Notes from the Iraqi Resistance...

A transcript of an interview with a member of the Iraqi Resistance here


Anonymous said…
Thank you, Layla, for taking the time to transcribe this interview for us.

I'm glad he spoke about all the false flag operations, among other occupier crimes, especially because many tend to believe it is Iraqis killing each other.

Long live Iraqi Resistance.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Hiya Little Deer,

You're welcome...Yes he did talk of the false flag operations, but he did also mention the role of the mahdi army responsible for a lot of the sectarian killings and he did say that a part of the shiite population in Iraq, was coopted by these militias and by Iran.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

Yes, after my comment,I realised that I should have commented on the role of the mahdi army in sectarian violence as well, together with Iran's role, and which has been the cause of so much tragedy and loss for Iraqis. Thanks for pointing out the omission.

In solidarity
Bosephace said…
Hi Layla, Can you comment on any evidence of false flag? Also I noticed he mentioned Mossad in Iraq. Can you tell me how one knows that? Just curious. Great blog! I enjoy reading it!
Thanks, Justin, Dallas Texas
Anonymous said…
Hi Bosephace,

I did mention one instance/ evidence on false flag in the translated text. When cars stopped at checkpoints by both the Americans and the Iranian sectarian shia militias ask the driver to get out of the car under the pretext of searching and load them with explosives...

As for Mossad - In Hilla,(southern part of Iraq) more than 10 Israeli agents were caught there. Several in Baghdad. As for the North of Iraq supposedly called Kurdistan, the Mossad actually arms and trains the kurdish militias aka as peshmergas.

And thanks for visiting.
Anonymous said…
This man is seducing Iraq back into the hell of 2005-2006. He tells you the story you want to hear. Is this what you want?

Why is it so terrible to work with the Americans to rebuild Iraq? Why not strive to model Iraq after Germany and Japan post WWII?

If the US lets Iraq collapse, we will be back in 5 or 10 years after the next terror attack. Do you want to go through this again - even worse?

For a long time we fought the 1920s brigades. Now we fight together against Al-Qaeda. We leave them to run their own affairs which builds trust. All we want is to beat the bad guys and keep the US safe. To do that we need to fight for democracy in the ME.

If this is a war for oil, then where is my oil? We are not interested in spending $2B a week to be "occupiers".

Greg from USA

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