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After Thoughts on "Anti-Imperialism"

I don't understand why people balk at capitalism ...when it's too obvious that when you pay you get...whoever you are. I have attended talks where people balk at imperialism...they mention every single occupation under the sun except Iraq. Every single occupation from the day Columbus set sails, except Iraq. That would leave anyone wondering.... Iraq, as per the Pentagon spokesman, the largest armada of troop and artillery movement since World War II. One would expect at least a teeny weeny bit of a reference to that movement since World War II no ? Especially among our "anti imperialist" friends. But no, nothing, not even one single reference, not even passing by, not even a salute to some old dead man...Nothing. It's not like God forbid Iran was invaded and occupied. So why is Iraq still out of the Equation ? How many Khomeinis do you need to please before you utter the Truth ?