Iraq's Post-Elections

Why oh why am I blogging about this garbage ?! I believe in none of it...the book is known by its cover.
Allawi is nothing but a thug who was/is on British and American intelligence payroll, like the garbage Chalabi was...

But still, Iraqis had hoped for a tiny window of oxygen from the suffocating, repressive, obscurantist, tyrannical, dictatorial, terrorist rule of the Shia parties.

What these elections showed, and this is why I actually bothered to give the break down of votes by provinces - are several facts, several pieces of evidence that run smack against all the perfidious grotesque propaganda that led up to the 2003 occupation, a propaganda that you all bought, including the so-called Left (Arab garbage included specially their bloggers), the liberals progressives, the anti-war junk...and of course the vermin Iraqi scum...

That first piece of outright lie was that Saddam Hussein's government was a majority Sunni government and repressed the Shias of Iraq. This is was the first lie. And the lie continued by saying that the Sunnis (Arab Sunnis) of Iraq because of their "sectarianism" to which was added later on, as the war raged on a innocent people and you kept your mouths well tightly shut --- it was added to "Sunni sectarianism" , "Wahabism", "Salafism" make the lie even thicker...when in fact Al-Qaeda was introduced to Iraq by the Americans and the Iranians and Al-Qaeda not only killed Shias but it also massacred many Sunnis, including members of the Iraqi Resistance.

The second lie was that Shias were buried in mass graves in Iraq following their so called "intifada" in the 90's.
There was NO shia intifida in the 90's. What happened was a group of 10'000 Iranians infiltrating in the South, trying to create an intifida. I will keep the names for myself now...but you need to retain one name that of Chalabi and all who worked or were associated with him (and these are the names am withholding for the moment) and in Baghdad you had another front that of Allawi planting bombs and killing innnocent civilians.
Two fronts in the 90's aiming to topple Saddam Hussein and from the skies Americans and English animals would regularly  drop their bombs. All the plains failed then..These two fronts Chalabi/Allawi are today playing the political game in Iraq. And both finally set firm foot in Iraqi soil thanks to the barbaric US and not so Great Britain aided with  the full collaboration of Iran.

So why do I bother ?

I bother because the election results, however imperfect they are point out to truths that you never cared to admit,  acknowledge -- truths that you, all of you contributed in covering up despite evidence to the contrary.

These elections results show in no uncertain terms

- that the majority of Sunnis, voted for a Shia - this is your first lie debunked. And this in itself shows that Iraq was not a sectarian society prior to American occupation and prior to Iranian meddling.

- in the so called Kurdish regions, only Kurdish candidates were allowed to present themselves to the elections except for disputed Kirkuk. This means that the federalist agenda brought in by the Americans is still very much at work

- the results show very clearly that the Shiite provinces in the South, are still very much under the control of the Iranians - hence the elections for those provinces were made on purely sectarian lines, these regions do not want any secular force - not even a secular Shia. By correlation, the federalist agenda is still in place i.e the partitioning of Iraq into three states.

- I said it before and will repeat it again - Iran and its shias in Iraq operate in the following manner :
 having ethnically cleansed any Iraqi resistance to the American/Israeli/Iranian plan,  and by resistance I do not only mean armed resistance, I mean any person/group who resisted the occupation -- it managed to infiltrate all the institutions of the government - ALL of them.
Iran and its proxies in Iraq, the shiite parties and their militias open many windows at the same time - meaning if one group or bloc of them fails, there is always another group to pick up. These groups on the surface may look different, serving different interests - the last ploy of this genre was between State of Law Coalition and INA - giving a semblance of pluralism. This is bullshit. Al Dawa of Maliki and INA both SERVE IRAN.
Even in the secular bloc of Allawi,  there are small groups serving Iran. Furthermore the ousting of Saleh Al-Mutlaq was in my opinion an act not just by Iran but also by the USA. In other words both Chalabi and Allawi wanted Mutlaq out.

- 2 days after the elections final results, the killing of Sunnis has started again, namely in Diyala and Baghdad Maliki had warned of violence erupting. Furthermore the Sadrists as the clear winners of the INA bloc, rushed to Iran on Friday, along with Hakeem, so did Talabani and Adel Abdel receive further intstructions.

- this leaves Allawi in a very tight spot. Not only Sunni candidates of his bloc are being arrested and killed but also Maliki's  new war is forcing him to make a coalition with ----with whom ? Who is left but the Sadrists of INA or maybe the Kurds... If Allawi does make a coalition with the Shit parties, he can be sure to lose half of his constituency, seeing that another Sunni witch hunt has started already, just  2 days after the elections. But I can already tell you that Allawi does not give a hoot about his constituency.

- Also today, more truths are being revealed - namely that over 64 post Saddam mass graves have been unearthed. The despicable woman in charge of human rights in Iraq, who got nearly zero votes, and who works for Al-Maliki finally said the truth, but incompletely.
These mass graves unearthed in Baghdad and Diyala and which I have already written about in the past are made of SUNNIS. That is why the Arab Sunni population of Iraq has dwindled down to 15% from a 45% prior to 2003. Another truth you love covering up and blaming it only on the Americans. Not so. The Americans unleashed sectarianism but they could not do it alone. They needed the Shias loyal to Iran. And this is the part of the truth you hide because of your stupidity in believing that Iran is actually an anti-imperialist power.
Duplicitous that you are -- when you know fully well that within the grander Iraqi genocide, there has been a genocide of the Arab Sunnis of Iraq. And I believe I have given you enough evidence throughout those 4 years of blogging, but your adamant silence and cover up of this aspect of the Occupation, clearly points to your complicity  with the American Iranian Zionist occupation of Iraq.
 And to that I say - fuck you then - whoever, whatever you are and if you happen to be a carrier of some cause or the other - then fuck your cause as well

- In conclusion,  things are as is -- post 2003. The partition agenda is still in place, Iran's overt meddling will increase as Arab countries warm up to Allawi, the Americans will find more reasons to extend their "liberation" stay, there is only one looser in all of this - only one and no other, only one victim, only one who paid and is paying the price of your infamy - Iraq.

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