Iraqi Traitors & Hypocrites.

I have been watching Riz Khan interviewing Bremer's puppet Iyad Allawi, who lost big time in the 2005 elections.

I suggest you watch this video in two parts. Part I and part II, for many reasons.

First, some good pertinent questions were asked by Riz Khan and some good comments by callers.

And secondly, the responses by Iyad Allawi, who held the gangster Bremer in the highest esteem, will show the reader, the extent of how much Iraq has become a FAILED state.

Allawi talks about, amongst other things of :

- the infiltration of the army and the police by many sectarian militias
- the endemic poverty that now exists in Iraq, over 30% living below the poverty line.
- his wish for Iraq to return to the Arab realm as an Arab country. Which means that Iraq currently has lost its Arab character.
- the pernicious sectarianism that developed with the occupation.
- the corruption and incompetence of the puppet government.
- he criticizes the dismantlement of the Iraqi State apparatus, the army and other State institutions, by the occupier.
- the brain drain and the exodus of Iraqis.
- his wish for future fairness and transparency in the future elections, which means that the last elections both national and provincial were neither fair nor transparent, i.e riddled with FRAUD.
- he talks of the REDEPLOYMENT of the U.S army in Iraq and wishes that they will eventually leave...if wishes were horses,Mr. Allawi, beggars would ride.
- he hopes that the LARGE PERMANENT U.S bases, will be dismantled.
- he confirms that IRAN has filled the political vacuum that the Occupation has created.
- he seems a little critical of US force alone and invites the U.S to diplomacy and dialogue.
- he is also critical of de-baathification process instigated by the same Bremer who put this puppet in power in 2003.

Oh wow, and wow. Hear it form the horse's mouth. If Bremer's puppet is affirming the above, can you imagine what the real, actual, current political and social scene looks like ?
But more importantly, Allawi seems to have forgotten that he was one of the main players leading to the occupation along with the corrupt spy Chalabi and others.

But then he brushes off his active role and contribution in the occupation of Iraq (and he was the one who stated that Iraq could fire its WMD's within 45, when Iraq had none) by putting the blame on President Saddam Hussein...

I tell you, hypocrisy and duplicity run deep in a good number of Iraqis. Is anyone surprised why Iraq has found itself in the state it is in now ?

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