Trumposhti is a term of Arabic endearment that I HAVE COINED (don't go stealing it) to call the new President of the United States of America  - Trump.
I actually like the guy, believe it or not.
First of, he makes me laugh. And I can do with some humor.
Bush was/is a moron and Obama a lousy charlatan snake charmer. So Trump is a breath of fresh air.
Furthermore, I wanted to make sure  I had not fallen into some ideological right wing snare, so I went around and asked people what they thought of Trumposhti.
And to my great surprise, people were fine with him. Not that they really cared about the USA, they don't, understandably so, but they were fine with him.
The overwhelming response I received was ---  " At least he is clear".
And in an age of universal deceit, clarity is not such a bad thing.

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