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Iraqi Zionists.

First I need to apologize to the reader for not having put Muntazar Al-Zaidi interview in a post form and I want to thank Uruknet for having copied my tweets in the right chronological order. It is a hassle. So your effort is greatly appreciated. Thank you. I want to focus in this post on one sentence that Muntazar Al-Zaidi used to describe his torturers, which were the security apparatus of the puppet government. He called them - The Iraqi Zionists. Referring to Al-Maliki and his guards. I need to draw your attention to the fact that this last interview was conducted by Al-Jazeera in Baghdad. I can assure you 100% that Muntazar Al-Zaidi who is still my hero, was released and could only say what he said because he had the backing of another influential party in Iraq. He had refused to name it during the interview stressing that he does not belong to any party. Which might be very well true. But my hunch and it is not just a hunch, tells me, that from early on, the Sadrists were backin

Muntadhar Al-Zaidi on Al Jazeera.

I have done a simultaneous translation of Al Zaidi meeting with Al Jazeera Ghassan Ben Jeddu in an exclusive interview part I. Please consult my tweets on Twitter ( click here ) for the full translation. I will try to put it in a post form later on.

Dark Side of the Moon.

The other day, I had an interesting conversation with a friend about the war on "blue gold" i.e WATER. This will be the next title for another round of conflicts in this region. A few days ago, Turkey "generously" offered Iraq a bit of blue gold from the Euphrates, in view of the horrible drought and scary low levels of water left in Iraqi rivers. I must add, Turkey had been building since 2003, illegal dams on the Euphrates, stocking the water, thus squeezing Iraq, leaving her begging for more... Iran has done worse. It has actually diverted water flow from rivers and lakes in the south of Iraq, making sure that no water reaches the center. So whenever I start getting interested in one subject, all those other pieces of news start popping out...and I connect the dots. Jordan knows are real water problem - endemic. Israel is monopolizing all the water sources, staving off both Jordan, the occupied territories and Gaza. In Gaza there is a very serious shortage of wat


On September 11, 2009, in a comment on an article that dealt with 9/11, I wrote the following... I said to the effect : All the 19 alleged Hijackers were Sunnis, not one Shiite was among them. And they all had alleged ties either directly or indirectly to the following countries. - Afghanistan - Pakistan - Somalia - Yemen - Sudan - Egypt - Saudi Arabia I also said - all the above countries are or will be destabilized. I added that wherever there is a Shiite minority in any of the above countries, Iran will help in playing the sectarian divide as part of the U.S scheme. If there is no Shiite minority, expect destabilization in the form of Tribal strife and clashes and/or the presence of "Al-Qaeda." And I particularly referred to Sudan to be next in line. Today Al-Jazeera English website quotes that scores have been killed in Sudan . Seems that Darfur and implicating Al Bashir in war crimes was not enough to destabilize Sudan. Now this. Expect more to come in Sudan... As for Eg

Drug War on Iraq.

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH video. From Inside Iraq aired on Al-Jazeera English on 18th September 2009. Prior to 2003, there was NO DRUG problem in Iraq. And do look at this Iranian political scientist clown. Criminals in disguise representing the Shiite entity of Iran. It is all too clear that IRAN is encouraging both the trafficking, the use and the cultivation of drugs in IRAQ. Furthermore it is all too obvious and this is a known fact inside Iraq, that the sectarian Shiite parties and their militias, are themselves dealers in the drug trade. What can the future for Iraq look like, with all this destruction ? Ya Allah !

A Homage to the Falluja ShoeThrower.

Another Iraqi hero from Falluja, Ahmed, shot by the criminal U.S occupation forces for throwing a footwear at an American patrolling convoy in Falluja. This is the theater of surreal Absurdity. Imagine someone killing you for waving a pair of slipper or shoes at him. Your life gone within seconds, your family mourning you, and your 30 years wasted in a blink of a eye because you waved a slipper... Can you imagine that for a few minutes ? No you couldn't possibly. It is beyond imagination. It is the theater of the Absurd, where Iraqi lives have become so cheap, little flies hovering and pfftt with Pif Paf, the insect repellent, spray them...spray them...with bullets...and we have been sprayed since 2003, like insects... Why ? There is not one motherfucker out there who has been able to answer this simple why. Hundreds of articles and none are convincing. None. Do you realize that this is beyond racism, beyond criminality, beyond murder, beyond absurdity, beyond any word

Iraqi Traitors & Hypocrites.

I have been watching Riz Khan interviewing Bremer's puppet Iyad Allawi, who lost big time in the 2005 elections. I suggest you watch this video in two parts. Part I and part II , for many reasons. First, some good pertinent questions were asked by Riz Khan and some good comments by callers. And secondly, the responses by Iyad Allawi, who held the gangster Bremer in the highest esteem, will show the reader, the extent of how much Iraq has become a FAILED state. Allawi talks about, amongst other things of : - the infiltration of the army and the police by many sectarian militias - the endemic poverty that now exists in Iraq, over 30% living below the poverty line. - his wish for Iraq to return to the Arab realm as an Arab country. Which means that Iraq currently has lost its Arab character. - the pernicious sectarianism that developed with the occupation. - the corruption and incompetence of the puppet government. - he criticizes the dismantlement of the Iraqi State apparatus, the a

Raped by Freedom.

This is the story of Samir, who finally confessed what happened to him at the hands of his liberators - the English scum - in Basra, in May 2003. According to his story given to the Iraqi League in Arabic, and am translating parts of it, since the rest has been picked up by the Guardian. Samir at the age of 16, lost his father and had to work to support his mother and sibling. Work was hard to find, and he thought to himself that maybe with the "liberation" and the promises made by the occupier, Basra will turn into a paradise. He sought work as a labourer and in May 2003, was caught by mistake, during a day raid where the British soldiers were after some Iraqis stealing. Samir tried to explain to the soldiers his innocence, but they wanted none of it. They took him as well as a few others in a van. During their ride, he and his mate were repeatedly beaten up. He says that his mate was even hit in his testicle and had to be hospitalized in an emergency as he fainted on him d

The Hero El-Zaidi's Press Conference.

This is the true Face of the Honorable Iraqi, the one I have been writing about for the past 3 years. This is the Iraq I know. Those in power today, the prostitutes of the Green Zone are not my representatives, nor the representatives of the True Iraq. I must also add, that had Muntadhar El-Zaidi been a Sunni, he would still be lingering in jail and probably dead by now. This does not diminish in any way his honorable act, but he was saved by his sect affiliation.

A Foretaste of Things to Come...

There is the Muppet Show and there is the Puppet Show, in Iraq we have two in one - the Iraqi Muppet Puppet Show. A fresh video - Inside Iraq, 11 September 2009, discusses what the Iraqi "political horizon" will look like in 2010. Notice, only one of the Iraqi members of parliament in the show is actually in Baghdad. The other two, one is in Dubai and the other in London. I suppose they are engaging in political work by proxy... I found it "amusing" in a sorry way... One thing is certain, if the sectarian Shiite alliance wins the January 2010 elections, you can be damn sure that the IRAQ concept itself, forget the country, will be finished... But I will let you watch it, what you see is only a small sample of what has become of Iraq and a foretaste of things to come...

Remembering 9/11.

Yeah, another one. Never heard the end of it, did we now? 9/11. How come no one turned it into a song ? The 9/11 song, because it sure sounds like a broken record to me. Eight years ago, two buildings fell to the grounds and the world changed in consequence. Mind you it was not so fantastic before but you got to admit it, it got much worse since... For starters, I don't buy none of the 9/11 bullshit stories. Too many question marks that remain unsolved. For starters, I would like to know where did the 3rd plane-- which allegedly fell in Pennsylvania, disappear ? And what about the plane that hit the Pentagon, what happened to it ? Dissolved like salt in water or what ? But the biggest joke, and this I saw with my own two eyes, is when the CNN reporter straight after the twin towers attack, while people were screaming, rushing with bloodied faces covered with dust and tons of office paper and documents flying all over New York City, the CNN reporter, found Mohamed Atta's passpor

Uncle Sam's Mass Control.

Just received these terms of agreement - called " Private policy " which has nothing private about it - from Twitter. It reads : " By using our Site you are consenting to our processing of your information as set forth in this Privacy Policy now and as amended by us. "Processing" means using cookies on a computer or using or touching information in any way, including, but not limited to, collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining and disclosing information, all of which activities will take place in the United States. If you reside outside the U.S. your personally identifiable information will be transferred to the U.S., and processed and stored there under U.S. privacy standards. By visiting our Site and providing information to us, you consent to such transfer to, and processing in, the US." Then under Information and Sharing clause it reads : " Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement Twitter cooperates with government and law enforcement of

A " Kick Butt " National Anthem.

Every now and then I listen to our Iraqi national anthem. According to Wikipedia , it is based on a poem by Ibrahim Tuqan, a Palestinian, and then became the national anthems for BOTH IRAQ and PALESTINE. And was temporarily re-adopted by the US/Iran installed puppet Iraqi government, replacing the previous one associated with Saddam Hussein and his regime. Well, I don't know about that last bit of "information" because ever since I was a child, I remember that patriotic hymn to the Homeland. In any case, it gives me an extra reason to listen to it with even more intent. And all the better reason to use it. Don't you think ? An Iraqi, called Samer, made a video of this anthem, I checked it out last night. He had used the first translation of the poem which was available on Wikipedia. In that first translation, someone - most probably Americans, Israelis or Iranians had introduced in between the lines the following sentences - sucking on goats, and sucking on your mot

Killed By Freedom

My oh my, this is turning out to be a series - the Freedom series. Still on the subject of women, yeah I know -- those women, can't live with them and can't live without them... In Iraq, we form 60% of the population, since the "brave boys" from the US and the UK eliminated a good deal of our men and the zealous pious Iraqi Shiites forming the militias finished off the rest, both men and women... Not only that, but the "freedom government" from Tehran, ruled by the sectarian Shiite vipers have stripped Iraqi women of their rights, rights protected by the previous regime and institutionalized new laws that took Iraqi women back to the dark ages. Misogyny is ingrained in Shiite Ideology. Combine that with a resurgence of the most negative aspects of a Patriarchal society and you can imagine the results... You may of course argue that Wahabi Saudi style is equally misogynistic. I say, yes sure, but then Iraq is not ruled by Wahabis, it is ruled by fanatical bac

Caged by Freedom.

Iraqi woman showing her purple electoral finger . I was perusing hundred of images on the net, trying to find some pictures of Iraqi women prior to their "liberation" in 2003. Did not find much, except one old youtube video taken from the Iraqi TV, from the 80's, where 4 Iraqi women were dressed in army uniform. It's like 30 years of our history as Iraqi women has been purposefully deleted... All the other pictures I found were post "liberation" 2003 and could be divided into two categories : The great majority of pictures depicted women clad in black, usually wailing or begging and a few others very few, depicted "modern" looking Iraqi women, working for the occupier/puppets in the Green Zone. Either hookers and/or traitors. There was really nothing in between. So I searched some more, and found one picture of Miss Iraq dated 1947. Miss Iraq, 1947 I looked at it for a long time, and had like a film reeling in my head from 1947 till this very day.

Cooking Freedom...

I am really running late and need to make it to the supermarket, otherwise no cooking for this evening and no food for tonight... But, again, I could not resist the urge for a short post here. I want to write while the fury is still boiling at the right temperature...before I run out of fuel. I want my pot of words to simmer long enough, and I want to chop my sentences, into a nice hors d'oeuvres appetizers... You see, I REALLY care about your taste buds and your palates. As a matter of fact I care about them more than you care about them, yourselves... Let's be honest here, when your men engage in eating and drinking from each other's butt cracks like they do for Rest and Recreation - your famous R & R -- in Afghanistan, in between killing sprees of innocent civilians ...and you can "enjoy" their thumbs up pictures HERE -- reminding me of the famous thumbs up pictures from Abu Ghraib. All done in the same "spirit". You can hardly qualify that as a