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From Anbar with Love...

Today is Valentine's and this is the sectarian Shiite government of Maliki demonstration of love for the Iraqi people. This is a rushed translation. I have translated the gist. An Iraqi man with his family, has his home bombed destroyed. including all electrical outlets, (electricity is still a big deal in Iraq 11 years on and to get electricity you have to invest much in terms of money and ingenuity to get an electrical current). Furthermore this man has disabled children - he points to the wheel chair. His house is now unlivable, he has to leave - exiled within his own country. Here is the translation : Maliki - you coward, may God debase you. Today is Friday, you destroyed our electricity, why,   what have we done to you, you burnt our electrical outlet, we are also muslims. You coward, you unbeliever, you Farissi (Persian), you apostate. I have disabled children , this is her wheelchair, you exiled us, may God exile you in Hell. This is my daughter Zahra, is