Belated Congratulations to a 5 year old.

You know something, it just dawned on me that I totally forgot to congratulate the "Iraqi" government, the Shiite Hawza and its Mullahs, the Militias, and our "brothers" the Kurds. Totally forgot to congratulate Iran and its stupendous president Ahmadinejad, and of course the great American brave boys, the wonderful American people, and their superb leader G.Bush.

I totally forgot that the New Iraq has turned 5, so please accept my sincere apologies. And since I can't send all of you a belated Birthday card, I offer you this little film specially designed for the occasion, extending to you my very best wishes.

Mabrook as we say in Arabic and Happy, Happy, Birthday.

Youtube video by namirkh2


the Silverfish said…
Ah Yes Happy Birthday indeed, and how should we celebrate this most fortuitous event? Perhaps with Rockets, Missiles, or just plain good old fashioned Gunfire. I only ask this because I really don�t know anymore how anyone Would, Should or Could celebrate such Horror. Perhaps some of your other readers can enlighten me on this.

I for one think that it�s time for the party in not only Iraq but the entire Middle East to end as all this Raucous Laughter and Merriment has become a little Blas� with all the blood and shattered limbs littering the streets.

However it�s still the same ole same ole, You hate Me, I hate You and we both hate Them, whoever Them is. Then the Band Plays on, and we dance to the tunes of our masters.

One further question , Whoever , whatever gave them the right to be our masters, and who the fuck came up with the idea for ALL of US to give up our right to be Free and to live in Peace? Just wondering.

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