All Equal Before Death...

Sure thing, Death is the great equalizer...but some in the face of it - are more equal than others...

A.Hakeem head of the despicable SIIC, head of the Badr Brigade, the Shiite Iranian militia (by the way all the Shiites militias are Iranian militias), A.Hakeem who landed in Baghdad thanks to American tanks, A.Hakeem who had close ties with the neo cons. A.Hakeem head of the thugs who raped, tortured, murdered Iraqis, including Iraqi scientists, academics, doctors, ex-army officers and exiled thousands of Arab Sunnis...A.Hakeem who was tirelessly aiming for an "independent" southern Iraq, falling smack into the Zionist plan for the partition of Iraq. A.Hakeem whose son Ammar is known for his criminality, corruption and theft. A.Hakeem and his fucked up Shiite revivalism, hoping to turn Iraq into a full fledged Iranian colony so the long awaited Persian Mahdi can finally materialise in the Wilayat Al-Faqih...the Wilayat Al-Faqih Khameini style...A.Hakeem with close ties to Hassan Nasrallah of ze Lebanon...A.Hakeem died in IRAN today.

S.Hussein, the martyr hero Iraqi President, who was lynched by none others than the Iranian criminals, till his last breath proclaimed nothing but the UNITY of Iraq, died in IRAQ, and this criminal venerated by Shiites as one of their supreme leaders died in Iran.

And there lies all the Difference.

Yalla, insha'Allah, next to go is another sectarian Shiite fat bastard, the Chief Driller and head of the driller boys Muqtada Al-Sadr....or P. Cockburn's "fiery brand cleric" soon to be another Ayatoilet.
I think Cockburn would really like to call him "my peach" (or maybe it's the other way round...ah, the fascination of the Orient!) Not important really...

As Serge Gainsbourg once said, "ce n'est pas important qui baise qui, l'important c'est que ├ža baise..." Find a translator.

And Death will screw us all - eventually. Some more than others.

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