Let's face it, the majority of people are donkeys and Iraqis are no exception.

I always thought that Iraqis were slightly above average in intelligence, I was proved wrong...

Look at some of the Iraqis today - they really believe that the fact that they're allowed to flagellate themselves --  lash themselves with chains, rods...pierce themselves with daggers...slash themselves with razors -- is a sign of liberation...They really believe that Ali, Hassan, Hussein, Fatima, Zeinab and God himself really need all this paiiiiinnnnnn....I mean the more you inflict pain on yourself and others the freer you are  -- right ?

Is this some form of hidden Christian atonement for all this guilt...for all these sins ? (sounds like George Bush. No? Hallelujah !)....Ahhh..innumerable sins ! Bad boys and girls ! Or....maybe it could  be some masochistic/sadistic mental sexual perversion --lash me, oh yes!!! more...more...more...give me more..more liberation, more freedom...ohh!!!!

Alas, we are left to conclude that "freedom" is a very, very paiiiinnnnnful thing...and the donkeys proved us right...

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