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Part III - The Innocence of Muslims

 Am picking up where I left off… Behind every White Man there’s an indigenous « Savage ». White man, white woman --- this is not about skin color. And am tired of having to explain every word I use. The indigenous   savage as a construct, by the white man. Am sure the Natives of the Americas and those of Africa   will understand me.  On the other hand am not sure who makes me more   angry – the White Man or his Uncle toms, because Uncle Toms abound.  Back to the tacky trailer film, followed by another set of cartoons from oh la la - La République, followed by another set of posters draping the walls of New York subway stations, as if New Yorkers were not neurotically paranoid enough. Yes indeed Mohamed and the Savage Jihadist are nothing but one --- you just can’t see the connection, the fast convenient   9/11 connection, the 7- Eleven connection, the 24/7 connection… Rub in 9/11 whichever way you turn your head --- the savages are out, rioting, protesting

Part II - The Innocence of Muslims.

I would like to continue where I left off, in some part II, knowing fully well that the Western/American film is not over yet... I hope you have realized by now that it is not about a 13mn video trailer in itself, but what about this trailer represents in the grand scheme of things. And in this post, I would like to stress on that word "representation".  How the Other is presented/represented on some ideological/cultural level (even though I have conceptual problems with the word Culture here, but I will still use it) and how this representation serves political ends. In my previous post, I talked about the hyper sexualization of the Other - and I gave a concrete example when I mentioned "the penis driven religion" called Islam. I have more vulgar representations of the Other, besides "penis driven" - another one I come across frequently is " with their asses up in the air" (referring to Muslim prostration during prayers). In themselves the

The Innocence of Muslims.

It took me much courage to watch it - that "famous" film. I did it in phases, because I could not stomach the Sacred being trampled upon. In phase 1, I watched 6mn of it. In phase 2. I managed the whole film, more or less, because I kept skipping scenes. It's only a film I told myself...a bad one too, "artistically" speaking. But this is not a question about's about destructive creativity, and the film is only the needle that broke the camel's back. The whole incident (and what ensued) was most interesting to observe...a certain detachment is necessary only to get closer to the truth of the matter... Many levels to the story...a superimposition of levels, of meanings, of perceptions, of discourses, of realities... So I watched it. The first thing that struck me is the hyper sexualization of the "character" Mohamed. I was not surprised to later read that a certain American by the name of Klein who backed/supported/funde

The Morality of Hypocrites...

What ?  Hypocrites have morals ? Well yes, they  pretend  to have morals -- I call it a fake morality. One of the best examples of fake morality - i.e the morality of Hypocrites is Iraq. Masha'Allah, no one can supersede today's Iraqis with hypocrisy. They have graduated in Hypocrisy with Honors, and some even acquired a Doctorate in the art of Hypocrisy --- just like they are purchasing their "PhDs" in today's Iraq. Since 2003, when those ignorant, dumb, killers, psychopaths, fucked up idiots, clueless barbarians, stinking backward filth called the Americans (and the Brits) landed in Iraq, ever since that day Iraq has become a beacon of "morality" - the morality of Hypocrites. A mirror image of the "morality" of America and of course how could I forget the "morality" of Iran. Ever since this "liberation", "Human Rights & Individual Freedoms" - oh the worshiped words of Western "democracies" - h

Insomnia's Notes to Self: #2 Syria - a Humanitarian Crisis

One of the good thing about listening to the radio like I do, is that one can catch news that are hardly covered by the mainstream press or covered much later, or not covered at all for political reasons. I heard in a news bulletin, that Antonio Gutterez of United Nations Commission for Refugees, spoke of a humanitarian crisis and tragedy taking place in Syria. He said that the number of killed according to him was higher than the 26'000 people as reported by the Syrian Human Rights activists.  He furthered added that that the residents of Homs and Aleppo were suffering severe shortages, and that he had never seen as many wounded being admitted in the only two functional hospitals in these respective cities. He also spoke of a clear "civil war" where both parties were totally unequal in armed power, referring to the Syrian forces using air power plus sophisticated weapons in comparison to the opposition who had only light artillery. And I did catch the total number of