of evil alongside North Korea and Iraq, Iran again collaborated with a U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq in order to help achieve the removal of Saddam.

Ahmadinejad's supporters at home and abroad claim that it was Ahmadinejad's reformist predecessors who surrendered too much to the West, whereas Ahmadinejad pushes back. In fact, Iran continues to collaborate with the U.S. in both Afghanistan and Iraq..."

P.Pisi ends her mail by saying :

"Aren't the leftist able to understand that if the US gave weapons to Iran during the Iraq-Iran war and if Israel backed the mullahs, it is rather unlikely that Saddam "launched the Iran-Iraq war at the behest of the U.S.?" as generally claimed ?!.."

End of quotation.

I could not agree more...

Since the 1990's and more so...since the American occupation of Iraq, thanks to the Iranian collaborative, we have not stopped hearing from the "alternative" media and its cohort of moronic parrots that " Saddam was a U.S puppet, a CIA agent"...etc..

Nine times out of ten those who slander the great Martyr Hero President Saddam Hussein with such debased accusations, who was lynched by none other than Iranian and American stooges, still have the gall to proclaim that Saddam Hussein was a U.S puppet. When it is all too clear to anyone with a fiber of some political integrity and morals, that Saddam Hussein was murdered by none other than the sectarian Shiite parties and militias from Iran - like Maliki (Iranian/Syrian/Iraqi national - Dawa party), M.Sadr (Iranian /Iraqi national -Jaysh Al Mahdi), Hakeem (Iranian/Iraqi national- SIIC party), Chalabi (American/Iranian/Iraqi national - triple agent), Jaafari (English/Iranian/Iraqi national - Dawa Party), Rubaie (English/Iranian/Iraqi national -Dawa Party) and I have more names...

These traitors on American/British/Iranian pay roll were ONLY able to return to Iraq thanks to the American Imperialist occupation, that those same leftists allegedly bark against - Arab and Iranian leftists included. (except maybe one or two)

Frankly speaking, this bunch is either a clearly paid sell outs who would not admit the plain truth even if it hits them between the eyes - they are beyond any political redemption, corrupt and rotten to the core. Or just a group of idiots who should really abdicate from politics and take up some other hobby instead -- for lack of a serious IQ.

And by the way, those same sell outs and/or retards ALWAYS conveniently FAIL to remember the famous quote from the Jewish Zionist murderer/war criminal - may he not rest in peace - Ariel Sharon, in the wake of Gulf War I who said - We will make sure that Iraq will pay the price...we will choose when and how...

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