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ISIL agents of the Dajjal.

For those who have been following my writings, there are countries I have been warning about since the Fall of Baghdad in 2003. These countries were/are  Yemen, Turkey, PAKISTAN Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The ones who designed the fall of Iraq into Darkness in 2003, are the same ones who are designing the tearing apart  the dismantling of the above mentioned countries. Do I have to name them for you again and again and again ? THINK. ISIL is nothing but a weapon, a weapon of mass destruction, a mean to an end. Still no one knows who ISIL speculate, and you keep speculating, and in these speculations, arms are sold, countries are destroyed and lives are snatched. ISIL are land mappers, their caliphate is the caliphate of the Anti Christ. Who is the anti Christ ? Well you got to answer that one, if you can answer that one, you will know who ISIL is. The Anti Christ has many agents working for him by the way, not just ISIL, again you need to THINK. Myopia requires that


Trumposhti is a term of Arabic endearment that I HAVE COINED (don't go stealing it) to call the new President of the United States of America  - Trump. I actually like the guy, believe it or not. First of, he makes me laugh. And I can do with some humor. Bush was/is a moron and Obama a lousy charlatan snake charmer. So Trump is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, I wanted to make sure  I had not fallen into some ideological right wing snare, so I went around and asked people what they thought of Trumposhti. And to my great surprise, people were fine with him. Not that they really cared about the USA, they don't, understandably so, but they were fine with him. The overwhelming response I received was ---  " At least he is clear". And in an age of universal deceit, clarity is not such a bad thing.