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A Waiting Wretchedness..

Unfortunate in your circumstances ? Anguished ? Agonizing ? Victimized ? Forgotten ? Wretched creature. A surplus on this earth. There is no place for you. Wretchedness. The forgotten people. Left in some corner of this world. Voices unheard. Talking in the dark. In the Nothingness. In the Void. Smiling at strangers, all alone, in recluse...awaiting miracles. The miracle of Death or the miracle of some Divine Intervention. It all becomes the same. It's the waiting in secret anticipation, in a secret hidden hope, somewhere lodged inside of you, that keeps you going... Otherwise, life is the same. A waiting room in a doctor's office, waiting for the final prognosis. A cubicle in a court room, waiting for the final verdict. You look around, and you see no one. No doctor, no judge and no jury. Yet it seems, feels like you are in line. You have taken your place in the queue...waiting. Nothing forthcoming. Waiting...waiting...and in the waiting, you forget what you have actually been

A One Minute Visit to the Purgatory...

I was just heading to bed, then said to myself, just check your mail. I wish I hadn't. What I read and what you will also read in the next lines - was familiar to me. But seeing it in black and white, not only brought back all my rage but confirmed to me the hundreds of anonymous Iraqi stories I had heard... Hundreds of anonymous harrowing stories which since I have started blogging, a good majority of you out there, kept denying, kept denigrating what I relayed to you, kept accusing me and accusing other Iraqis of lies, made it incumbent upon us to bring proof of your savagery, of your brutality when we had not even stopped mourning our dead... These lines from your brave boys, talking about their deployment in 2005. 2005 was only the beginning. "Toward the end, we were so mad and tired and frustrated," said Daniel Freeman. "You came too close, we lit you up. You didn't stop, we ran your car over with the Bradley," an armored fighting vehicle...With each ro

"A Velvet Revolution "or Lesser Shades of Black ?

Some speak of a "Velvet Revolution" in Iran, while I see nothing but Red Blood. Velvet, Silk or Satin, or maybe just Black polyester, it doesn't really matter what you call it - the fact remains that thousands of Iranians have had it with the rule of the Ayatollahs. You may argue that they after all just reformists, following orders from "milder" Ayatollahs like the corrupt Rafsandjani and the warmonger advisor to Khomeini- Musavi. And you may also argue that they are also seeking legitimacy by turning to less belligerent Ayatollahs for guidance. And you are right in arguing this. However, I maintain that the majority of the Iranians who have not stopped protesting, risking their lives and those of their families, some being executed, some tortured, some disappeared, are NOT backers for the Reformist camp of Musavi and Co. I believe that within the very limited choice given - they opted to what they perceive to be the lesser evil - maybe not a door for ra


The blogger Irish4palestine has published a VERY ,VERY, IMPORTANT piece of Information and I urge you ALL, to read it and circulate it around. From this article, it seems that ANY criticism : Of the Jewish state, of Judaism, of Jews, of Zionists, of Zionism, of Zionist thought, of Israel, of world Jewry, of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis, of questioning the holocaust, of questioning the eternal Jewish victim mentality, the paranoia, the neurosis, the eternal pain industry ... Of Jewish : racism, immorality, political corruption, theft, pillaging, rape, usurpation, appropriation, lies, deceit, manipulations, criminality, terrorism, arrogance, nazi methods, nay worse than nazi methods...and the FORBIDDEN under the charges of the very handy label of "anti-semitism". So this is the progression folks. If you mention the word jew - you are an anti-semite. if you mention the word judaism - you are an anti-semite if you mention the word zionist- you are an anti-semit
Google, Blogger, has not only frozen my users stats, again and again , but the list of fellow blogger "followers" does not show up either... Is anyone else experiencing these "technical" problems ? I did say in my previous post , on the same subject - to the effect - don't fuck with me, as you have been doing for the past months... If you want me out - just say so. I also said - tell your big boss I am not impressed. You and I know who your big boss is.

A Few Bad Apples ?

Finally an ex-detainee from Abu Ghraib testifies. This one is a "mild" case. The "heavy duty" ones, the "heavy duty" cases are still terrified and too traumatized to speak out - assuming of course that they are still alive. "Photographs showing the abuse of inmates at Iraq's infamous Abu Ghraib prison by US prison guards have shocked the world. The latest one to be outraged is Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff. Mullen has voiced his disgust after seeing some of the withheld photographs of the abuse that the administration of Barack Obama, the US president, is seeking to keep under the wraps and not let the world to see. In a leaked memo obtained by the Fox News network, Mullen said he was "appalled" that someone in an American uniform would behave in such a way. "We haven't all absorbed or applied all the lessons of Abu Ghraib," Mullen said." Appalled ? Oh really appalled ? Appalled t

To Papa Blogger & Mamma Google.

Is this some kind of a joke ? Or do you think am flirting with you ? Every month I have the same problem with you guys. You freeze my viewers stats on my profile until I kick up a fuss. You've been at it for the past 4 months. Listen, if this is your way to deter me, have the balls and say so, I will get my own website. This joke is getting fucking stale. Tell your big boss, am not impressed. And release my stats and do it NOW !


Around the world it is estimated that 1 billion people are going hungry. One quarter of those, around 265 million, are in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the horn of Africa being the worst affected. Al Jazerra's Mohammed Adow reports from the Turkana district of Kenya where life is a daily struggle. Nothing to comment.

Weapons for Sale...

A bunch of us - Iraqis, would like to donate our weapons for a modicum sum...We do not hide the fact that it is a lucrative business, and since Americans are so bent on finding WMD's in Iraq, we thought we'd ease their task... We found the WMD's and we're willing to sell them too. They are potent, lethal and can cause mass destruction, irreparable damage. OK, we agree not as much as your weapons, but trust us, they too have long term effects - they are even capable of making extra holes in the ozone layer. This is how powerful they are. After all, since 2003, and since their "liberation" some Iraqis are selling their organs to make ends meet , surely selling our home made, home fabricated weapons can be considered more ethical, no ? A more legal, legitimate way, to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, and earn a decent living, don't you agree ? And once in possession of our WMD's, you will find that peace can finally reign on earth. You would have c

A Massacred Generation.

I am feeling excessively depressed tonight. Behind this feeling of "depression" lies the two familiar monsters - sadness and rage. Was watching T.V. Two programs, to be precise. One was aired on Al-Arabiya and originally produced by ARTE in 2008, called Oil for Food. It dealt with the sanction years and the billions of dollars of commissions that the civilized West made out of this program, a program institutionalized by the United Nations. Memories of the sanction years came back, filled with despair, horror and pain and I can tell you that they were golden years compared to today's "liberated" Iraq. This program re-confirmed to me that the West and in particular England and the U.S. are nations of criminals - a people with no conscience, no ethics, no morality. I felt the all too familiar "depression" creep in again, all too ready to take over, as it had done so many times before... By the time this program was over, my morale was in the pits. The pl

Whose Crash is it ?

Something is not right and no longer jives here. Just six months ago, everyone was talking about a huge crash - a reminder of 1929. Major American investment banks were about to be bailed out and a plan for some sort of state intervention/nationalization was en cours ... In the past 3 days, 4 major American banks are exuberant with joy, exhibiting billions of dollars of profit from stock investment revenues. How is that so ? I am no economist and I don't know the exact workings of finance capital, but common sense tells me if the economy was on the brink of collapse and rates dwindled down and market indices tumbled, and the deficit is in trillion of dollars, and industries closed down, and unemployment rates shot up and heads of states gathered in urgency with a Marshall plan look-alike to save the economies of the West - then how does one make profits in such an atmosphere ? Someone has been lying to you and I all along... My guess is this crash has been fabricated with a specifi

A Quickie...

Quickie... Quick, quickly, quickie.... Do you realize how quick the Americans are when their fingers, if not busy masturbating to celebrities from Hollywood, are on the trigger ? Quick trigger Bang, bam, boom, wham... I will bang you, bam you, boom you, wham you... They love those triggers on machine guns. They got quick fingers. Boom, boom, This is John Wayne. Oh, yeah ! This is Lucky Luke, the lonesome cowboy, Oh, yeah ! Gotta get them. This is fast, Fast food, fast cars, fast sex, fast fix, fast... This is fast Death Industry. How long does it take Doc ? No worries, a couple of seconds. Oh yeah ! Praise the Lord for being so fast... A Santa Claus, A Bell Boy, Give it to me Now ! Hallelujah, Am the citizen of quickies Got no time to waste Bang, bang, Boom, boom, That kind of quickly sums me up, That's all folks.

III Years..

Today am celebrating 3 years of blogging. I am not quite sure that the word "celebrate" is an adequate one. Actually, this blog - Arab Woman Blues, was and is a far cry from any celebration. If I am to be perfectly honest - I will have to admit it out loud, that those 3 years of blogging - writing/composing more like it, have depleted and exhausted me. I never envisioned that blogging would be such a tiring endeavour. Perhaps blogging in itself is not - but the material I deal with - is. The material being Iraq and her occupation and the thousands of tragedies and woes that this occupation gave and keeps giving birth to. But there is more to it than just dealing with "controversial material" and occupations. And as I am writing this, I am digging in my being, to see where the exact cause of my fatigue lies. It lies in the fact that I am very emotionally involved with the "subject matter". It lies in the fact that it has and still touches me so deeply to th


A deluge of timed explosive car bombs have assailed Baghdad. The deadliest was an organized orchestrated spate of bombs that targeted 8 churches (not 5 as reported in the media) - 8 houses of God, 7 in Baghdad and 1 in Mosul. Christian neighborhoods in Mosul have been under curfew since yesterday. A Zebari, a highly placed "army officer" - not to be confused with H.Zebari, the kurdish "minister" of Foreign Affairs, most likely one of his relatives though, said in a public statement that he was expecting violence to continue in Iraq for at least 3 to 4 years. Maliki affirmed the same thing, so did zionist Biden. So who is behind this deluge of terror ? The official version is the usual broken record ; Al-Qaeda and Saddamists. S.Al-Mutlaq - and am no fan of S.Al-Mutlaq, but I will have to agree with him on this one. He said Al-Maliki and the other sectarian parties (from Iran) are behind this spate of violence. Elections are coming up soon, and these all shiite partie

To The Sons of Bitches...

"Baghdad is determined to force the Mongols of our age to commit suicide at its gates." "I said I'm the president of Iraq... I did not say deposed." "If you are Iraqi, you know who I am... and you know that I do not tire. I am the president of Iraq. "Those who fight in God's cause will be victorious." "We are not intimidated by the size of the armies, or the type of hardware the US has brought." "We are ready to sacrifice our souls, our children and our families so as not to give up Iraq. We say this so no one will think that America is capable of breaking the will of the Iraqis with its weapons." "Who are you and what are you?... I need to know." The above are a few quotes from the Hero Martyred President of Iraq - Saddam Hussein. These quotes reflect who he was and what he believed in. Do you ever hear the puppet Maliki uttering such words ? Or do you hear any of the other Iranian stooges in Iraq capable of such

Our Independence Day.

Today is the 4th of July. American day of so called Independence. So you're independent are you ? Wallahee, tell me, what are you independent from ? For me you're nothing but a bunch of slaves, a 200 years old slaves. A grouping of pathetic, miserable ex-convicts and criminals with no history, tradition or roots... So you're independent huh ? How come I see you like sheep with no capacity for questioning then ? How come I see you totally subjugated in those minds of yours, incapable of asking the right questions. How come I see you a numbed out, divorced from reality, running after, pursuing stupidities from the day you are born to the day you are lowered down in your graves. And you think that a bunch of illiterate, nasal, armed, cowboys who can't even spell or pronounce words correctly - like you - will deter us ? Well think again, assholes. We are Iraqis. Do you know what Iraqis are -- you arrogant, ignorant, backward people. Of course you would not know. You know no

A Brothel...

Have you ever loved ? Like seriously loved someone ? If you have, do you remember what it felt like ? Do you remember when you were like a tiger/tigress when anyone approached your love and tried harming it ? Do you remember how you were so protective, jealous over the one you really loved ? Do you remember how you cherished it day after day, night after night...Do you remember how you embraced it, watched over it, guarded its best interests ? It refers to the object of your love and not in a pejorative sense either. Well, that's the way I feel about Her, about Iraq. How I hate seeing her beautiful space, her land turned into pass rooms, where every syphilitic visitor enters her, for free... How I hate seeing her being abused, tormented, pissed and spat upon... How I hate seeing her submissive, surrendering.... How I hate seeing her powerlessness, her despair, her loss... How I hate her silence, her silent tears, her silent cries, her silent begging... How I hate see my Beloved tur

This Shame is Yours.

So what's with this endless torture business in Iraq ? Fawziya al-Jashami said she had seen "horrific traces" of torture during a visit to a prison in the southern Province of Babel of which Hilla is the capital. "I saw types of torture which are so vicious and horrific that I cannot describe them as a woman. "It is a kind of sexual torture which one is ashamed to talk about and occurs for the first time in Iraq," Jashami, who heads the Human Rights Committee in the province, said. Following her fact-finding mission to one of the province’s jails, she said she was appalled by what she saw and heard." Article HERE and HERE . Hey, I thought the "Tyrant" and his regime were the ones who tortured...Did you not tell us about humans minced in meat machines then? Of course, all came out to be lies. But now, today, this hour, this minute, is where real torture is taking place in "democratic and free Iraq." I've written about Torture be