The Genocide of Arab Sunnis in Iraq.

In all fairness, you can't say I lied...throughout those years of blogging, I have given you the most accurate information available to me, and to the best of my knowledge.

I have not ceased repeating and I will repeat it again today - there was/is a genocide within a grander genocide in Iraq. The smaller genocide if one can appropriately call it that way - is the genocide against ARAB SUNNIS. This smaller genocide is conducted fully by Iran's proxies in Iraq - the Shiite parties and their militias. ALL of the Shiite parties and ALL of their militias. TODAY -this latter upon the orders of Bremer form the BULK of the so-called Iraqi armed forces.

I have not ceased repeating that the majority of Refugees in both Syria and Jordan are Arab Sunnis and Christians.

And the reason I have been delaying writing part 2 on the criminal Muqtada Al-Sadr was because I was waiting to receive SURE information regarding the ethnic cleansing of Arab Sunnis in Baghdad and its provinces. The SURE, RELIABLE, INFORMED figure I received -- 300'000 ARAB Sunnis were murdered by the Shiite militias for the year 2006 ALONE.

Again, I ask you to refer to some of my previous post where I mentioned that ANOTHER 64 and some say 84 MASS GRAVES were discovered (actually they were not discovered recently - the Shiite sectarian government knew about them all along) in Baghdad in the vicinity of SADR city and in Diyala. In 2009, another 17 mass graves were discovered in Anbar. Search my blog.

Let me get back to the Iraqi refugees and their "affiliation" by sect.

This is the FIRST time, that an article written by a Westerner actually gives the break down by sect. I have been reading about Iraqi refugees for over 4 years now, and this is the FIRST of its kind.

But this information, I already gave you, time and time again - namely that ARAB SUNNIS form the bulk of the Refugees in neighboring countries.

In Syria those registered - and many are NOT registered are 62% Sunnis (a must read article). I say the ratio is higher than that. As for Jordan well over 75% of those registered are SUNNIS even though they are no official figures given for that country.

There are a few Shias refugees and I will tell you all about them now.

The Shias refugees in BOTH Jordan and Syria, the MAJORITY of them came BEFORE 2003.
And some came after 2003,but it is a small percentage in comparison.

The Shia Iraqi refugees in Syria and this is a SURE FACT, most of whom live in the Sayyeda Zeinab neighborhood, (which they consider another Shiite shrine when it is a Muslim one ) the GREAT majority of them have official businesses - they run small shops, hotels and some even run Mosques and their Husseiniyat. This category travels back and forth to Iraq on a regular basis.

And it is common knowledge that NO IRAQI refugee can open up a business or work officially at least...hence...make your own deductions.

The Shia refugees in Jordan, the majority of which and who represent a SMALL percentage of the bulk of Iraqi refugees, came before 2003, and they came not because of "repression" but came for economic reasons due to the Embargo imposed on Iraq for 13 years by the americans.

That is not to say that there are no Iraqi Shias driven out of their homes after 2003, due to is only to say that they do not form a tangible majority.

And the reason I am mentioning this is because the official percentage (first of its kind) for Iraqi Arab SUNNIS refugees in Syria alone --that of 62% -- clearly points that there was DELIBERATE, PLANNED, WELL THOUGHT, ORGANIZED policy to DRIVE ARAB SUNNIS out of Iraq short of KILLING THEM.

Hence, the notion, the well accepted notion that the sectarian civil war was equal in intensity - tit for tat - from both sides -- Sunnis and Shias is another LIE and another MYTH which these figures clearly debunk.

Moreover, the notion, the well accepted notion that both -- IRAN and its parties, and the US included and used in their occupation agenda - namely that IRAQ is majority Shiite like 60% Shiite and 20% Sunnis is another MYTH and another LIE.

Prior to 2003, the Arab Sunnis (am excluding Kurds who are majority Sunnis) formed approximately 45% to 50% of Iraqi society.

Today IN IRAQ, they do not form more than 15% of Iraq society. Today Sunnis have become a minority.
The figure for the Shias in Iraq has been grossly over inflated. And bear in mind that about 4 MILLION Iranians today carry the Iraqi nationality and live in Iraq.

I believe that the 300'000 Sunnis killed in 2006 ALONE, the mass graves that keep being unearthed and the over 70% of refugees who are Sunnis explains beyond the shadow of any doubt how this segment of the population dwindled down from 50% to less than 20%.

Some of you may argue - OK what about the bombs that target " majority Shiite" neighborhoods ? My reply to that is:

- there are in Baghdad alone over 1'400 checkpoints and over 1 million Iraqis great majority Shiite in the armed forces - police, special units, so-called army. How can these sectarian checkpoints and armed forces not be able to stop these explosions ?!!

- it is a known fact that Iran's special intelligence operatives have been caught time and time again planting bombs and explosives in Shiite places.

- another important point - all explosive experts agree that it takes at least 55 minutes to determine the nature of an explosion i.e meaning what kind of detonator and method used. After each explosion in Baghdad and elsewhere, within minutes both the americans and the Iraqi government blame a suicide bomber - within minutes when it usually takes at least 55 mn to determine the exact cause.

So, when any of you speak of Sunnis and Shias not managing to live together, and when any of you speak of so-called Islamic militants/insurgents targeting the Shias, and when any of you speak of the "sectarianism of the Sunni led Dictatorship", do me a small favor -- re-examine the figures I just gave you.

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