Iraq's Elections Results -- FINAL RESULTS

UPDATE 2 - Final Results - rushed transcript

After much waiting and too many speeches from the HEC, half of which had strong Farsee accents and one Western one from UN/UNAMI who congratulated the Iraqis on their election celebrations and purple revolution - mentioning that there were many intimidations as well as irregularities, but the UN in its "objective and impartial role" did not notice any major fraud and that those irregularities were part of the election process...oh really ?!

Anyways, about 5 guys had to give the election results, a bunch of politically immature clowns and here they are :

Overall total results

Al-Iraqiya : led by Ayad Allawi list 333           total seats 91
State of Law Coalition list 337                        total seats 89
Iraqi National Alliance list 316                        total seats 71

Will give you now a break down by province and number of seats for each province. Did not jot down the total number of votes for each province but just number of seats.

Basra province 24 seats allocated

INA list no.316                                    7 seats
Iraqiya no.333                                      3 seats
State of Law 337                                 14 seats

Missan province 10 seats (is where the oil wells are and where Iran has great influence)

INA 316                                            6 seats
State of Law337                                4 seats

Biqar  province 18 seats 

INA 316                                        9 seats
Al-Iraqya 333                                1 seats
State of Law 337                           8 seats

Muthana province  7 seats

INA 316                                    3 seats
State of Law Coaltion 337          4 seats

Qaddissiya   province 11 seats

INA 316                                5 seats
Al-Iraqiya 333                       2 seats
State of Law 337                   4 seats

Najaf province 12 seats

INA 316                             5 seats
State of Law 337                7 seats

Salaheddin province 12 seats

Al-Iraqiya 333                    8 seats
Tawafuq 338                      2 seats
United Iraqi 348                 2 seats

Wassit Province 11 seats

INA 316                           4 seats
Al-Iraqiya 333                  2 seats
State of Law 337              5 seats

Kerbala Province 10 seats

INA 316                         5 seats
Iraqiya 333                     1 seat
State of Law 337            4 seats

Babel province 16 seats

INA 316                       5 seats
Al-Iraqiya 333               3 seats
State of Law 337          8 seats

Al-Anbar province 14 seats

Al-Iraqiya 333            11 seats
Tawafuq 338               2 seats
United Iraq 348           1 seat

Diyala province 13 seats 

INA 316                   3 seats
Iraqiya 333               8 seats
State of Law 337      1 seat
Kurdish Alliance 372 1 seat

Kirkuk province 12 seats

Al-Iraqiya 333           6 seats
Kurdish Alliance 372  6 seats

Nineveh province 31 seats

INA 316                    1 seat
Al-Iraqiya 333            20 seats
Tawafuq 338               1 seat
United Iraq 348           1 seat
Kurdish Alliance          8 seats

Suleymania province 17 seats

Kurdish Islamic Alliance 315             2 seats
Change 329                                      6 seats
Jamaa'at Al Islamiya Al Kurdia352    1 seat
Kurdish Alliance 372                         8 seats

Erbil province 14 seats

Kurdish Islamic Allaince 315             1 seat
Change 329                                       2 seats
Jama'at Al Islamiya Al Kurdia 352     1 seat
Kurdish Alliance 372                         10 seats

Dohuk province 10 seats

Kurdish Islamic Alliance 315             1 seat
Kurdish Alliance 372                         9 seats

Baghdad 68 seats

INA 316                                    17 seats
Al-Iraqiya 333                            24 seats
State of Law 337                        26 seats
Tawafuq 338                              1 seat

Minorities seats

Yazidis 377                                1 seat
Shabak Alliance  368                 1 seat
Sabaean Alliance 381                 1 seat
Christians of al-Rafidain 389       3 seats
Chaldean-Assyrian Alliance390  2 seats

EXTRA seats 7 (no one knows why these 7 extra seats but these are the allocations)
INA 316                                2 seats
Al-Iraqiya 333                       2 seats
State of Law 337                   2 seats
Kurdish Alliance 372             1 seat

HEC says that each bloc has 3 days exactly to make appeals...go figure what this means.

Speech by Maliki saying that many who won elections are wanted for Baathism and Justice and Accountability committee will do what is necessary to shelve them on the side.

Speech by Allawi saying that he wants good relations with all neighboring countries as long as they don't interfere in Iraq's internal affairs and that he was open to coalitions with any party or bloc and that there were no taboos in doing so -- thus said while American helicopters are hovering over Baghdad and while Iran is congratulating the Iraqis on their new found democracy.

The reason I took the trouble to give the results breakdown is because I see two trends that are important to note - especially those dirty Americans need to note it

1) Majority Sunni provinces votes for a secular Shiite - hence the accusation that Sunnis are sectarian or do not want any Shiite to rule is pure bullshit.

2) Shiite provinces, mainly in the South, voted for the sectarian Shiite parties. This is due to 2 factors a) Iran's malignant influence and b) the inherent sectarian nature of Shiite political ideology

3) The sectarian/ethnic divide as brought by the US occupier is still very much in place.


 UPDATE 1  - rushed transcript

- election results been postponed until now, well past 7 pm.
- growing sense of panic in the population - fear of clashes
- massive deployment of Iraqi armed forces in Baghdad and also in South
- military helicopters hovering in Baghdad and Basra, Iraqi and US helicopters
- Talabani and Adel Abdel Mahdi (INA) sudden planned visit to Iran
- delay of election results due to emergency meeting in HEC (election commission)
- Solaghr Jaber (Iranian national - ex minister of interior/torture dungeon - now minister of finance) changed his name to Baqer el Zubaidi (retain this name)

Today at 7 pm Baghdad time, the final results of the March 7th elections will come other words they are not out yet...

There have been some serious warnings of violence gripping the city - warnings issued by non other than Maliki himself...

And just now I came across this article by AP who seems to know more than anyone else who are the future kingmakers in Iraq -- and what struck me most is the following sentence :

The Kurds, who are expected to win in the three provinces that make up their autonomous region, and followers of anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr are likely to play key roles as kingmakers.

 For those who have been following my blog - please refer to my post of 11th February 2010, where I had the great misfortune of dreaming of Muqtada Al-Sadr winning some major seats in the elections. And I will quote from that post/dream of 11 February 2010

Their mahdi appeared, that chief  fat bastard of a driller. He could not speak proper Arabic, his accent was more Farsee than anything else, he made zero sense, he did not know what he was saying, he was incoherent, jumbled, and he turned to me and asked me what I thought of his speech. It seemed that he had won some major seats in the elections. And in the dream, I had one look at him and I froze and started stuttering, and thankfully I woke up and it was just a dream...but what a cold sweat shiver it was !
And in that post I also gave an important piece of information - namely that Al-Hakeem and the Sadrists are one and the same organization at the top level, directed from Iran...and in subsequent posts I did say that Iran operates on many levels inside of Iraq and that it uses different political groups and parties to ensure it's continuous grip over Iraq.
I will go and watch the "election's results" and will update if necessary - even though I believe that this whole charade is pre-planned, pre-ordained, predicted...Iraq will REMAIN under the tight fists of both US/Israel and Iran.

 And I will not let go...

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