Caged by Freedom.

Iraqi woman showing her purple electoral finger.

I was perusing hundred of images on the net, trying to find some pictures of Iraqi women prior to their "liberation" in 2003. Did not find much, except one old youtube video taken from the Iraqi TV, from the 80's, where 4 Iraqi women were dressed in army uniform. It's like 30 years of our history as Iraqi women has been purposefully deleted...

All the other pictures I found were post "liberation" 2003 and could be divided into two categories :

The great majority of pictures depicted women clad in black, usually wailing or begging and a few others very few, depicted "modern" looking Iraqi women, working for the occupier/puppets in the Green Zone. Either hookers and/or traitors. There was really nothing in between.

So I searched some more, and found one picture of Miss Iraq dated 1947.

Miss Iraq, 1947

I looked at it for a long time, and had like a film reeling in my head from 1947 till this very day...

The ending of this film is horrifying.

Miss Iraqi Shiastan, 2003 - present.


Miss Iraqi Shroogistan/Shiastan, 2003 - present....

I still cannot come to terms with what has happened to us...Has any one seen a "liberation" like this one ?

Maybe I should embrace Shi'ism, and start flagellating and flogging myself, maybe the chains and whips will finally make me accept Reality.

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