Raped by Freedom.

This is the story of Samir, who finally confessed what happened to him at the hands of his liberators - the English scum - in Basra, in May 2003.

According to his story given to the Iraqi League in Arabic, and am translating parts of it, since the rest has been picked up by the Guardian.

Samir at the age of 16, lost his father and had to work to support his mother and sibling. Work was hard to find, and he thought to himself that maybe with the "liberation" and the promises made by the occupier, Basra will turn into a paradise.
He sought work as a labourer and in May 2003, was caught by mistake, during a day raid where the British soldiers were after some Iraqis stealing.

Samir tried to explain to the soldiers his innocence, but they wanted none of it. They took him as well as a few others in a van. During their ride, he and his mate were repeatedly beaten up. He says that his mate was even hit in his testicle and had to be hospitalized in an emergency as he fainted on him during the van ride...

Then, Samir was raped by two of his "liberators". Two British soldiers.

And am quoting here from the same story picked up by the Guardian via Iraqi League

" He alleges that two soldiers raped him, subjecting him to a 15-minute ordeal, then slashed his arms and body with a knife. He was treated in hospital for the cuts and the Royal Military police are understood to have secured the medical records. The victim was 18 at the time and said he was so traumatised he tried to kill himself.

The man does not want his real name to be known but is called Samir in his witness statement. He claims he was attacked after accidentally entering a room where two male soldiers were engaged in a sexual act. His witness statement says: "The room was fairly small, perhaps about four metres by four metres."

He says one soldier pulled him into the room and punched him in the face, while another blocked the exit: "The man who had punched me was stronger than me, he grabbed me by the neck and kicked my legs from under me and I fell to the floor. I fell on my back. He took out a knife and held it against my neck … I was terrified that they were going to kill me at this point. The other soldier started to rip my trousers down … I started screaming. He then pulled my underwear down. All this time the other man was holding me down and putting the knife against my throat. They then flipped me on to my stomach."

Samir says both soldiers then took it in turn to rape him, then slashed him with the knife, leaving him in "unbearable" agony. He says he left the room and other soldiers helped him to get medical attention for the knife wounds.

Carey also said: "The psychiatrist's, conclusions were that he was suffering from depression, post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety as a result of the incident. We also interviewed two other Iraqis who were present with [the victim] at the base and saw him enter the room where he says he was raped and witnessed his distress and injuries following the attack."In the witness statement, Samir says: "It fills me with such shame to talk about this, even with my solicitors. I have broken down telling them of what happened."

Samir said he had not told his wife or family what allegedly happened to him.

Mazin Younis interviewed the man for the Iraqi League, a human rights group, and said: "Because the shame of rape in the conservative culture of Iraq is so pervasive, most Iraqis you talk to tell you they would much prefer death. It took immense bravery on the part of Samir to come forward and talk.

"Samir was not an insurgent. He was never a member of the Ba'ath party. He was simply accused of being a thief in a war-torn country, and now he must live with the trauma of rape for the rest of his life."

The pictures of Samir's scars where he was mutilated by the British scum can be seen HERE.

Rape in Baghdad, rape in Abu Ghraib, rape in Mahdmoudiah, rape in Basra...Raping Iraqis, raping Iraq in the name of Freedom.

What can I say ? I have no more words...I only have rage, hatred and contempt for you and for your Freedom.

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