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No Protector...

This is an old Iraqi folk song called "Che Malee Walee" meaning I have no Walee . Walee means many can mean in its legalistic sense -- someone in charge of, someone responsible for... and it may also mean a benevolent authority, a rightful owner....a Protector... This wonderful improvisation is by the Iraqi artist, Oud player Omar Bashir, son of the late great artist, composer Munir Bachir. Thank you FirasAlkarradi from youtube. video by yazanasso

Tehran in Baghdad

In my previous post I asked what is worse - the US occupation or the Iranian one. I replied that it's the combo of both. I changed my mind. What is worse than the US occupation is the Iranian occupation. The latter infiltrates the FABRIC of society on many levels and is longer term,  the Americans on the other hand are too white for their own good. They can't pass incognito....they just let the Iranians do their dirty work.... A few headlines in Arabic that I will translate for you (they can be checked here ) - Iyad Allawi strongly condemns Iranian (and other ) interference in Iraq's political scene and its trying to impose its will in Iraqi affairs - Oh poor Mr.Allawi, did you just wake up to that fact now ?! - an INA delegation led by prominent figures (Chalabi and Co.) begin its Arab tour starting with Damascus -- the heart of "the Arabic Baath" as the Syrians like to call themselves (of course where else !) - Iran seeking to unify State of Law Coaliti

No Light at the End of the Tunnel...

Which is worse, America or Iran ? For the ordinary Iraqi it is the lethal combo of both that is worse... For 7 years, day in day out we have not known one day of peace....for 7 years, day in day out, Iraqi blood has been pouring...daily...daily...daily... Many believed that by joining the political process - they could actually effect some deluded, how stupid and how myopic they can a lethal occupation like this one bear any fruits but rotten ones ! Check Uruknet for the latest news - 6 elected candidates from the Al-Iraqiya have been disqualified by the Justice and Accountability commission, led by the infamous Ahmed Chalabi and his best friend Al-Lami and another 46 will be barred as well on charges of --- "Baathism" Already, the shameless, disgraceful, grotesque, complicit "anti war and leftist" websites are praising Muqtada Al-Sadr who is in alliance with Ahmed Chalabi as an anti-imperialist force to be reckoned. Give it a coup

Oppressive America...

Truly, I have never felt as oppressed as I have since 2003...I have never felt as much angst, as much suffocation, as much tyranny, as much repression as I have felt since those subhumans landed in Iraq.... For me today, America and Americans are associated in my head with pure Oppression...I have learned through those years, to unmask them in no time...even the "most liberal " among them...because in the latter's case it is their indifference and their cover-up that is so oppressive. I find their political correctness oppressive, tyrannical...I find their external veneer asphyxiating with its phoniness, I find their so-called outer friendliness and so-called openness so thick with ill intent, ignorance and profiteering coupled with a poisonous snide racism that they can't seem to shake off... I see America as the child of the Brits....but more "modern" looking, without the overt Victorian hangups of the English...yet God knows how much the mixture of

Iraq's Post-Elections

Why oh why am I blogging about this garbage ?! I believe in none of it...the book is known by its cover. Allawi is nothing but a thug who was/is on British and American intelligence payroll, like the garbage Chalabi was... But still, Iraqis had hoped for a tiny window of oxygen from the suffocating, repressive, obscurantist, tyrannical, dictatorial, terrorist rule of the Shia parties. What these elections showed, and this is why I actually bothered to give the break down of votes by provinces - are several facts, several pieces of evidence that run smack against all the perfidious grotesque propaganda that led up to the 2003 occupation, a propaganda that you all bought, including the so-called Left (Arab garbage included specially their bloggers), the liberals progressives, the anti-war junk...and of course the vermin Iraqi scum... That first piece of outright lie was that Saddam Hussein's government was a majority Sunni government and repressed the Shias of Iraq. This is w

Iraq's Elections Results -- FINAL RESULTS

UPDATE 2 - Final Results - rushed transcript After much waiting and too many speeches from the HEC , half of which had strong Farsee accents and one Western one from UN/UNAMI who congratulated the Iraqis on their election celebrations and purple revolution - mentioning that there were many intimidations as well as irregularities, but the UN in its "objective and impartial role" did not notice any major fraud and that those irregularities were part of the election process...oh really ?! Anyways, about 5 guys had to give the election results, a bunch of politically immature clowns and here they are : Overall total results Al-Iraqiya : led by Ayad Allawi list 333           total seats 91 State of Law Coalition list 337                        total seats 89 Iraqi National Alliance list 316                        total seats 71 Will give you now a break down by province and number of seats for each province. Did not jot down the total number of votes for each provinc
Totally blocked, can't continue with the Nimrud series...must really get to the bottom of it...and where on earth did I learn my English ? Sometimes I come up with such words ! Makes Shakespeare turn in his grave...hahahaha

Will We Survive ?

I can't stop laughing and I have not even started this's a brewing joke in my head...a joke turned reality...and the joke is on us. Please tell me will we survive as a people, as an Arab people, when a Haifa Wehbe, a siliconised, half nude "singer" can mobilize more people for a song -- that even the toes of my foot can sing better -- than  the plight of whole Arab countries being erased and massacred? The West tolerates that, encourages it --  as long as you're half naked...these are the Arabs that the West loves...this is the real opium of the people, not religion, not Islam... Nor will the Western "liberals and progressives" as well as their  "feminists" of my ass will  get on your back, they will leave you in peace...because you're then a copy of them and their decadence... This is not about  Haifa Wehbe the "singer" , the person -- she is free to prostitute herself as much as she is about the H


My Twitter account has been hacked... I have many enemies....the American pieces of stupid ignorant shits...the Jews stealing - forever looting...and the Iranians when you rub them the wrong way...if you are not a "male peach" are not in their good books... Does that mean I need to be a dirty thief of a faggot so you can leave me in peace ? Today, problem seems to be solved for now...still have problems updating tweets, one minute it works and the next it doesn't...yesterday it was impossible to log in, and I was told my profile disappeared for some time... I mean am aware that many do not like what I have to say, but trust me I don't like what they say either but worse still I hate what they do...and if I had to hack everyone I did not like on the internet, trust me more than 50 websites would be down by now... But hacking is stupid and immature...what is it, some show of muscle force online? pffft, more rubbish ...

Nimrud's Lamentations, Nimrud's Wrath.4

Took a break to calm myself down a little...I have to go through this, even though I have been avoiding it for the past 5 not expecting that it will change anything, nor that it will make a difference, maybe am just hoping I will be released... I will not go through every artifact that was "Iraqi antiquities" and you will have the word loot pop up with every single link... But what I can tell you as FACT, is that the first batch of smuggled antiquities took place in the early 90's by none other than members of the WMD inspection team first led by R.Butler the CIA spy...then it continued...since these bastards had access to every single site on Iraqi soil, and they could roam and wander as they pleased...their team members were the first looters... In 2003, the looting of Iraqi antiquities took on a more organized form, thousands of precious, irreplaceable ancient relics disappeared...some dating to the FIRST known civilization to mankind -

Nimrud's Lamentations, Nimrud's Wrath. 3

I admit, I am having difficulty writing about the looting of Iraq's heritage...I am having difficulty writing about your pillaging our memory, our origins, our history... I choke with sadness, I suffocate with rage, and with every word that I type, my hatred, my loathing for anything American keeps growing...unconditionally so... I don't even know where to start...should I start with your looting MILLIONS of DOLLARS in Cash and transporting them in boxes to New York "to be counted"... This is I saw with my own two eyes - the first loot I am a witness of was end 2003 - beginning 2004 and consisted of several wooden boxes where about 650 Million dollars were stashed by the previous regime - this money was destined for the food rationing of thousands of families that you starved with your embargo during 13 years...The Americans thieves, sons of whores put the boxes in a truck and flew them to New York....we never heard anything about this first loot since... Sin

Nimrud's Lamentations, Nimrud's Wrath. 2

I've been holding on to the pictures...for over 5 years now...I hid them, refused to share them with anyone...I would take them out every once in a while, study them, watch them closely, read the faces...and stack them away again...and for over 5 years, the wrenching pain, the fire I feel in my gut has not subsided not one iota...on the contrary, it keeps growing...a smoldering braise...and nothing will ever extinguish it... There comes a point in anyone's life when one has to put an X - I have reached that point....I have put an X on you and everything you represent. EVERYTHING you represent... The crimes have been too many - uncountable, the destruction - indescribable in words, the lies too intricate to unravel, and the pillaging, plundering, looting beyond anyone's imagination... A nation of looters, thieves, bandits, rapists, torturers, liars, profiteers, exploiters, criminals, killers -- a nation of gluttony, concupiscence, envy, covetousness and greed... Be

Nimrud's Lamentations, Nimrud's Wrath. 1

Who and What were you 6'000 years ago ? You and your nations were NOTHING, you were not even in existence... you were nothing, had nothing...not that it changed much since... I love History, specially ancient History...History is a bit like enlightens and teaches the ignorant, humbles the arrogant...but in your case, you are genetically predisposed for arrogance...and what an end yours will be ! Forget about you, you ignorant barbaric hoards, you uncultured, uncivilized, backward covetous, jealous, envious, Godless people... I hear Nimrud probably don't even know who Nimrud is...I can already see you all rushing to google...ah, what disgust I feel every time I see one of you around, talking with airs of knowledge, when you and I, know deep down what a failure of a human being you are ... I said it once, you can curse the Iraqis, destroy them, rob them as much as you want, we are nothing but mud and dust, people come and wil

Another Year, Another Post. -7

A Curse from the Back Burner... This is my last post for the "occasion "...I once mentioned that I needed to thank every single one I came across since 2003, I need to thank them for shattering my faith in  "humankind". So thank you all... Been listening to the Butcher of Falluja, Iyad Allawi, saying that "Americans sacrificed their lives for Iraq" , and that " we are indebted to them for ever..."  Garbage people of America and not so great Britain, they say the same thing either in reality or in cyber world "Masters and puppets", this is how the West likes it...but not only the warmongers, even their leftist, liberal, progressive shits, they hold the same discourse...maybe not in so many words...but the essence is the same...After all -- we rid the country of a tyranny... Even the alternative media including the despicable Arab media states the same thing, like today's article by  a two cents worth Western "reporte

Another Year, Another Post. 6

Mothers... I am aiming for 7 posts of the same series, each post for each year...a total of 7 years... 21st of March is the Spring Equinox, the first day of Spring, it is also the Nawroz, the Persian (and also the Afghan and Kurdish New Year), it is also the day someone very dear to my heart was born but he is no longer here to also Mother's day in the Arab World and in the Middle East... It is also around this time, plus or less a day, that the invasion of my beloved Iraq took place...promising us a new Spring  flower with birth pangs for a new Middle East...and since, we have been stuck in an eternal cold winter...a cold winter of grief, loss and exile... So what can be more fitting than today, the 21st of March to dedicate a post to Iraqi Mothers... But before I do so, I need to dispel some don't have to have a child to be a mother...yes you read me right...every woman is a mother...maybe you lost your child, maybe you don't have any,

Ugent. Update 5 : Hiba Al-Shamaree, Iraqi Female Blogger

Following my update no.4 of 27th February on Hiba Al-Shamaree, aka Dr.Hanan Al-Mashdani, I mentioned that she was to be presented to the Iraqi courts on terrorism charges because of an anti-dual US/Iran occupation blog ! I just learned now that Hiba Al-Shamaree, this 33 year old Doctor has been sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment by the "democratic" government of Nouri Al-Maliki , because of a blog ! And God knows what they did to her to extract "information" because of a blog ! On the 7th year "anniversary", this is one extra reason for you to "celebrate" the "new budding flower of Democracy" in the Middle East - Iraq.

Another Year, Another Post. - 5

Errant Souls One of the most formidable catastrophes and tragedies of this "liberation" and which is getting very scarce coverage is the Iraqi Refugee "problem". An overall 5 Million Iraqis turned into Refugees in the space of 7 years. Now that's an anniversary you can celebrate... Perusing the news and the frenzied reporting on the "elections" of the "new flourishing democracy", you are given the impression that all is well, that refugees are no longer errant souls, they all returned home to participate in this flowering democracy called the New Iraq, the "new flower of the Middle East " watered by blood and fed corpses... Got news for you, all reports state in no uncertain terms that Iraqis are not returning to their "new flower of a democracy". In other words none want to go back to the morgue called Iraq. Iraqi refugees since 2003 until this very day have been the most neglected group, the most humiliated, de

Another Year, Another Post. - 4

A Frightening Reality  Well I did warn, I did say I am not sure how or when this will end...I knew when I turned that key into that locked door, I was opening a can of worms... Needless to say I had much difficulty falling asleep, and when I eventually did, I was woken up every hour or so with terrible nightmares. I am not sure if nightmare is the correct word, more like very powerful dreams, one sequence after another, that left me drenched in cold sweat, gasping for air... I could not fall asleep, even though I was dead tired...I kept tossing and turning and out of the blue images of my dying grandmother flashed before my eyes...I saw when uncle handed me her medical report, the first thing I read was - Prognosis Negative . It was too late to do anything. Not that there was much we could do in view of the circumstances...the family decided not to tell her how ill she was...but she knew... I remember being by her side and holding her frail transparent hands, with the blue vein

Another Year, Another Post.- 3

2003 and back... It's funny how it is all coming back, as if it was's like a closed locked door and I just turn in the key, open it and here it is all over again... There are things I don't want to remember, but they impose themselves on me, imperiously so...and it's like one scene takes me to another one, like in a train a film I can't a film I am anxiously waiting for to end... One scene leads to another, like in a wonder this is a door I never wanted to open... War after War after War...back in the tunnel, swirling back...subtracting years, 1991, the fireworks of another liberation. 1980, 1973, 1967...I remember them by one... What is there to say ? Apart from swinging from shivers to numbness back to shivers, back to nothing... The same scene repeats shattering, plastic and tapes, glued to the radio for the latest news, hoping batteries won't run out, and more sirens

Another Year, Another Post. - 2

Bombs and Rosaries We were all gathered in the dark room, in one corner of the room, huddled, almost piled up on top of corpses about to be collectively buried in some anonymous mass grave...there was a little candle burning, flickering, imperceptibly so...maybe the only warmth, for we were shivering... Each round we'd think the time has come...the time has come with the walls shaking and the windows shattering...we stopped replacing them...we just used garbage bags and tape instead...maybe that was a symbol for what was to come later...tape your mouth, seal your lips while your life has become a pile of garbage... I remember each one would give the other "instructions", if you so and so is still alive, he/she should not forget to do so and so...and with every round, we'd say our prayers all over again, asking forgiveness for our short lived lives, our failures and omissions, and remind one another of the will... if you are still alive, remember,

Another Year, Another Post. - 1

Blasted to Pieces Remembering, not that I have ever forgotten...remembering not that I have been given a chance to forget... This post may not be a coherent, cohesive one... who gives a fuck ? I certainly don't...there is nothing coherent or cohesive about occupation and exile...and it's not like am up for a Pulitzer price in Literature either... This post may be a collection of rambling what ? I've heard nothing but ramblings and rumblings for the past 7 years...and am no more royalist than the king... This post might have no beginning and no end, this post might be a reflection of a state of limbo...who cares? It's been a limbo for two decades already... The Westerner is a bag of slimy nasal snots...and am not just talking about governments here, am talking of "people". You'd have every aspect of your life destroyed because of their "free choice" as in "democratically" electing their governments,

An Eternal Enemy...

One thing I noticed about Westerners and Americans in particular, specially this lot, they always need an enemy to function... Thinking about it deeply, I see it to be a Truth...Historically it is a confirmed truth...from the days of the Christian crusades, till this very day, things have not changed much...the packaging looks different, but what is inside the package has not changed one bit... Europeans are overall a very racist bunch, I mean deeply racist, and Americans do not fare any better... Historically for Europe, the first enemy was the Muslims, as far back as the 11th century, they used and still do call them the Mohammedans... As European colonialism spread along with the slave trade, the main enemy was the black/colored man/woman -- it became the Arabs, the Africans and the Indians....not that it has changed much since... As for this bastard country called the United States of America, the first settlers embedded the concept of the "Enemy" into the cult

Blogging a Masquerade...

Frankly blogging about Iraq's "elections" is boring me to tears . I feel somehow obliged to do it, because it helps me see the utter sham, the utter masquerade of this "political process" under Occupation...Even though the Writing is on the Wall ...really.

UPDATE 5 - Iraq's Elections

It's basically a MESS. A HUGE MESS. Too many contradictory statements from the Western Press and Arabic Press. I've been perusing Azzaman, Al-Sharqiya, Al-Jazeera and AP reports and I see no coherence. Let's start with the ridiculous first. Al-Jazeera in a special report on the HEC , (High Electoral Commission) states "it's difficult to convey in words quite how remarkable a place the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC ) is at the moment. Its guiding principles – openness, transparency, accessibility – prevail, even under the pressure of this critical moment in Iraqi politics..." You'd think this is a statement from the White House... oh well, it nearly is... Yet the Iraqiya bloc has affirmed again that  "that ballots were dumped in the garbage, nearly a quarter of a million soldiers were denied voting rights and electoral commission workers fiddled with vote counts" but that it also filed complaints with the UN security cou


I want to blur the lines between my so-called private blog and this one...I have no official title, no official name..I don't receive rewards, prizes, or money...I have been blogging for free...for over 4 years now... I don't even seek recognition, praise, or approval...I don't care much if anyone reads me or not...I don't care much if I am published or not...I need no one's blessings and/or curses...yet I get many of the latter...but even then I am not too bothered... I have not practiced much meditation, I get restless sitting in a lotus position, I'd rather dance, paint, write poetry or sing...better still, I like to kick off my shoes and walk in the naked grass...for me that is the highest form of meditation...I don't need a mantra, a guru, a saint, a sheikh...what I need is the Truth...and every once in a while I find it in those short momentums. And when I do so, I am a happy person, I feel free, rich, wealthy, and I can soar, I can rise, I can fly.

Iraq Is Still Under Sanctions...

I am going to post this just released video on the Sanctions, that are still in place...7 years later. Sanctions are still in place, you read me right . I don't care much for Kristen Saloomey's reporting...from Arabic Fox News Al-Jazeera. But am uploading the video anyway because I can see/hear the grotesque twists in reporting here...and I am about to blast them... K.Saloomey starts her report with Under the rule of "ARAB" Saddam Saloomey an Israeli or a Persian by any chance ? And is it by implication that the current rulers of Iraq are not Arabs ? Well it's true they are not Arab they are of Iranian descent...but does that mean that now the Arab is gone, the sanctions should be lifted completely ? Wait till you hear the conclusion... Then the video talks about the sanctions still being applied, since there is fear of Iraq developing weapons of mass destructions - believe it or not !!! even though the sanctions have practically destroyed Iraq&

Iraq's Political Prisoners.

The following are excerpts from an Urgent Appeal addressed to Ban Ki Moon of the United Nations on behalf of the hundreds of Iraqi detainees in US custody. While the Americans claim that the number of Iraqi detainees in their camps is not more than 10'000 or so, maybe even less, the reality is far different... And I shall quote from the  text which can be found here . dated 11th March 2010, written by WATA - World Association of Arab Translators and Linguists and published on the Brussels Tribunal Website. "... we would like to inform you that the USA occupying forces in Iraq have locked-up more than (162,000) hundred and sixty-two thousand Iraqi citizens in more than (50) prisons and detention camps including (28) camps run by US occupying forces, in addition to many undisclosed investigation and incarceration centers over Iraq. The number of detainees registered in International Red Cross records is around (71,000) Seventy-one thousand, the other detainees are not