The Morality of Hypocrites...

What ?  Hypocrites have morals ? Well yes, they pretend to have morals -- I call it a fake morality.
One of the best examples of fake morality - i.e the morality of Hypocrites is Iraq. Masha'Allah, no one can supersede today's Iraqis with hypocrisy. They have graduated in Hypocrisy with Honors, and some even acquired a Doctorate in the art of Hypocrisy --- just like they are purchasing their "PhDs" in today's Iraq.

Since 2003, when those ignorant, dumb, killers, psychopaths, fucked up idiots, clueless barbarians, stinking backward filth called the Americans (and the Brits) landed in Iraq, ever since that day Iraq has become a beacon of "morality" - the morality of Hypocrites. A mirror image of the "morality" of America and of course how could I forget the "morality" of Iran.

Ever since this "liberation", "Human Rights & Individual Freedoms" - oh the worshiped words of Western "democracies" - have been totally eroded, trampled upon, spat upon -  to the utter silence of these "well meaning" "self sacrificing" Western "democracies"

Forget for a moment the secret dungeons where rape and torture run galore, and forget the executions, one after another with no trial, forget silencer guns and arbitrary arrests, forget these basics -- for they do not exist in today's Iraq

Forget for a moment Iraq being indexed as the most corrupt country in the world, after poor Somalia, forget the embezzlement in billions of $$$, forget the smuggling of oil, the commissions on phony deals, the acquisition of obsolete technology, the expired medicine and medical equipment on the black market,  the promotions canapés in government ministries ( promotion canapé basically means you are promoted if you lay down on a couch with your legs in the air or if you bend over - whatever suits best)  forget parochial clientélisme; patronage and partisans of a sectarian quota system where a barber and vegetable vendor suddenly become an ambassador or minister with a "PhD" (of course), just because he happens to be either a Shiite or a Kurd...

Forget the prostitution and pimping rings in the Green Zone, forget the 10$ Muta'a temporary marriages in the "Holy Cities"....

Forget all the above, because in the new Iraq all the above is unimportant. It has nothing to do with morality, absolutely nothing.

What is really important though is that you dress modestly --- modestly as in clad, modestly as in ninja, modestly as in a walking tent...

You see modesty is really centered around you, the ordinary Iraqi trying to breathe...A veil is no longer enough, you need need to look like an Iranian shadow in a chador...only then will you be considered modestly dressed. You need to follow the example of our female parliamentarians, the ones who assist sessions dressed like tents in rubber flip flops -- another set of "PhD's" has been awarded to them (of course) As for our honorable non veiled or slightly veiled female parliamentarians, they hardly ever assist any sessions, most of the time they direct their affairs from abroad and just fly into Baghdad at the end of the month to cash in their hefty paychecks.

So in the new Iraq, having a scarf on your head is not enough unless you "work" in the Green Zone. Wearing lipstick or some bright color or God forbid your ankle shows and you are immediately perceived as lacking "morals". (article here)

And as if that was not enough in the new "democratic" Iraq (vomit), the "morality police" which consists of  "army special forces" cracks down on the few night clubs and alcohol shops left open in Baghdad (article here)  vandalizing the places, beating clients and performing artists - ordinary Iraqis - who need to breathe, something other than DU and Shiite lamentations. Most likely the army "special forces aka morality police" will drink the stuff themselves, after their evening Husseiniyat or the "moral" ones in their midst will trade it in the black market or smuggle it to the "Holy Cities" for another set of "moral" clients in turbans.

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