I am following the PRELIMINARY RESULTS via Al-Sharqiya TV special coverage of Iraq's elections.
I am tweeting the results as they are coming out....
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Will not repeat them here, but so far 2 important, crucial points

1) Overwhelming majority win for the secular nationalist bloc Al-IRAQIYA in many provinces including NAJAF.

2) Serious warnings issued by that same bloc about fraud attempts - namely the filling out of empty voting cards, the extra ones that have been printed. see my previous posts and the voting cards of many who were unable to present themselves to the election centers due to threats, bombs, deliberately barred transport etc...

Preliminary conclusion: This is a huge MORAL defeat for the Shiite parties and for Maliki in particular...Iraqis across the provinces have shown that they REJECT Shite sectarianism and Iran and they have also shown what I have been saying all along for the past 4 years - that we are essentially a secular people and nationalistic one.

This is ALSO a symbolic defeat for Iran and for the AMERICAN plan, the agenda with which they brutally and criminally occupied us, dividing us along sectarian lines.

The results will not doubt be tampered with....hence that is why am blogging about the preliminary ones and tweeting about them as they come out...for the record.

I love you Iraq.

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