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Nimrud's Lamentations, Nimrud's Wrath - Part 5. (final)

Finally gathered the courage to finish this post. For the previous series click on 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 . This subject literally tears me apart...I needed some distance, time and space distance...a cooling down period...hard to cool down when I know, that all previous historic invasions did not manage to destroy Iraq's past but this filthy anglo-american, iranian one did.... Never in the history of Mesopotamia, has Iraq suffered as much damage to its civilization and culture as it has today...not even the Moguls known for their barbarity, managed to erase so much... It pains me a great deal...and the pain is real, very is not some nostalgia... it is a raw wound covered with a red, hot rage...I will never forgive americans, brits and iranians for what they've done to Iraq. NEVER ! And I will never forgive how they destroyed our history, our archeological sites, our monuments, our archives, our libraries...I will never forgive how they smuggled, traded in our artif

The Lion of Babylon and Iran's rabid dogs...

Some important information is to be conveyed to the public - not that anyone really cares....unless there's a video of real massacres - your eternal turn on. Only then you might move, but only for as long as the video lasts - maximum 5 mn...and am not holding my breath either. Anyways, I need to do what I need to do...regardless... - received this from someone who has just arrived from Falluja /Anbar province (thanks A.H) and this is what the message reads : I must get this you...very fresh from Falluja....the whole of the Anbar Province is in the hands of Maliki - the local police have no power whatsoever - arrests and detentions are taking place all the time and they are arresting former army officers and Ba'ath party members - helicopters from the Dirty Regiment just come in and take people away - the man who is in command of all the police in Anbar is very closely connected with Maliki and takes his direct orders from him - his name Baha'a Al Qaissi - he was born

The Lion of Babylon & american dogs (+UPDATES)

UPDATE 3: A good friend of mine - bless him - has re-uploaded that twice censored youtube video - on dailymotion. And you can watch it HERE. Let's see if you will be able to remove it again for a 3rd time. HA! ______________ __________________________________________ UPDATE 2 : Seems that video has been removed for the SECOND TIME from youtube. It seems that America does not want you to see for yourself how criminal its "brave" boys are. Not that we needed yet another confirmation about that. If anyone out there has another copy of this video, please holler. ______________________________________________________ UPDATE 1 : It seems that this video has been removed from youtube read--CENSORSHIP. But a good soul has uploaded it again, and it can be found HERE So thank you whoever you are. I also read some of the comments regarding this video, some say this innocent man shot in his own country by the barbaric invaders was holding a grenade. That's a load of bull,

On Dictatorship - The Fallen Curtain...

My, do the Arabs complain...always, all the time... The women complain, the men complain....It's all about, because of the Dictatorships, they cry... Scratch a little beneath the surface, they are all dictators....each single one of them...and not just their leaders...Even the most whiny son of a bitch amongst them is a dictator... Mind you they are not the only ones... What makes you think that Westerners are not dictators too ?  Have you ever come across some white ass /or black-- crooked motherfucker set in his/her beliefs ?! You think he/she is no dictator ? Ha ! Think again... Are you trying to tell me that America is not a dictatorship ? You must be out of your minds...You are the worst tyranny ever... I only understood what dictatorship was all about when you barbaric scum invaded and occupied Iraq...that day I experienced what dictatorship and tyranny really mean.... So who are you trying to fool with your fucking ideals and democratic principles ?! And in you

Men, Power and Death...

Say, "O disbelievers, I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshipers of what I worship. Nor will I be a worshiper of what you worship. Nor will you be worshipers of what I worship. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion." (The Holy Koran - The Disbelievers. Surat 109) What a macabre title ! Yet so true... I am "privileged" to be a witness of the Iraqi tragedy. Privileged is not the right word, but maybe it is... Privileged to be alive, privileged to bear testimony, privileged to have learned some hard truths the very hard a very heavy price...a deadly price... But some important lessons only come that way...this is what I am left to conclude...and if I don't use this experience in a positive way, it will kill me too. So what is positive about it? In itself nothing at all...quite the opposite...the only positive thing and again am not sure if positive is the right word -- but short of a better word that is probably elud

The Dark Side of the Moon...

This post was supposed to go on my other Uncensored blog and not here, since this one has become associated with matters pertaining to Iraq. But it got published here by mistake and I shall leave it here, because that is the way it was meant to be... A couple of days ago, it was mother's day in the West, here that "special day" takes place on the 21st of March and not on the 13th of May. So it got me thinking about mothers again...mothers and motherhood. I want to tackle motherhood in this post, the concept and the myths surrounding it... For there are many myths surrounding motherhood and what it means to be a mother...myths that give birth to way too many emotional expectations that are DETRIMENTAL to relationships. By the same token, I would like to tear down these myths and I am doing it with two purposes in mind 1) so women can start taking responsibility for their own actions and STOP using this motherhood thing to get away with murder and 2)so that mothers s

The Silence in Covering Iraq.

I was watching a documentary on/with Robert Fisk on Al-Jazeera, Iran's mouthpiece (most of the time). I suppose Robert Fisk needs no introduction and I can assure you, I am not trying to promote him nor his books nor his generally lousy (most of the time) columns in the Independent. But compared to the frankly lousier P.Cockburn, who is more of the hotel journalism type ( hotel journalism are journalists who sit in their hotel rooms and concoct stories and Cockburn is a great knitter for the deadly vile militias of Iran in Iraq), Robert Fisk fares much better... Fisk has been covering the Middle East, and has lived in Ze Lebanon for decades, with a few trips to Baghdad... I will not transliterate the program, by no means...what I will do though, is use it a basis for this post...I am not sure where am heading with it, I will soon find out... When describing some of the "wars" in the Arab world, in particular in Lebanon and the several Israeli incursions, the Sabr

Expectations from the Dead...

I am sure someone, somewhere, is expecting me to write about the 99 Iraqis, killed today....a nasty peak of ugly violence since...the free democratic elections, since...2003 - year of freedom and liberation. What are you expecting me to tell you ? That it's okay ? that I got used to it ? that am familiar with pools of blood and lost limbs to be recuperated.... Hey, run after your arm, it's right over there....hey, run after your leg, I just spotted it on the other side of the street... But these are nothing but Iraqis, or Eyeraqis .(when will you assholes learn how to pronounce huh?) Anyways who gives a fuck about them. A couple of years ago, it was 3000 killed a day, today it is 99.99. Hey that's an improvement....the democratic surge, the elections are working see it is a progressive process...Iraqis must get used to it...after all they lived under tyranny and dictatorship for so telling you it's a process...a few thousands

A Racist Occupation...

This is one of my favorite quotes from Albert Memmi. And it must be read several times...slowly, carefully.... Racism does not limit itself to biology or economics or psychology or metaphysics; it attacks along many fronts and in many forms, deploying whatever is at hand, and even what is not, inventing when the need arises.   (Albert Memmi, Racism) The discourse around the Anglo-American-Iranian occupation of Iraq, a racist, sectarian, chauvinistic occupation -- contains much bullshit and partial truths. I'd hear over and over again --- it's the oil, it's economics, it's capitalism, it's corporations, it's big business, it's geopolitics, it's strategy, it's imperialism...every kind of ism would be put forward...except one RACISM. And I abide by the Albert Memmi's definition of all encompassing one, that goes beyond economics and geopolitics... The Occupation of Iraq is based on Pure Racism...religious racism, racial racis

Genetically Modified...

Some years ago, I knew a Western woman...she was was not exactly a friend, more like an acquaintance, a friend of a good friend of mine. Anyways, this woman I will call her Marion, was newly wed and she and her husband were very much looking forward to having a baby. When Marion got pregnant, after careful planning, because Westerners love to plan everything right down to the last cent -- she had all the medical care she needed. Tests, ultrasounds and the rest....and during her 4th month of pregnancy she underwent the usual exam to determine that her baby was a healthy fetus. Marion was devastated when her doctor informed her that her baby had some genetic deformity and she had to undergo an abortion. Marion then lapsed into a severe depression despite the fact that her doctor assured her that she can still have healthy babies in the future, she'd panic at the thought of getting pregnant again and her marital relation suffered a severe blow which ended up in a divorce... Dur

The Truth is Out.

The Truth is out and there's absolutely nothing you can do about amount of whitewashing, of covering up, of denying, of adding more lies, justifications, explanations, rationalizations will cover it up no more...It is OUT. Brave, courageous, noble Iraqis have made sure that the Truth is uncovered....and your deceit exposed. All the lies you have been collectively and individually spinning in public, in private, have been denounced, all the lies have fallen like a deck of cards....gone...gone...gone.... This is OUR Victory ! Two VERY important articles. - The translation by Hussein Anwar of an article by Hawk of Iraq and true Iraqis are hawks -- of the names and locations of the Badr Brigade commanders, their positions, their affiliation to the Shiite clergy, their affiliation to Iranian intelligence, their affiliation to the Mahdi Army of Muqtada Al-Sadr your "anti occupation hero" (hahahaha), the abominable crimes and ethnic cleansing they perpetrated..

Torturing the Agonizing.

Warning - VERY GRAPHIC LINK. I am posting a video from Shiistan...I don't feel like doing it, but I have to. And I will translate for you the gory stuff... I have erased the video. I don't want these gruesome sights on my blog. You can check the video HERE . The translation is below. A detainee has been tortured by "Iraqi forces" in a police station until death, Al-Sharqiya TV has not been able to get any information as to why this detainee has been tortured in this most abject way. Al Sharqiya TV asks it viewers not to allow children and others to view this clip out of respect for humanity. (what fucking humanity ???) The Iraqi government has kept quiet when it was handed this film by Al-Sharqiya. And would not reply to any questions as to why and whom this detainee is and why this horrific torture. Welcome to your Freedom and Democracy of the new Iraq, where the agonizing are tortured until their last breath...


Someone asked me today - what ties you so much to Iraq ? What a silly question - I thought to myself.... I did not reply... So he repeated it again - why the silence ? What is it that ties you so much ? I saw my garden blooming with Jasmin flowers, spreading their scent in the whole neighborhood,  I saw the palm trees where I would recline underneath their merciful shade, I smelled the wet earth where I'd leave my naked footprints, I heard my mother shouting from the kitchen and the smell of food dragging me in...I saw my grandmother's smile as she was preparing tea, I heard my aunts fight over suitors, I felt the evening breeze caress my face, I saw the stars covering me in the chilly mornings, I heard the grocer greet me and offering me free oranges, I saw the souks and the warmth of the teasing and laughter, I smelled my grandfather's attic and his books, I saw Um Abbas carrying fresh cream at the crack of dawn, I saw my first love throwing my first love letter over