Who is behind the Assassinations of Iraq's Brains ?

Just finished watching the Al-Jazeera documentary on the assassinations of Iraq's brains - academics, scientists, medical doctors, researchers, thinkers....For some of their names, check an old post of mine called Brain Dead.

There are different versions to as who is behind the wave of assassinations targeting Iraq's top. One thing is absolutely sure, is that there is a DELIBERATE cover up of who is really behind it. And whistle blowers are known to be eliminated too in the process...

The official Iraqi government version is --- The Baathists murdered their own and there was revenge from the Iraqi people, settling accounts with the previous regime. (2 very contradictory statements and why would Iraqi people take revenge on a medical doctor or a lecturer ?)

A few from this malignant government were interviewed. So called top people ranging from colonels in the police, to the ministry of interior to spokesmen from the current evil government of shiite sectarian vampires. They all gave lame justifications...and none really replied to the question of who is behind it.

Apart from the direct blaming of the Baathists and Al-Qaeda, allusions were made to the 150'000 mercenaries and intelligency agents who came with the filthy, barbaric, savage occupier called Americans. Allusions were made about CIA using other agents to eliminate Iraq's scientists, doctors and academics, allusions were made about the Mossad, but these government officials except one woman who was a member of parliament and blew the whistle, and she got silenced with death threats... and I will get to her later on in the post ---all of them did not say ONE word about their own militias and the role of Iranian secret operatives in the killing of Iraq's brains.

But thankfully, the documentary did interview non government officials too, namely other academics who managed to escape, families of the victims, doctors in exile and one Iraqi who has been researching this topic and a Sunni cleric plus a Kurdish doctor. This latter blamed the Iraqi Resistance. Now how typical from a Kurd ! And why would the Iraqi Resistance eliminate Iraqis who are being killed by the Occupation ?!

In any case ALL AGREE and HAVE EVIDENCE that it was/is the CIA - Mossad - and Iranian intelligence behind these assassinations to which they added the SHIITE MILITIAS that form the current government - alongside them, including that Kurdish "doctor", he eventually came round to the same conclusion at the end of the program.

I will go through it step by step as it is very important...the final conclusion will be self evident.

Let me first tackle the figures: Disputed figures too. Some like the Brussels Tribunal gives a figure of 431 brains killed. My sources tell me it's 3'000. One guy by the name of Dr.Jalili who made a list of the names gives a figure 830 assassinated and gives a breakdown by field of specialization.  And Jalili is ONLY referring to ACADEMICS here. In other words ---medical doctors, and others are not included in this figure nor are the researchers and scientists working for the previous state institutions and are not necessarily academics. And this figure does NOT include ex -army officers.

One thing for sure and which the current Iranian sectarian shiite government vehemently denies is that prior to 2003, there were 45'000 scientists in Iraq. Today there are virtually none left, they were either killed or are in exile or have been recuperated by the americans.

Who and how did they get to these brains ? Who had their names, who knew about their location, their field of expertise ?

Let's go back to the beginning -- to prior to 2003

1) In the 80's, 3 Iraqi scientists were murdered abroad, one of which was Dr.Mashad head of the Iraqi nuclear program, and his assassination was done in a hotel room in Paris. The French authorities closed the file and stamped on it "unknown"

During that same period and up to the sanctions, Iraq managed to develop a very strong military industrial base, which necessitated of course hundreds of scientists. According to Dr.Janabi, a surviving scientist, Israel and the USA could not see such a sovereign Iraq and do nothing. They had to destroy Iraq's human capability first through sanctions then through an outright invasion. The first attempts after the killings of the 3 above mentioned scientists were accompanied by the Israeli air raids on the Osirak Iraqi nuclear power plant in 1981.

2) In the 90's --the first to have access to all the names of the scientists were the UN inspectors. They had their names listed one by one. And they interviewed most of them, during the 12 years of inspecting Iraq for its non existent WMDs. In other words the americans were the first to know and the UN played its dirty role in helping eliminate Iraq's brains.

3) In 2002, that same J.Biden, in a confidential memo, made the following offer - recruit 500 of these scientists to the US or face the fate of either murder or exile. Of course he did not say it in those exact words, it was worded in such a way as to imply --those who want to save their skin can do it now and that was in 2002.

4) In 2003, the filthy american Bremmer presiding over the CPA, (for which Allawi gladly worked)  issued a decree by which ALL the SHIITE MILITIAS belonging to the IRANIAN parties that came WITH the american filth-- to JOIN the Iraqi armed forces i.e the police, the army, the special forces.

5) again in 2003 , as I mentioned, and this was stated by a so called colonel in the CURRENT Iraqi armed forces - namely that 150'000 mercenaries came with the american filth under various names - NGOs, CONTRACTORS, SECURITY, and the like... and obviously they are not going to say -- hello there, we are death squads. But this Iraqi colonel puppet cannot tell for sure who was who...and of course not one word about Iran. But he assured us that the day he finds out, he will let the Iraqi people and the families of the victims know.

6) one thing for which there is enough evidence is that Israel and the CIA operating through its paid agents in Iraq, had the Iraqi scientists as their prime target. There is also irrefutable evidence that Kurds were used to carry out these assassinations alongside the Mossad and the CIA. The known figure for the scientists murdered is 330 scientists and 300 university professors and these figures come from a confidential memo presented by Biden to the Congress. The Iraqi official of the Dawa party interviewed confirmed that these killings were carried out by the MOSSAD and others by a joint MOSSAD/CIA operative.

7) another piece of information that is irrefutable, and for which strong evidence was given is that all the Iraqi ex army pilots were murdered by IRANIANS and their Shiite militias. This evidence is given by this woman, MP when she conducted a study in the neighborhood of Gazaliya with the families of the victims. In the North, ex-army officers were also murdered by Iranian agents. But not just ex army officers even men who worked in the police during the previous regime. Out of all the Iraqi ex- army pilots only one survived assassination.

8) another sure piece of evidence, is that ordinary academics, lecturers,  had their houses raided, by men wearing the badges of the Ministry of Interior who was under the authority of the now minister of Finance called Solaghr Jaber - another pure Iranian and who was Al-Jaafari right hand man back in 2005. His men would storm the homes of these lecturers and kidnap them, torture them and kill them. This as per the testimonies of their families. Needless to say that the ministry of interior was/is a sectarian shiite torture dungeon under the direct orders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. And Solaghr Jaber whose name has been changed to Al-Zubaidi is now part of the INA to which belongs Al-Jaafari, M.Al-Sadr, and of course Chalabi.

9) Another piece of the puzzle was made evident when inquiring into the murder of another ex-army officer in Samarra. This one was supposedly murdered by Al-Qaeda. According to another interviewed - a  Sunni cleric-- his group has strong proof that Al-Qaeda IRAQ was definitely infiltrated by Iran and  US agents. Meaning that it was directed by these two countries. This is something that I have maintained throughout my posts - namely that AQ Iraq is definitely funded, backed, armed by both the americans and iranians. This is not something new - all Iraqis in Baghdad and Mosul will tell you the same thing. AQ is the handy excuse for the so -called insurgency...

10) Now let's get to the known figures as compiled by Dr.M.Jalili, for the Academics alone. And this is what he has managed to gather to date and it is NOT exhaustive. I personally believe that the numbers are much higher than the ones given by both the Brusells Tribunal and Jalili. But still, they give a good indication of what has happened :

From the 830 ACADEMICS alone killed this is the repartition - it is not complete though as I did not manage to transcribe all the figures but it will give you a good indication.

62% of them were PhD and post Doctorates..

48  Doctors in Literature
84  Doctors in the Social Sciences
19 Doctors in Law
12 Doctors in History
18 Doctors in Chemistry
30 Doctors in Engineering
12 Doctors in Agricultural Sciences. (there are not Agriculture experts left in Iraq!)
118 Doctors in the Sciences
65  Doctors in Medicine
28 Doctors in Medical Surgery.

As I said, these are the figures I managed to retain, will add or correct once the documentary is out on youtube (if)

11) According to a Doctor in Pharmacy who was also interviewed there were 100 doctors in pharmacy in Iraq, today there is only 1 left. The rest were either killed or have fled.

12) Regarding medical doctors, and by medical doctors I mean SPECIALISTS and not just GPs. 8'0000 were driven out and 2'000 were murdered and these are the official figures of the current Iraqi ministry of Health.

13) NOT included in the above are researchers, scientists, non senior lecturers, school teachers, assistant doctors and nurses...and of course high cadres from the ex-army whose number of murdered still remain unknown.


So who did it ?

Indications from the above short summary clearly points to the following culprits :

US/CIA , Israel/Mossad, Kurds, Iran/Shiite militias, AQ (US + Iran)

Why ?

Why would anyone kill a doctor, or a professor of agriculture, literature, engineering....? What is the purpose?
Regime Change? No way...
We all know by now that the aim of invading and occupying Iraq was NOT  a) WMD or links with AQ  and  b) just regime change -- for one can change a regime without inflicting such a deep structural devastation and erasure of a society's fabric and intellectual property.

So why remains the question...

J. Baker did warn Tariq Aziz that Iraq will be taken to a pre-industrial age. Bremmer did say that bringing the population of Iraq to 5 to 6 millions was more than sufficient and IT IS HAPPENING. Madeleine Albright did say that killing 1Million Iraqi children was well worth it...but still, that question gnaws at me day and night...WHY ?

The Persians do have a historical hatred for Iraq and there is NO DOUBT about that. And that historical hatred dates to the not so great Cyrus.

The Jews too, have a historical longing and hatred towards Iraq, dating from Babylonian times...

But still this does not explain why the assassinations of Iraqi thinkers.

I found the most convincing explanation in what a doctor in pharmacy said in this documentary, Dr.Hitti if I recall correctly...He said there are three ways to ensure that a country is ERASED.

- Disease  (look at the cancer rates in Iraq due to toxic waste by DU, napalm and Iranian dumping nuclear materials in Al-Anbar)

- Poverty ( Iraq has a poverty rate of over 60% in one of the supposedly richest oil reserves of the world)

- Ignorance (the assassinations of Iraq's brains and their fleeing is meant to keep this state of ignorance...and the first indicators thus far since 2003, is that the number of illiterate children is one of the highest in the Arab world, after having eradicated illiteracy prior 2003)

But still, why would anyone want to ERASE Iraq -- even after regime change and even after securing its riches. What is so special about Iraq ?

This is an obstinate question that refuses to leave me...I believe Saddam Hussein knew the answer and that is why he was murdered as well...

Painting :Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki.

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