STOP the Massacre of Iraq's Christians NOW !

Last Christmas eve, I wrote a post about the Christians of Iraq attending mass. I said, there were more women than men in this borrowed Church in Erbil (so called Kurdistan).

My post circulated widely and I received feedback from one reader who said " This woman is either mistaken or lying. She's implying that Christians are being exterminated in Iraq. There's no Truth in what she claims..."

Well guess what, everything I have "claimed " since the beginning of my blogging "career" turned out to be True and events proved my credibility again..once more...

And today is no exception. There is a clear, systematic massacre of Iraq's Christians SINCE 2003, since the day of our "liberation" by the so-called Christian West and so called Jesus-loving America and not so Great Britain.

NEVER, and I repeat NEVER in the history of Iraq had the Christians been massacred by the Muslims. Re-read that sentence until it fully sinks in...

Some Assyrian Zionist groups located in the USA are now publicly proclaiming that All Muslims in Iraq are terrorists. These Assyrians who have close ties to Israel represent no one, and they have nothing to do with historical Assyria of Sargon. They are just a boot licking bunch for the USA and Israel.

FACT is  Iraq's Christians have never experienced this violence before Christian America occupied us. I have already written about that extensively, just google my blog and you will see for yourself...

FACT is that the targeting of Christians is a DELIBERATE policy by the sectarian Shiite puppet government installed by the USA in complicit agreement with the KURDS. And this is a continuation of the policy of ethnic cleansing leading to radical demographic changes. And that policy started with the ethnic and sectarian cleansing of Sunni ARABS.

Every God fearing Muslim must , should condemn the targeting and killing of Iraq's Christian community. I know that the Association of Muslim Scholars AMSI has already issued a statement of condemnation to that effect.

And just as true God fearing Christians stood by Iraq and her people, regardless of their religion and sect, it is incumbent upon every true God fearing Muslim to condemn LOUDLY the killing of Iraqi Christians.

But not only them, every other minority whether they are Yazidis, Sabaeans- Mandaeans, Turkmen or any other,.. their killing should be condemned and STOPPED by any means necessary.

All these communities are part of Iraq and Iraq is part of them since centuries...and by condemning this act, denouncing it and striving to STOP it, you are re-affirming the Mosaic of Iraq and its UNITY that no barbaric, godless occupation, be it American, Iranian or Israeli will manage to destroy.

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