Will We Survive ?

I can't stop laughing and I have not even started this post...it's a brewing joke in my head...a joke turned reality...and the joke is on us.

Please tell me will we survive as a people, as an Arab people, when a Haifa Wehbe, a siliconised, half nude "singer" can mobilize more people for a song -- that even the toes of my foot can sing better -- than  the plight of whole Arab countries being erased and massacred?

The West tolerates that, encourages it --  as long as you're half naked...these are the Arabs that the West loves...this is the real opium of the people, not religion, not Islam...

Nor will the Western "liberals and progressives" as well as their  "feminists" of my ass will  get on your back, they will leave you in peace...because you're then a copy of them and their decadence...

This is not about  Haifa Wehbe the "singer" , the person -- she is free to prostitute herself as much as she likes...it is about the Haifa Wehbe phenomena

And by phenomena I mean that a slutty singer can raise the Arab masses, ( like in this concert - called "Le Concert de la Tolerance" ) in particular its men with a collective hard on -- while they are flaccid, limp and impotent when it comes to their honor, dignity, women, children ...when it comes to their "Umma" being raped, when it comes to their "Umma" being massacred, when it comes to their "Umma " being looted, plundered and pillaged...

Haifa Wehbe in that "Arabic" version of "I will survive", is true to her self, and so are you...and she does end the song with -- GO AWAY, yanee VANISH !

And since this is the case - eh wallah  you deserve your vanishing "Fate"

Bet you anything this post will get the most hits....hahahaha, what an "Umma" of dicks!

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