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Snapshots - Monsters in the Light.

Iraqi artist - Ali Najjar, 2011 I love the night, there is something of a black velvet in the night...I like the way obscurity covers up....I like not having to see....I like the darkness....I find it restful, appeasing, calm... Daylight exposes. You see the imperfections, the cracks, the rust, the deformities, the ugliness... Dark is Mercy, Light is Wrath... When a something, someone is born, you say --- it has seen the Light. It emerges from the canal of darkness, of security, comfort and mercy to a world of black and white first, then to colors...but at first, it cries when it open its eyes and sees the light.... Crying is a sign that you have seen the has differentiated you, it has separated you...and has   exposed the a world of mirrors and reflections... ******* Today, the o' so proper BBC, ran a piece,   en passant ...hoping no one would notice...Western media is good at running ran many in 2003, and made sure everyone