C.Hill : Iraq - The Price Was Well Worth It.

Had the misfortune of watching the interview with the american terrorist in Baghad, C.Hill, ambassador of the united states on Al-Jazeera.

Again, I find myself obliged, to transcribe parts of the interview, in Arabic. But first, I would like to say that the Iraqi interviewer on this program --Layla Al-Sheikhly was BRILLIANT. She had complete self mastery, she did not let him get away with ducking questions, she was firm and straightforward. My kind of Iraqi woman !

Watching an american terrorist being interviewed on the day of the fall of Baghdad is not easy for me. Again I found myself torn between a cold rage and hot tears of grief...americans are the MOST disgenuine "people" around. I will never cease repeating that. In other words, americans are a nation based on DECEIT and LIES. YOU ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE LIE.

Watching an american terrorist say that the price was well worth it, after 7 years of a ravaging destruction, that has erased Iraq and its people, into a background of indifference, poverty, exile, disease, and death  - for me encapsulates everything that you represent, that you collectively represent ---EVIL.

Now that I have reminded you of who and what you are, let me get to the crux of the interview..

First thing that came out very clearly and that did not surprise me one bit is that this american terrorist by the name of C.Hill, put up a formidable defense of another terrorist from Iran called Nouri Al-Maliki.. Not only did he defend Nouri Al-Maliki, but he also defended and gave the most lame excuses for the immediate trip following Iraq's elections of our buffoon president Jalal Talabani and several members from the terrorist organization called INA (Iraqi National Alliance) to Tehran.

C.Hill, said it was totally normal that a delegation goes to Tehran to celebrate Nawrooz.
Layla Al-Sheikhly said to him : Are you trying to insult the viewer's  intelligence --Mr. the Ambassador, when everyone knows that there was an Arab summit taking place and this "Iraqi" delegation went to Tehran instead?!

C.Hill replied - What do you expect me to do, stop them from taking a plane ?! And we are sure that Iraqis will form a government that represents them.

He continues (and am not putting any of that in some chronological order, am not a computer OK!), for us, the Americans, we have a long term relationship with Iraq, we have diplomatic and economic interests, we have the biggest american embassy in Iraq this shows how much we care about our long term relationship. Iraq on the map is also the heart where shiites and sunnis meet, this is important for us, look at Turkey next door...(he did NOT mention Iran but mentioned Turkey...watch out for your ass Turkey)

Then he said : It was imperative to get rid of the dictator Saddam Hussein, he was not only a dictator on his own people, he not only killed his own people, but he was a dictator that represented a very real threat to ALL of his neighbors. He had to go and Iraq is so much better off without him. He posed a real threat because he had used WMDs in the past....

On debaathification , he said that it was imperative that NO Iraqi who had anything to do with the Baath, play a role in Iraq's future. This is a message for Allawi and his Iraqiya bloc. C.Hill is telling you guys that america will NOT back any seculars in Iraq. He also evoked the all too classic comparison with Nazi Germany, as if these americans are not nazis themselves....

Layla said to him : even after the fall of the 3rd reich,  ex nazis were allowed to participate in the political process...but Hill was adamant that there will not be a repeat of that in Iraq insofar as the Baath or anyone that resembles the Baath is concerned. In other words, Hill is giving the green light to the Iranian fascists in Iraq and is telling us that it is they who will rule Baghdad. Well Nazis do love Fascists.

Then she asked him : now that you know that Iraq never had WMD's and no links to AQ was is it still under band 7 of the UN , why don't you remove Iraq from this UN clause ? Has this got to do with delineating the frontiers with kuwait ? To which the american terrorist replied --- the frontiers with kuwait must be sorted out first. (for the ignorant ones who could not read a map prior to 2003 and are now self proclaimed experts on Iraq, that insignificant province called kuwait has been extending its borders into Iraqi territories and swallowing up a few oil wells in the process...)

Layla continues -- I know you are new to Iraq and you said that you are not responsible for the past mistakes, but you do represent the united states, so let me ask you again, in retrospect, do you think that will all the deaths, all the pain, all the destruction, the u.s. did a good thing ?

The american terrorist replied - if you take into account what Saddam Hussein did, then yes, this is the way forward for Iraq, being freed from a tyranny, am not saying there were no difficulties. It was difficult for the american people (how was it difficult for your numb dumb backward ignorant people mr the terrorist ? do you mean to say that the 4000 pricks, rapists, torturers, killers, terrorists that died in Mesopotamia were a huge sacrifice for humanity? LOL) and am sure it was difficult for the Iraqis but when you think of Saddam Hussein and what he has done, the difficulties are lessened, they seem less formidable...

Layla asks : Mr.Hill are you putting yourself as in u.s. into an equation with Saddam Hussein --if Saddam killed so many people your country also killed as many...so are you saying Saddam killed more then your invasion is OK ?

the american terrorist replied - I am not an accountant counting the dead, all am saying is that am very optimistic about Iraq....

Am sure I left out some other stuff as I said am not a fucking computer.For the Iraqis who do give a damn, get off your asses instead of whining and go look for the program, it will be aired again Saturday 11 am MECCA time on Al-Jazeera Arabic. And go write about your country that has been raped by animals and terrorists. As for you, other Arabs, you are worthless...

Tomorrow, there's another interview with the Chief Driller, Muqtada Al-Sadr, the love idol of P.Cockburn , Nir Rosen and the anti war buffoon peaches....he will be interviewed by the wimp Ghassan Ben Jeddu. I am already preparing myself psychologically to see that driller, rapist, torturer, psychopath, CRIMINAL FROM IRAN talk ....So help me ya ALLAH..

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