Fuck the Hypocrites.

Fancy that ! The F. word in all its splendor right in the title of a post. I love the F. word, what's so wrong with it?

Face it folks, had your parents not fucked, you would not be here reading this blog and getting very offended in the process...Besides, I warned you a thousand times, you don't like my language - don't read me. In other words - Fuck off.

I love it. I absolutely love it. I love it when people get so ruffled up, with the word Fuck.

Take for instance, a couple of commentators on Uruknet, under my Uncensored Anger Manifesto part 6, which this website chose to publish.

Some were terribly offended by the word FUCK. Then they proceeded to preach by telling me that it is most unbecoming and uncivilized to use such obscenities. Civility and civilization or lack thereof, for them is confined to words, not acts.

The Iranian collaboration with the US in destroying Iraq is not an issue - which is what this post was all about. The word FUCK is.

The dirty opportunism and hypocrisy of the "alternative" left is not an issue, but the word FUCK is.

The millions of innocent Iraqis who were massacred, exiled, widowed, orphaned because of the Iranian/American occupation is not an issue, but the word FUCK is.


For starters, bet you anything those constipated assholes think of such "obscenities" all day long, in secret...

Bet you too, that their trying to shame me, is just another tactic to discredit me.

Bet you as well, that they must be some English educated fucked, messed up shits with plums and corks forever stuck up their asses - symbolically of course.

Bet you moreover, that if they do have any sense of morality, it is confined to their genitals only. Their morality does not extend beyond that....Mutilation and killings do not offend them as much as Fucking. They are nothing but closet killers. They can fart all day long about being civilized, for me they are just another category of animals hiding behind the mask of "civil morality."

And furthermore, I bet you anything they belong to the group of people I gave a royal FUCK YOU, to. For that you may need to read the post itself to know who these assholes are.

Am done, almost...for now.

Thanks for the good laughs. You're a piece of cake.

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