"A Velvet Revolution "or Lesser Shades of Black ?

Some speak of a "Velvet Revolution" in Iran, while I see nothing but Red Blood.
Velvet, Silk or Satin, or maybe just Black polyester, it doesn't really matter what you call it - the fact remains that thousands of Iranians have had it with the rule of the Ayatollahs.

You may argue that they after all just reformists, following orders from "milder" Ayatollahs like the corrupt Rafsandjani and the warmonger advisor to Khomeini- Musavi. And you may also argue that they are also seeking legitimacy by turning to less belligerent Ayatollahs for guidance. And you are right in arguing this.

However, I maintain that the majority of the Iranians who have not stopped protesting, risking their lives and those of their families, some being executed, some tortured, some disappeared, are NOT backers for the Reformist camp of Musavi and Co. I believe that within the very limited choice given - they opted to what they perceive to be the lesser evil - maybe not a door for radical change, but just a window of fresh air.

I therefore agree to a great extent with both the analyses of Hamid Dabashi (1) and the Iranian blogger Reza Fiyouzat (2) when addressing the current Iranian unrest/revolt and the Left's stand on this matter.

I also think that the Left in general is committing another huge mistake by not supporting the Iranian protests for change and reform. The idiotic conspiracy theories put forward by the leftists that the U.S, Saudi Arabia and even Israel are behind this unrest are ludicrous. This does not mean that the U.S would not add intensity to Iranian winds. However to argue that what is taking place in Iran is solely the work of American and British intelligence is stupid to say the least - as it willfully ignores the clear unceasing demands of the Iranian protesters.

As for seeing a Saudi role in these unrests is even stupider. Saudi Arabia has not even laid a finger in occupied Iraq, would it lay a finger in Iran ? Of course not. The Saudis are too busy holding on tight.

As for Israeli meddling - I doubt it too. Not because the Israelis are angels, but because the Iran of Khomeini and that of Khameini did more for Israel in the weakening of Iraq, its regime change and its ultimate destruction - more than what the Jewish state could have hoped for.

But of course your blind ideological left is oblivious to these truths - because they need to carry "the banner" at any cost, denying facts on the ground.

And a friend remarked lately -- IRNA, the official propaganda mouthpiece of the exclusive Shiite theocratic entity no longer needs to compose new propaganda pieces -it is instead relying on translations into Farsee of propaganda pieces from the leftist websites.

Having said that, I must also agree with Malcolm Lagauche who argues, that supporting the reformists may boil down to supporting in the end - Musavi and Rafsandjani - both advisors to Khomeini and I quote from Lagauche's article entitled Another Grand Illusion (3) dated July 6-9, 2009 -- "Former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, who claims he is the rightful winner of the June 12 presidential election, was part of the group (along with his current allies former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and former House Speaker Mehdi Karoubi) that favored secret contacts with the United States and Israel to get the military supplies needed to fight the war with Iraq. Khomeini’s blessing allowed Rafsanjani, Karoubi and later Mousavi to proceed with secret contacts that involved emissaries from the Reagan camp and the Israeli government."

So where does that leave us ?

It leaves me with my eyes wide open, it leaves me with supporting the protesters but remaining very aware of the fact that Musavi and Co. are not some ardent revolutionaries. They were and still are part and parcel of this lunatic exclusive Shiite Jaafari political rule - called the "Islamic" republic of Iran.

And I will also tell you, and this is shared by MANY Iraqis - the unrest in Iran is in the long run good for Iraq. Another truth, I will not hide from you.

After all, Iraq is under a DUAL American-Iranian occupations and add an Israeli one in the North. Another aspect that the cowardly, sold out left refuses to see and admit. So anything that helps us Iraqis get rid of any of those occupations is most welcomed.

In the short run, though, we will witness a resurgence of the sectarian Iraqi Shiite Alliance, of the puppet government. We will also witness, Iran like a wild bull kicking hard through the Kurds. We will also witness and I have mentioned that elsewhere that Iran will use its sectarian Shiite-Sunni card with more ardor - it has already done so in Yemen when only yesterday 8 Yemenis soldiers perished in clashes with the converted Yemenis to the Shiite Jaafari creed. We might witness too, the sectarian card being pushed big time in Eastern Saudi Arabia. The "leftists" Chomsky style are already talking of the "horrible oppression of Shiites" in " Wahabi" Saudi Arabia. -- just like they did when preparing the ideological atmosphere for the American occupation of Iraq, faithfully echoing the same arguments put forward by the Zionists in the White House, like Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith -- several articles and conferences are being waved and organized to that effect, regarding Saudi Arabia - using the "Sunni Wahabi" discourse just like they did when addressing "the Sunni Wahabi" regime of Saddam Hussein.

Like in a Corrida, the bull always kicks harder before it falls.

But let us carry no illusions on the possible fall. I personally exclude it, since the Pasdarans and their Basijis militias have already taken over the full control of the state apparatus under Khameini's orders. And moreover a hardline Iran suits Jewish Zionist interests much better in the long run...

But let us assume for a moment that the hardline bull will fall, let us not lose sight and forget who the "reformist" leaders are - they are nothing but a lesser shade of Black.

My direct links are not working so am typing them here.

(1) Hamid Dabashi - Left is wrong on Iran - http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m56133&hd=&size=1&l=e

(2) Reza Fiyouzat - Iran's absolutist Dictatorship reloaded -

(3) Malcolm Lagauche - Another Grand Illusion.

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