A " Kick Butt " National Anthem.

Every now and then I listen to our Iraqi national anthem.

According to Wikipedia, it is based on a poem by Ibrahim Tuqan, a Palestinian, and then became the national anthems for BOTH IRAQ and PALESTINE. And was temporarily re-adopted by the US/Iran installed puppet Iraqi government, replacing the previous one associated with Saddam Hussein and his regime.

Well, I don't know about that last bit of "information" because ever since I was a child, I remember that patriotic hymn to the Homeland.

In any case, it gives me an extra reason to listen to it with even more intent. And all the better reason to use it. Don't you think ?

An Iraqi, called Samer, made a video of this anthem, I checked it out last night.
He had used the first translation of the poem which was available on Wikipedia.

In that first translation, someone - most probably Americans, Israelis or Iranians had introduced in between the lines the following sentences - sucking on goats, and sucking on your mother's pie.

I had to watch the video several times and read the translation carefully to notice it.

I wrote to Samer, who since, rectified those Wikipedia "mistakes" on his youtube video. (see below)

This is a VERY important illustration of how WIKIPEDIA is not to be trusted. Any fucking idiot can go and write anything there. So all you lazy "intellectuals" who rely on Wikipedia for serious information and "research", know that you may be diffusing all kind of false, twisted, information.

So even on Wikipedia they managed to slander and defame our beautiful national anthem. Even that !

What kind of horrible people and horrible nations are you ? Why all this hatred towards IRAQ ? Why all this envy ? Why all this lust ? Why all this jealousy ?

Why all this evilness ?

WHY is a good question to ask. And by the way, I am no longer persuaded by theories of Imperialism ALONE, as a convincing argument for an answer as to WHY.

Historically, this is not new to us. Iraq has ALWAYS been eyed and coveted by others, notably, IRAN, TURKEY, and the WEST and since 1948, by ISRAEL And has been invaded subsequently, on many occasions, only to see the occupier kicked out, crying...

History is repeating itself in Iraq, not once, but twice, thrice and more...
And the occupier will be kicked out again, as in the past...and will be crying, debased and defamed, at the gates of Baghdad.

I know that to be Truth. There are no two ways about it. It will happen...much sooner than you think.

This national anthem/song and its lyrics are our essence as Iraqis. This is what we deeply believe in and this is what we lived and will live by. Yesterday, today and tomorrow...

: I need to point out again, that the Wikipedia translation on which this video is based is again inaccurate even though Wiki. "corrected" the "sucking goat" insults. At 2.50, it says "our glory, our glory....is a waving standard" this is an INCORRECT translation. It should read :

"our Glory, our Glory
is an honorable cause
and an unwavering standard "

The literal translation would be a waving/flying banner. But it does not make sense in this context.

I needed to point out that, as translations are misleading too. There is a world of difference between a "waving standard" and a "high flying unchanging banner"

Again, a good illustration as to why you should stop solely relying, parroting and linking to Wikipedia like idiots.

And yes am very meticulous when it comes to Iraqi Honor, Dignity and Glory.

Youtube video: SamerIRAQ, 2007.

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