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Yellowjumpsuits - Iraq's Prisoners in American Dungeons.

As you know in occupied Iraq there are many dungeons -- need I repeat myself ?! There are the sectarian Shiite dungeons who just relish sodomy with sticks, pistols and cables and the use of hamburger grills on their prisoners, that is after the Black and Decker drill ... Then there are the Kurdish dungeons in so-called Iraqi "Kurdistan" And last but not least - there are the American dungeons. I think the word - Dungeonistan is an appropriate one to describe the "new" Iraq of Freedom and Democracy... Today I will focus on the American jails IN IRAQ. Now, I want you to re-read that short sentence. I repeat the American jails IN Iraq. Just in case you missed it - I will repeat it a third time - the AMERICAN jails IN IRAQ. In other words the barbaric hoards of americans cross oceans to come and jail people in their own country - and the same animals call it Freedom and Democracy. It's like me landing in that shit hole called the USA and I bring with me a

Freedom Samples - Abu Ghraib Galore...

One post after another...I am writing for the record. I am writing so I will never forget. I am writing so you will always be reminded... Torture in Shiistan, Torture in Kurdistan, torture, torture, torture -- Iraq is one huge Abu Ghraib...hundreds of little Abu Ghraibs across the country....hundreds....all operating with the same american spirit...the american spirit of the founding fathers---- of Torture, Rape, and the new Iraq. This time got detailed testimonies from shiistan's dungeons. I will not reproduce the whole Human Rights Watch report here ...just  headlines...mouth watering headlines for the sexual perverts of the new world order, of america, iran and its shiistan supporters... But fist I want all those sons of bitches who called me a liar to come and grovel in mortification at my feet....and I want all those sons of bitches who called me sectarian to come and kiss my shoe...because ....there are only one sectarian psychopathic criminal sons of bitche

Life is Hell for Iraqis....

The title on the Al-Jazeera English website is mild --- they call it " Life is Difficult for Iraqis ". Bullshit and a thousand bullshits!!! Life is Hell for Iraqis and it's been on ongoing Hell since 2003...year of our so-called "liberation". Below-- a 2mn video of a widow in Adhamiya...hope am not taking too much of your precious time with a 2mn and 7 bloody years of freedom and democracy... A new report by Amnesty International says " hundreds of people are still killed and maimed every month and has found that those who speak out, like human rights campaigners or journalists, face constant danger. Religious and ethnic minorities, women, gay men and refugees also all live with the fear they will be battered or killed. And the report goes on to say that --- armed groups linked to "al-Qaeda" and political militias are often responsible. Some have links to Iraqi politicians, like the Mahdi army of Moqtada al-Sadr, the Shia religious leade

To Her - A musical Version

28th April 2010 Some time back I posted a lovely acoustic version of "To Her". A musical composition by Eddie with lyrics based on my humble poem dedicated to Iraq.(slightly modified by Ed) To Her My lovely one, what have they done to you? My lovely one, what have they done to you?My lovely one, how disfigured you've become. They've slashed your beautiful face, with a thousand knives. Hammered nails in your wrists, set your body on fire. Amputated your breasts, smeared your blood on walls. choking with phosphorus,sewage,garbage, depleted uranium. My lovely one, what have they done to you? My lovely one, what have they done to you? My lovely one, how disfigured you've become. dying of hunger and thirst, total obscurity. Stole your wealth,spat on you, erased your story. Covered your elegant stature in rags shrouded you in dirt. Gang raped you,murdered your children, buried you in a mass grave. My lovely one, what have they done to


Let's face it, the majority of people are donkeys and Iraqis are no exception. I always thought that Iraqis were slightly above average in intelligence, I was proved wrong... Look at some of the Iraqis today - they really believe that the fact that they're allowed to flagellate themselves --  lash themselves with chains, rods...pierce themselves with daggers...slash themselves with razors -- is a sign of liberation...They really believe that Ali, Hassan, Hussein, Fatima, Zeinab and God himself really need all this paiiiiinnnnnn....I mean the more you inflict pain on yourself and others the freer you are  -- right ? Is this some form of hidden Christian atonement for all this guilt...for all these sins ? (sounds like George Bush. No? Hallelujah !)....Ahhh..innumerable sins ! Bad boys and girls ! Or....maybe it could  be some masochistic/sadistic mental sexual perversion --lash me, oh yes!!! more...more...more...give me more..more liberation, more freedom...ohh!!!! Alas,

There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq - Part 4

I really need to finish this as it is weighing on's very late here but I've got to do what I've got to do. So let's continue with the victims/witnesses testimonies. For the previous testimonies bearing names of torturers, their grades and location of prisons --please read part 3. Also before I forget, I have just been informed that there is a wave of sectarian mass arrests and killings in  many Sunni villages throughout Iraq and the worst to be seen is in the Abu Ghraib district. Also from what I have been told (from very reliable sources) is that some Shiite clerics are starting an anti-Sunni campaign through sermons in Mosques - enticing their "faithful disciples" to go out and kill more Iraqis. This is more than worrisome....Oh Dear God ! Back to the transcripts that I will translate for you. Transcript 2. Ex-detainee/torture victim from Mosul speaks to Al-Rafidain TV/ program Minbar Al-Rafidain. caller - Al-Salam Aleikom, my name is Abu

There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq - Part 3

This post was not possible without the wonderful help from a) Al-Rafidain Iraqi sat TV who provided all the transcripts from phone calls - calls by Iraqi ex-prisoners (from the secret prisons) and /or their families and b) A.H. aka Um Al-Ward . Her inside knowledge and great support is indispensable. So thank you Al-Rafidain and A.H . for the fantastic work you do for our beloved Iraq. In part 2 , I said I will provide detailed information about Iraq's secret prisons including names of officers responsible for the torture that takes place. But before I do so,  I need to denounce once more, once again the utter deceit and  hypocrisy of the Shiite parties of Iraq. Muwafak Al -Rubaie, ex spokesman for Al-Maliki, decried the abuse of Human Rights in Iraq. Now that is so laughable...this joker is now another Gandhi. The despicable Sadrist party on the other hand, through one of his mouthpieces - Sister Maha aka Maha Al-Douri, Sadrist MP , stated on al-Sharqiya TV 2 days ago

There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq - Part 2. + UPDATES

This is a rushed continuation of my previous post . This post is regularly UPDATED. The updates are incorporated into the main text.  Just been watching several programs on the "secret" prisons in Iraq which are no longer secret... Al -Jazeera Arabic today gave more watered down pictures of the torture...still horrific but nothing compared to yesterday's nor to the real graphic images I saw on another satellite TV - Al Rafidain. Again Al-Jazeera English Website uploaded that same short film from the Arabic Al-Jazeera with a LOUSY and INCOMPLETE translation into English, OMITTING to mention the RAPE and other forms of GROTESQUE  TORTURE of the detainees and only showing detainees with "alleged" cigarette burns. SHAME ON YOU Al-Jazeera for your watered down version of the events. How low will you stoop to please Iran and its sectarian savages ?! Al-Jazeera interviewed one of Maliki's aide and he said this story of the secret prison in al Muthana

There are no Secret Prisons in Iraq.

What secret prisons ? There are no secret prisons in Iraq. There are no secret prisons because I already wrote about them, on the 1st of May 2009 in a post called Iraq's Underworld. How come no one made a fuss then ? How come no one bothered to investigate ? How come no one bothered to report  it ? How come it did not make loud echos ? I did say there are 600 secret prisons and I went through the gory details of the methods of torture used. There are 4 and I'd say 5 kinds of "secret" prisons in Iraq run by different "owners" ; Some are run by the sectarian governmental forces, some by the savage shiite militias, some by the barbaric americans and some by the racist kurdish militias. I will  also add - temporary detention facilities and by that I mean special jails where detainees are first interrogated and tortured before being taken to Iran. In other words-- transit prisons. I wrote all the above info nearly a year ago - not one word...but it took

The Criminal Dajjal - Muqtada Al-Sadr. 2

I finally got around finishing this cursed post. My blog is full of viruses, been typing for hours. This is the continuation of part 1 which I urge you to read first, if you haven't done so yet... I am wondering if it is really necessary to go through the motions again, of writing about this criminal M.Al-Sadr, when it was and is all too obvious the nature of political Shiite sectarianism and its application in the new Iraq of the americans. Today, it finally dawned on the american press to divulge a long held secret - well it is no secret to me and to other Iraqi Sunnis - namely the arbitrary arrest, detention on no charges, grotesque torture including rape and sodomy, and in some cases death in the Shiite dungeons of the new Iraq. Muqtada Al-Sadr is part and parcel of this Shiite ideology that is exclusive, sectarian, racist, deceitful, brutal, very much like Zionism where the ends are justified by any means necessary. Political Shiism is the Zionism of the new Iraq. The

The Genocide of Arab Sunnis in Iraq.

In all fairness, you can't say I lied...throughout those years of blogging, I have given you the most accurate information available to me, and to the best of my knowledge. I have not ceased repeating and I will repeat it again today - there was/is a genocide within a grander genocide in Iraq. The smaller genocide if one can appropriately call it that way - is the genocide against ARAB SUNNIS. This smaller genocide is conducted fully by Iran's proxies in Iraq - the Shiite parties and their militias. ALL of the Shiite parties and ALL of their militias. TODAY -this latter upon the orders of Bremer form the BULK of the so-called Iraqi armed forces. I have not ceased repeating that the majority of Refugees in both Syria and Jordan are Arab Sunnis and Christians. And the reason I have been delaying writing part 2 on the criminal Muqtada Al-Sadr was because I was waiting to receive SURE information regarding the ethnic cleansing of Arab Sunnis in Baghdad and its provinces. The