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To Her in Music...

I am very touched by Ed.Schmidt's musical composition /piece, with the lyrics "To Her" from my Uncensored . I love the voice and the acoustic guitar. Thank you Ed. You can leave your comments to Ed on his youtube page here .

28th of April...

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NO to CENSORSHIP ! has been censored yet again by Google News. This is not the 1st time but the 4th time that Google News cuts off Uruknet. Uruknet is ranked by Alexa as the no.1, most popular news media on Iraq. So please keep Uruknet going by filing a complaint to Google - click here Thank you.

Il Imperator hath spoken...

I don't have time to transcript the whole of the Al-Arabiya interview with the puppet PM Al-Maliki. And besides, I can't be bothered, he bores me to tears and his finger wagging reminds me of a drooling, salivating dog's tail basking in the limelight of some "celebrity". Puppets are usually comical and this one is no exception. Except what is happening to Iraq is not funny at all. But I will give you a summary of his garbage. And in no chronological order. When asked by Elie Nakouzee, another hair gel covered head, Lebanese style, if his Excellency, Il Imperator waged the battle of Basrah in preparation FOR the Battle for Mosul this is what Maliki had to say. I think I proved this is not a sectarian government. I proved it over and over again. All gangs will be dealt with in an equal fashion. Be it in Basrah or Mosul. And the battle for Mosul will happen in the coming days. The AQ are bandits infiltrated by Saddamists and they will be finished off. What I've d

Response to a Comment.

Layth left me a comment on my post Awakening from Al-Qaeda. His comment is fairly long and so is my response, hence I opted to publish both in a post form. Layth's comment is in italics. Salam Layla, Not too sure I can agree with some of what you said/concluded. Firstly, the source of information you are using is Al-Sahwa and Al-Arabiya. Now, Al-Sahwa are complete traitors and sell-outs who have been formed by the US occupation and are maintained and funded by the same - hence they have zero credibility to speak about anything, especially when related to the fight for liberation (which they are not a part of - by the way). The second is Al-Arabiya which is a Saudi run station that is more pro-occupation than even Fox News (they run crap ads every day telling Iraqis to basically support the occupation by joining the puppet police/military and by giving information for any resistance activity they see). Secondly, it is obvious that the noble Resistance has control of most of Salah Al


A short introduction to Iraqi music here

Awakening from "Al-Qaeda"

I’m torn here between two options. One is going out for a long walk in this warm afternoon and the other, sitting in this cluttered apartment, writing yet another post. I weighed these two options in my head for some time, then this nagging voice said “if you don’t write it now, you will lose some vital information that needs to get out there. You owe it to Her to record and detail everything you’ve been made aware of...” I dislike when this inner voice nags me that way. After all, I am tired of being “responsible” with a task I have not really chosen. At least, not on a conscious level. But being the dutiful daughter that I am and keeping my strong streak of rebelliousness under check, here I am sitting typing again... I therefore ask you to read this post very carefully and make sure you note what’s written between the lines... I want to share with you the story of one man who woke up from the Al-Qaeda trance. This story is based on an interview conducted by Al-Arabiya TV. And this

Fresh Impressions from Baghdad.

I have a distant relative who lives in England. He went to Baghdad a month ago via Erbil, no visa required in his case as he holds the British nationality. He stayed in Erbil for a few days and went to Sulaymania. In Erbil, he says he needed "a translator" as Arabic was hardly spoken there. Thankfully, he managed with English. He stayed in Sulaymania for a few days then head to Baghdad to visit his family and his in-laws whom he has not seen in several years. These are his impressions of Baghdad today. - Overall, most Baghdadis he met, both Sunnis and Shias are totally fed up with the Mullahs and their doctrines. Most Iraqis really want a "secular country" and a "secular government." ( Well they had a secular country before their "liberation" - bunch of Idiots!) - The Baghdadis he met, both Sunnis and Shias (his wife is a Shia by the way) are quite happy to see Muqtada go for ever. They are sick and tired of the Mahdi Army and they see Iran'

For Spanish Readers.

To Whom It May Concern and if you're not comfortable with the English language. My infatigable friend, Sinfo Fernandez from , translated the articles below in Spanish. Thank you Sinfo, as always...

A Fox Trot in the Dark...

Fox Trot--“ A social dance, in quadruple meter, performed by couples, characterized by various combinations of slow and quick steps.”( What is one to make of the current shuttle/shuffle diplomatic whirlpool, between Israel and Abu Mazen of the PA. Israel and Hamas, Israel and Syria, Israel and ?... First let’s start with the "Syrian Bride." (a good film by the way) Syria in the past has always denied having secret talks with Israel. The last series of secret talks were held in Istanbul not long ago between a prominent Syrian American businessman called Suleiman and some Israeli whom I believe was/is an ambassador to Turkey by the name of Alon (not sure of the exact name though, told you a thousand times am bad with names.) Today though, it’s out in the open. Olmert is ready to give up/back the Golan Heights to Syria. Been watching the news on both Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera. By the way am convinced that Al-Arabiya works for al-Maliki and Co. Will get back to

Machiavelli or Paranoia ?

Something is bothering me. Actually a few things are bothering me, but am not sure where to begin... It might be an attack of political paranoia, the DSM must really start including this “mental disorder” as it is epidemic in the Arab World, but not only in this part of the world... But as the joke goes- just because am paranoid, doesn’t mean that they're not out there to get me. And I believe the Arab people have been had. In particular the Iraqis and the Palestinians. This paranoia attack has been triggered by three things, seemingly unrelated... The first one was a “detail” I read in an article regarding Mullah Atari , also known as Muqtada Al-Sadr. The second was also triggered by another article I read regarding Hamas. And the third, triggered by the latest from Syria. So let me start with the first, as it is nagging me. Mullah Atari is indeed a “nagging” issue for most relatively sane Iraqis, and in particular Iraqi women, and with me topping the list. In the al- Jazeera arti

Belated Congratulations to a 5 year old.

You know something, it just dawned on me that I totally forgot to congratulate the "Iraqi" government, the Shiite Hawza and its Mullahs, the Militias, and our "brothers" the Kurds. Totally forgot to congratulate Iran and its stupendous president Ahmadinejad, and of course the great American brave boys, the wonderful American people, and their superb leader G.Bush. I totally forgot that the New Iraq has turned 5, so please accept my sincere apologies. And since I can't send all of you a belated Birthday card, I offer you this little film specially designed for the occasion, extending to you my very best wishes. Mabrook as we say in Arabic and Happy, Happy, Birthday. Youtube video by namirkh2

On Myths, Sectarianism and Mass Graves.

You would undoubtedly agree with me that it’s bad enough having one’s country invaded, totally destroyed and one’s people exiled and murdered through a series of deliberate lies fabricated by the “greatest democracy on earth” America. It is bad enough when that same country occupies with a sectarian agenda based on more lies, and when it instigates a civil war thanks to that agenda. And it is bad enough to have your neighboring countries like Iran collaborate with the Occupier in not only occupying your country but also in helping the Occupier in starting a civil war by funding and arming the same people the occupying country put into power. You must agree that’s pretty bad to say the least. Now when these exact same lies are embraced by “leftists” analysts, journalists and bloggers, both Western and “Arab”, this gets even worse to the point of becoming grotesquely hideous. And am about to give you some examples but before I do so, I urge you to seriously consider the following because

Heavy Metal in Baghdad...

I guess I've said it before -- I HATE Heavy Metal , Metallica, whatever the shit you call it. BUT-- For those of you out there who are into that kind of "music", you may want to check out this trailer about a heavy metal band in Baghdad - Accrasicauda ( here ) And the interview with Soroosh Alvin (producer of this documentary) with English Al-Jazeera.( here ) I liked both videos. These Iraqi young men are courageous and smart compared to your retarded youth. And as the producer said at the end of the interview, "we're such a spoiled bunch (in the US.)"

If you like the Movies...

A few alternative options here.

The Body under Occupation.

Flesh, carnal, bodies...Human bodies. Male bodies, female bodies...occupied bodies, occupied flesh, a carnal knowledge of the Occupation. The Body, the Conduit, the Vehicle... Bomb, arrest, detain, imprison, chain – constrict the space. Then, direct your personal attack on the “other”, that "living beast” -- beat, lash, strike, whip, wound, burn, break, smash, sodomize, rape, piss on, defecate on, shoot, kill --- the Body. El-Cuerpo. The Centre point. Flesh of flesh. Dig into the matter of the Flesh... Entries, openings, cavities, orifices, holes -- mouth, anus, vagina, ears, eyes, nostrils...where sensations move in and out, circulate, float, exchange, grasp, perceive, register, memorize, transmit, receive, give... Invade and Occupy the senses. Plant your presence in each entry, turn it into a check point for examination, for a search, for an optical scan, for a biometric evaluation, for a digital print...code It, number It, and erase its identity... Cage the body and the senses


For those who wish to watch Redacted by De Palma. The whole film can be watched here . It's 1h.30mn. And as M who forwarded me the link, satirically said "Get a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of your favorite drink....and watch on...and please don't forget the popcorns." The film was inspired by REAL events in "liberated" Iraq, one of which is the rape of Abeer Al Janabi, 15 yo, who was gang raped by your brave boys and then burnt, and have her family massacred. The pictures at the end of the film are REAL. So is your Occupation... So enjoy your Occupation!

The Kiss of Death...

If you want to be kissed ...

Thoughts in Red...

For Lovers of Red ... or for Red lovers...

Notes from the Iraqi Resistance...

A transcript of an interview with a member of the Iraqi Resistance here

9th of April - The Fall of America

Everyone says that the 9th of April was the fall of Baghdad...And this Arab Woman says the 9th of April was the Fall of America. At the gates of Babylon the Great, you are still struggling, fighting away, chasing this or the other, detaining, bombing from above, filling up morgues, hospitals, graveyards and embassies and borders with queues for exit visas. Not ONE IRAQI wishes your presence. Not ONE IRAQI accepts your occupation. And don't give me that shit about your democratic process and elections. You brought the whores from Iran to rule on your behalf and pimp for their Persian motherland. You are small players in a game that still eludes you...the Iraqi Game is far greater and bigger than all of your strategies. You have lost in Iraq, you have been totally defeated - Politically, psychologically and economically... Your tanks, your weapons, your artillery, your jets are nothing for us, for we are RESILIENCE and we are RESISTANCE. You keep hiding in your camps and your Green Z

Getting one's knickers in a twist...

This is probably one of the English popular sayings I love most -- Getting one's knickers in a twist. And this sentence describes beautifully well the current "brouhaha" , the sensational clamor, the confused over excitment...over the latest from Iraq. Muqtada Al-Sadr in the limelight. But this is not the first time. He's been there before, back in 2004, in Najaf, when the U.S forces were pounding away...but hey, he did reach a deal...then joined the political process with 2/3 of the parliamentary seats under the control of his party plus 5 ministries... And thanks to him, Al- Jaafari government came to power followed by Al-Maliki... And Muqtada, with the help of the US army he now oh so resists, cleansed Baghdad of its sunnis, raped and drilled them to death...But he also had a go at the Palestinians helped by HEZBOLLAH-Iraq branch...and now they are in Chile and India, and those who could not get a generous offer, are still stranded between Syria and Iraq in tents..