The Lion of Babylon and Iran's rabid dogs...

Some important information is to be conveyed to the public - not that anyone really cares....unless there's a video of real massacres - your eternal turn on. Only then you might move, but only for as long as the video lasts - maximum 5 mn...and am not holding my breath either.

Anyways, I need to do what I need to do...regardless...

- received this from someone who has just arrived from Falluja /Anbar province (thanks A.H) and this is what the message reads :

I must get this you...very fresh from Falluja....the whole of the Anbar Province is in the hands of Maliki - the local police have no power whatsoever - arrests and detentions are taking place all the time and they are arresting former army officers and Ba'ath party members - helicopters from the Dirty Regiment just come in and take people away - the man who is in command of all the police in Anbar is very closely connected with Maliki and takes his direct orders from him - his name Baha'a Al Qaissi - he was born in Karkh. He is the Chief of Police in Anbar and on the military side, the Commander of All Military Operations in Anbar is called Abdul Azeez Al Obaidi and he is the brother of the Minister of Defense, Abdul Qadir Al Obaidi.
They are using the "katim" (the silencer/gun) in Anbar and people are just being killed off in this way...people are really frightened and just pray that their turn will not come during the night...please tell the world...

The sectarian Shiite government run by the sectarian parties and their militias, all backed by Iran have not ceased in their policy of ethnic/sectarian cleansing of Sunni areas like the Anbar. These news don't reach you, and if they do, you will always read that "Al-Qaeda Iraq" did this, that, or the other...but wait a second and read the second point...

- now for the second piece of news. Prof Barry Rubin from Global Research in International Affairs has confirmed what we Iraqis have been saying all along - namely that Iran is funding "Al-Qaeda Iraq ".

In article titled "U.S knows that Iran helps Al-Qaeda" dated 15.5.2010 - Mr.Rubin says and I am quoting excerpts from the article:

So what is this big development? Hard data showing that Iran has been helping al-Qaida.
Now in a detailed report, drawing on interviews with U.S. officials, Associated Press documents this relationship. Tehran is responding, in part, to U.S. pressure over the nuclear weapons' program. The message from Iran is: If you annoy us we can hurt you bad.
Al-Qaida fundraisers and the planners of terrorist attacks have been using Iran as a safe haven. Of course, Iranian officials monitor them closely and know precisely what they are doing... (read article full article here with AQ names relaxing in Iran as well as links)

Frankly, I don't know who Prof Barry Rubin is and what he stands for, nor do I really care...but the cover up on Iran's role and its funding terrorist activities in Iraq is not being spoken of...apart by me and other Iraqis who know all too well who is behind all these terrorists attacks taking place in Baghdad, in the center and Mosul -- besides the United States, that yes, reading this article is important...and it will lead us to point no.3

- Iran, the filthy government of Iran is asking the government of Iraq - its paypals - to pay 1 billion dollars in compensation for war damages from the 80's. I really believe that this Iranian government is one of the filthiest there is. I sort of pity the Iranian people and what they have to put up with from their corrupt, murderous, dictatorial, tyrannical government...but then,  I have a replica of the Iranian government and its filthiness in Baghdad, so I really need to tend after my own first...

So let's recapitulate, briefly, 7 years of American occupation by Iran...I know that statement sounds crazy and paradoxical but this is the reality. Iran and the U.S are complicit in the ongoing destruction of Iraq (and Israel in the back corridors but then Israel and the U.S are one and the same in my books. Yeah I know your little guru Chomsky will not approve - to hell with what you approve or disapprove of...)( by the way you can also read the latest  post  by Hussein Anwar on the treacherous Iranian/American/Israeli alliance)

So the U.S hands Iraq on a golden platter to that filthy government of charlatans, quacks and crooks from Iran, with their fake turbans and phony hypocritical, that barbaric entity called America hands over Iraq to the most corrupt sectarian criminal elements - all loyal to Iran...and over and above
the sectarian cleansing, torture, rape, displacement and killings...that Shiite entity called Iran not only plants bombs killing more Iraqis, not only steals its oil fields, not only dumps its nuclear shit waste like it does in the Anbar, not only sucks dry the Iraqi treasury through its proxy parties, not only unleashes its sick psychopathic shiite militias on the Iraqi people, not only establishes a government of pimps and hookers from Tehran and Qum, not only appropriates Iraqi land and buys Iraqi property for peanuts, not only imposes its lousy quality goods in the Iraqi market, (thanks to the sectarian puppet dogs from the Iraqi government and their bilateral ties with Iran), not only exports its rotten food stuffs and builds illegal water dams thus staving off Iraq from its water, not only steals its archeological artifacts and history and smuggles them to be sold in its black markets - its rotten  markets, not only encourages the growing of opium fields and peddles like a delinquent - heroin to the Iraqi people, not only engages in sex and organ trafficking of Iraqis...but this sectarian Jaafari shiite whore called Iran is also asking for one billion dollars in compensation...

Now, can anyone get more debased, more depraved than this ? OK, the americans are...but then they found their perfect ally in both Iraq and Afghanistan (and Pakistan)...

And this statement by the Association of Muslim Scholars from Iraq addresses this whorish entity called Iran and I suggest you read it too. Because that statement tells you exactly where true Iraqis stand...


In its Statement No. 708, dated 20th May, 2010, The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, addressing Iranian politicians, demanded that they abandon their illegitimate claims for financial compensation from Iraq as a result of the war which took place between the two countries in the '80's during the last century, as well as refrain from provoking the Iraqi People.
The Association explained that the Iranian politicians claims for US Dollars One Billion are in the context of exercising further political pressure on the present government and the rest of the Iraqi politicians and is always in the context of making further gains however, at the same time, these demands, in effect, expose the real Iranian greedy ambitions to take control of Iraq's wealth, particularly its oil wealth, and it pointed out that Iranian occupation of the Fakka oil wells is an example and a part of this exercise.
The Association reminded Iranian politicians that it is their country which incited towards the occupation of Iraq and interfered in its internal affairs by backing the sectarian militia, and by pushing forward its intelligence elements to sew havoc in Mesopotamia, to assassinate its military, tribal, religious, political, academic and scientific elite; Iran also takes advantage of the presence of the occupation in the ugliest fashion, with a complete disregard of good neighbourliness. Further, it committed the ugliest crimes and atrocities against Iraq and its People for which not only the amount suggested by the Iranian politicians would be quite insufficient, but would be a paltry sum with which to compensate just a small part of the material and moral loss and suffering experienced by the Iraqi People as a result of the aforementioned.
Finally, the Association ended its statement, saying: " In any event, the Iraqi People will not give up their legitimate rights, as well as their claims for compensation from all the countries which contributed to the aggression against them as well as the destruction of their country, and at their foremost, Iran, the neighbour."

AMSI is very polite...I am not polite at all...I guess you must have figured that out by now...and I say to Iran's government and its supporters...all of its supporters :

We know that you are a cheap whore, a sectarian criminal one, for that bed with the Americans...
All your dirty films and those of your American pimp do not impress us...we know you inside out...we know your ways, your lines, your propaganda and your pathetic taqiyya  tricks, ploys and plots... and we tell you - you will not, not in your farthest dreams, ever get one inch of the Great Iraq....sooner or later, you too, will be kicked out, like the rabid, frothing, verminous dogs that you and your eunuch master pimp - America.

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