Heavy Metal in Baghdad...

I guess I've said it before -- I HATE Heavy Metal , Metallica, whatever the shit you call it. BUT--

For those of you out there who are into that kind of "music", you may want to check out this trailer about a heavy metal band in Baghdad - Accrasicauda (here)

And the interview with Soroosh Alvin (producer of this documentary) with English Al-Jazeera.(here)

I liked both videos. These Iraqi young men are courageous and smart compared to your retarded youth.

And as the producer said at the end of the interview, "we're such a spoiled bunch (in the US.)"


KM said…
Music really is a language. Just as French, Arabic, Spanish and so on, it's a language. Can't say much for some lyrics or some 'noise' though.

Good to see these guys in this band not letting politics ( ILLEGAL INVASION )stop them. Politicians seem to speak their own language too and they're at their best when the moon is out and full and the wind is blowin from the South.(talkin out their ass).

I'd like to know yer favorite song Layla. It's ok if you don't wanna answer. I like the song Trista Pena from the Gipsy Kings.
Anonymous said…
Yes, our youth are retarded because we screw our first cousins. Oh wait, no we don't. You do.
KM said…
Well the cousins of Barbara Bush must have pulled a train on her cuz her son is one fuckin retard.

KM said…
" Because he says so ."


Mission Accomplished and Major Combat Operations Are Over = The Surge
Anonymous said…
Your comment above is very funny, km ... that Barbara Bush, with her tinted hair, is one ugly and gross woman, apart from being thoroughly EVIL.

As for her retard son, it is common knowledge that if one wishes to understand someone, they need to look at the mother - so it's hardly surprising that the retard is what he is.
This is Heavy Metal in Iraq too:


But these are Heavy Boots

Anonymous said…
I'm not a metal fan, but those guys can play whatever music they like, it's ok with me. But I don't like that al-Jazeera's blond BBC-like anchor. I've seen a couple of her "shows" and I didn't like them a bit...
Anonymous said…
Layla I am not into metal music, so I didn't go there.
I just wwondered if you liked my writing:
KM said…

This is Funny
Layla Anwar said…

Hi, and yes that was a very funny comment you made....looooool.
I know the song by Gypsy Kings. Nice one. Do you know of Bebo and Cigala. Check them out on youtube, you'll like them, am sure.
Layla Anwar said…

am not a metal fan either, but it was interesting for me to get into the current "subversive" "alternative" culture. I watched the linked videos more than once. I absolutely hate the music, and the blondie Pam Anderson is her name - I think she's australian is very irritating. But it was very interesting for me to get into the mind frame of these youth and how they see themselves in occupied Iraq.
Layla Anwar said…

I had a look at your website. I liked some of your prose. I suppose you are an israeli right?
It seems to me that "religion" has had its toll on you -- too.
Anonymous said…
Metallica Rules

Greg from USA
KM said…
Not bad Layla

Shukran :-)
Anonymous said…
Layla, regarding the "your retarded youth" comment, I understand why you paint the U.S. with a broad brush. We raped your country, and thus everything over here in the U.S. is tainted. It's like a Chilean friend of mine I met in Los Angeles once. he hated black people (I was brought up by a mother who participated in Civil Rights marches in Dallas, TX, so was brought up to be tolerant of all people). I couldn't understand why a South American would be SO racist against ALL blacks, no matter how nice they were. Then he told me that his mother and sister had been raped by a black man, and this affected his mind indelibly for the rest of his life. He now hates ALL black people, just like you, Layla, hates everything U.S., and cannot possibly see the variety, detail, dissenting views, or the good. You don't "discriminate" in the true sense of the word, because our country (no, actually, our government, who a minority voted into office actually), raped your country, but everything is now guilty by association, and I understand it, although, like my Chilean friend, I don't truly get it as it has not happened to me as an experience.

Anonymous said…
Layla, I don't know if you know of this blogger but I think you would enjoy him.

This morning, I just started reading his blog from the beginning (2005). Once I'm done, I'll be doing the same with your fine blog.

God Bless


An America Tragedy, in the Restaurant at the End of the World

The enormous, steep slide of American culture and intelligence is beautifully counter-pointed by the bone deep corruption of its government. Like two drunken elephants, doing the tango on a cliff's edge it is a fascinating thing to watch at a distance. It’s like watching Ebola at work in the face of someone you know.

Corruption has always been a handmaiden to the art of politics. It’s sausage-making at its finest. …But now? Now corruption is the process itself. Watching the government and the media do Alphonse and Gaston is like watching your Brady bunch parents kill each other at the breakfast table because someone forgot to turn the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time. It doesn’t make sense that banality can turn into horror faster than you can say, “huh?”

I was never a flag waver, even before I knew what I know now; I didn’t get the ‘fife and drum’ act. At first I thought it was me that was out of step. It seemed like everything I did as a kid was wrong. Even when I tried to fit in all I managed was to call attention to myself. Now I realize that I had a basic honesty that couldn’t adjust to the programming. Today I’m grateful for it. At the time it was Hell.

Then I learned about the Native Americans and Slavery; the Chinese railroad workers, the Japanese internment, United Fruit and all the other sad, unfortunate tales of realpolitik dressed up in the ball-gown of patriotism and nationalism. It’s not hard to see how, eventually, fascism showed up drunk, half-naked and belligerent on Main Street; smashing store windows and urinating on parked cars.

Reagan came to town and I ran as far as the American borders would allow. I ran all the way to Hawaii. Finally even that wasn’t far enough. When it got to where I couldn’t turn around without running into the fat, red-faced, martini drinking relatives of the Republican mob that attacked the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections Office I left altogether. No more ‘purple mountain’s travesties above the looted plain’ for me. Even so, I could scarcely imagine what was to follow.

Now Lady Liberty is a crack whore, blowing drunken lobbyists in Lafayette Park. God is a fire-breathing, six hundred foot rat with a chainsaw and life has become a Meth-freak’s paranoid fantasy of faceless pursuers. I’m sorry folks; this movie cannot have a happy ending. Maybe it mighta, coulda, even shoulda worked out okay in the end but here’s the deal. You let it happen. True, a pack of nasty reptiles took over the magic show but… you just stepped back and let them through.

Okay, let’s be fair. There are millions (I hope anyway) who could see what an unprincipled whore george w. bush was/is. I expect if I was Lot and God gave me the opportunity, I could find more than a handful of righteous people there. However, when you factor in the unbelievably stupid; the viciously supportive, the pathologically indifferent, the religious lemmings and the hand-wringing whiners, well, there’s a solid majority there. How did you get like that? …materialism, straight up, no chaser; ‘me first, you later, maybe’, says all anyone needs to say about why you are in the mess you are in. Your common purpose is not a better, saner world. Your common purpose is consumption. Your common purpose is more security with more freedom and you can’t have both. You can’t have open parks and woodlands, along with safe neighborhoods and 24 hour armed response teams at the same time. You can't stretch the line between the 'haves' and the 'have nots' beyond endurance.

You can’t have honor and dishonor wearing the same team jacket. These two factions play on opposite sides. Putting them on the same team guarantees one thing; you lose. Life is a team sport. You can’t win if your neighbor, your government and the boogeyman are all against you.

Do you think it’s bad now? How do you think it looks when it carries out to its inevitable conclusion? I’d be here for the next several weeks itemizing and categorizing the whole lame, embarrassing, frightening and unbelievable mess. Let’s just take it on faith that you know what I’m talking about and that you have plenty of evidence of your own. Let’s say that this and more is a given and let me get on to the worst part of the whole affair.

The saddest and most shameful fact of all is that all of this is taking place because you are goddamn well going to keep your lifestyle no matter what it costs or who it hurts. At the bottom of the Iraq war is America’s alcoholic need for oil. Has Iraq got oil? Why, let me see… why, I believe it has got a shitload of oil. Yes indeedy. There are a few things Iraq didn’t have. It didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. As george ‘the killer clown’ bush pointed out, while looking under his sofa; “no, no WMD’s here.” It didn’t have any Al Qaeda 9/11 ties and whatever else it didn’t have to justify this stupid, stupid adventure; but it does have oil.

So you America, a country that has had the lowest gas prices of any country in the so-called free world for a long, long time, you couldn’t see the need for energy efficiency, or conservation, or alternative energy; no, not you. You want your top of the fucking heap, cheap fossil fuel; department stores bursting with junk, TV’s vomiting, opening night, window seat for fine dining, illegal immigrants swabbing the deck and picking the fruit and fuck anybody that gets in my way. You want it without sacrifice and you want it with speed. You got it. You got it to the strains of “America the Beautiful” and “Bring it on!” and “support the troops” and “screw the French” and you can go tie a yellow ribbon around Tony Orlando’s dick as far as I’m concerned.

People die all over the world so that you can get it faster and cheaper. Until the last drop of oil burns in the last fuel inefficient car you are going to make sure that it is an American car when it happens. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt. It doesn’t matter how many homeless families sleep under highway bridge abutments outside of town. It doesn’t matter what crimes are committed. It doesn’t matter how many rock throwing 11 year old girls you indict with felony crimes. It really doesn’t matter how absurd it gets. It doesn’t matter how much of a cartoon you turn into. You aren’t going to change until it’s too late. Woe unto you, you generation of vipers.

Go ahead, stick your chest out. I wouldn’t advise trying to suck your gut in at the same time. Strike up the band. What the Hell, have a parade, you’ve earned it. When you get up shit’s creek without a paddle it’s going to be a real comfort that Rush Limbaugh is at the tiller. Of course that tiller hasn’t got a paddle either. Give Ann Coulter a call, or David Horowitz, Sean Hannity; maybe Thomas Friedman or Brit Hume. They’ve got the answer. They were cheering you on. Surely they knew where they were going. The thing is America; you don’t have an ‘undisclosed location’ to go to. You don’t have a Republican Guard. You don’t live behind guarded security gates like your cheerleaders; you certainly don’t have the security of your most famous cheerleader. Don’t worry, just stay the course; “Shit Creek dead up ahead.”

I’d like to think you’re going to wake up; hope springs eternal. I would honestly, sincerely, like to believe and do hope that you will wake up. I don’t hate you and there is no ounce of satisfied, “I told you so.” in my heart. The bridge is out. I am waving from the side of the road. I am screaming, “The Bridge is out!” and I see a sneering, angry face. I am dodging beer bottles and I can hear the curses flow from the window as you speed on by. I can only shake my head and set off for the lights of home.

I still don’t fit in and I still don’t get it. Am I an alarmist? Am I an extremist? Am I just a disenfranchised loser who missed out on the good life and who, in defense of my own short-comings, hates the country of my birth? You know, I honestly would rather that were true than the alternative. I could live with that and hope for some epiphany down the road; if I found out I was wrong and that it really was all for the best and I just couldn’t see it. I will cry with gratitude should I find that this was all just the hallucinations of a derelict, misinformed mind. I’m trying to get my head around it. I’m trying to see the error of my ways; should that be the case. I can’t see it though, so maybe my denial is just that deep. I keep wanting to say, “Wake the fuck up!” but my voice isn’t even as loud as the ice clinking against the sides of the cocktail glasses in the restaurant at the end of the world.

This essay is dedicated to Michael Stewart whose kind support and great faith always makes me want to be a better person.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I'm continuing to read his blog and again, I thought of you when I read this post:

Basra and the Playing fields of Armaggeddon

The raging tempest of fire and blood; the burning heat of bombs and blasted limbs tumbling in the air, yeah, they’re just a bunch of fucking Muslims, not even shit in the eyes of the Christian god. That great Christian God of the red faced pigs in tailored suits with expensive watches, fake hair and slick serpent voices proclaiming the majesty of the one they would bugger and crucify, over and over again given the chance. Each day they crucify anew.

I do not know the truth of it. I do not know whether God is what I imagine God to be or whether I only imagine and hope and wish. I do know that if there is a God, he or she is not the one trumpeted by these dead-eyed murdering lizards.

Basra. Have you heard of Basra? It’s someplace in Iraq. It’s the place where the other day two rat-fuck British soldiers were caught red-handed with a carload of explosives; CAUGHT RED HANDED. They were arrested when they should have been torn apart by the crowd. They didn’t go easy, they killed a few people before they were captured but they were just Iraqi’s. They were arrested by civilized men doing their job in this war torn, paranoid landscape of fear and pain and blood.

And the British; slave masters to the new world, vicious occupiers of Ireland, colonial brutes without conscience or mercy, opium warlords and creators of terrible mischief in countries around the world… the British scum went and raided the police station, killing those in their way and liberated these jackals camouflaged in Arab garb; but no Arabs were they.

Did you hear about Basra? Well, if you read the blogs or go to websites managed by courageous men and women; if you go to whatreallyhappened.com or any of the all too few organs of truth in the telling, then you know. But if you get your news from the mainstream media then you don’t know, because nowhere is this mentioned. You pack of rotten scoundrels. You dirty, dirty Godless fucks. You stinking shit-eating weasels. You child-murdering abominations upon the planet.

Goddamn you! Here are your terrorists! Here are your terrorists!!! Tony Blair you slick, pompous, blow-dried freak of nature; you slimy, slithering snake. The New World Order, thank you very much.

I don’t care how you call it, coincidence, bad luck, the judgment of God. Have you seen the badges of the New Orleans police department? Why look at that, a crescent and stars. It does make you wonder. How ever these forces of nature are coming I hope they pound the living shit out of the American landscape. I hope the oil refineries and drilling rigs are destroyed. I hope gas costs you $10.00 a gallon. When this hard winter comes I hope you freeze. I don’t care if you are rich or poor, I hope you freeze. I hope you starve. If a million of you die then that is a good thing, if that is what it takes. If you support these evil, satanic fucking scum, if you tolerate it, if you remain silent, if you are too stupid to catch on I hope you suffer and suffer good. Whatever it takes to wake you the fuck up, so be it.

Rage, rage Hurricane Rita, lovely Rita. Blow down the goddamned house. Bring your friends. Hear me oh nature. Hear me whatever forces of Nature there be, break this countries back. Humble these selfish greedy, indifferent fools; kill their families, destroy their homes, ruin them. The hurricane is pointed right at Crawford but will it get that far? Please, please do it, rip that drunken pimps house in the air and scatter it to the winds. Rip up the White House, tear the Capitol to pieces and lay these demons in human garb low.

Let the lives of Americans become so disordered that they cannot fail to see the connections between their suffering and these men and women whose job it is to protect them. Drive the public into a furious rage so that they storm the government buildings and drag these clowns into the street; so that they strip them naked and tar and feather them and beat them bloody with djamboks all down Pennsylvania Avenue.

George W. Bush, Tony Blair, you sick fucks from Hell, may you go down in agony and cry for mercy and release and may there be NONE.

Yes, I am just one more lonely voice crying in the wind. This is all I can do. I cannot remain silent. I cannot accept what I see. The contempt I feel for the Christian Right and the Zionists is beyond expression. While you are at it Nature, open a hole beneath Jerusalem and sink that twisted piece of shit down into the bottomless pit. Holy land my ass; fuck the holy land. Fuck the holy land with massive throbbing rabid camel’s dicks. Fuck this culture that thought it was okay when they arrived there, courtesy of the rest of the world; who thought it was alright to go around murdering Arab families until they fled for their lives and who then poisoned their wells with cholera and other lovely life forms so that they could not come back.

Oh, yes, these soldiers were undercover. The explosives in the car, the explosives no one will talk about? Why, they were just storing them so that they wouldn’t fall into the hands of terrorists. It is becoming increasingly clear that the point is to beat these people down until all that remains are the silent acquiescent slaves of the New World Order. These are your terrorists. You know what? UP THE IRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May London burn in unquenchable flames, may Washington drown in toxic sewage equal to the sewage these demagogues spew. May senators and congressmen spontaneously burst into flames and run screaming down the streets, may the corporations fall and may the stock market crash and break into a million pieces. Whatever it takes, whatever it takes to bring these hyenas down. May this whole lie of a false and worthless culture perish; if that’s what it takes, if that’s what it takes.

I can hear the music of Revelations playing in the background. I can see that Armageddon rising; that must rise before the real Jerusalem can come. It’s in the air and it is sweet music indeed. This dense, corrupt, materialist society has got to go. This culture that thinks it no big deal to rape another country simply so that they can drive nowhere in massive pig-mobiles- polluting the world with their insane garbage; four percent of the population creating 25% of the pollution… fuck you.
It’s okay with you that there were no weapons of mass destruction. It’s okay with you whatever they say. It’s okay what’s happening to the money in New Orleans. You don’t care how corrupt it all is, you just want your piece of the action.

Well, your boys got caught in Basra the other day and now the Iraqi’s have proof of what they’ve been saying all along. But you didn’t hear about it. It’s not on the news. The roving Israeli hit teams aren’t on the news. The real jobs of all those independent contractors/mercenaries, you don’t know what that is. The oil now pumping from Iraq to Israel, you don’t know about that (note to the freedom fighters- blow that fucking thing up). Why America went to war, you don’t know the reason. None of this is in the news. The photos from Abu Graib; this enormous picture album which makes you wonder how they had time to torture with all the photography they were doing. That’s not on the news either. You have no right to know and that is why it is on the news.

Armageddon’s okay with you too, even though it’s not on the news either. But you won’t need to see that on the news and you won’t need to hear about it. Maybe I can’t do anything about any of this but I can damn well say my piece. I want my words down on paper and virtual paper with my name attached.

Anonymous said…
Layla wanted to be rocked in her cradle (of her civilization) and they did. So, everyone is happy.Everyone got what they needed and what they deserved.
Anonymous said…
Apart from the true Iraqi people, whom Layla can never be a part of!
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous above,

so you hope...because you represent the Iraqi people ? Bet you anything you are another sectarian supporter. Go to hell.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous re. smoking mirrors.

Yes thanks for posting his articles. SM is a very good writer and I've read some of his work in the past when its been published on Uruknet.info.
Layla Anwar said…
Austin, TX,

I am not sure I agree with your analogy/comparison with your chilean friend.
Your friend has his mother and sister raped by some black guy, Iraqis have their whole country raped, destroyed and their family members murdered...It is not the same really.

As for my "hatred" for America, I invite you to read the post below yours written by an American called Smoking Mirrors....
Anonymous said…
Layla, I see your point and that of Smoking Mirrors too...but I believe there is hope. Ron Paul, though he came nowhere close to winning the Republican nomination for the presidency, was the ONLY one to speak the truth about what's going on in Iraq and the U.S. during the presidential debates. He was the only one who asked Gen. Patreus during his congressional testimony why we're actually in Iraq, and pointed out we went in to Iraq on lies and deceit, and he has started a grass-roots movement because he has spoken the truth about our corruption, our corrupt foreign policy of aggression, our corrupt monetary policy, our corrupt moves towards totalitarianism.

He has just written a book, which I received, called "The Revolution: A Manifesto," essentially declaring we need a revolution to overthrow the usurpers who have taken over our country and overthrown our Constitution. However, I believe the United States needs to dissolve, like the Soviet Union did, and become a host of independent states that can no longer threaten any country in the globe, whether in the Middle East or Latin America, which for far longer has been raped by the U.S. than the Middle East was.

KM said…


to You
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks, very soothing. Exactly what the doctors ordered.
KM said…
There are many many Americans that when the Mideast or Arabic countries come to mind, they think in terms of harsh societies, oprressions, that it is void of Love or behind the times, etc, etc, etc.

I personally know Asians that have come here to America from their countries and see America is technologically behind the times on products and in the latest "styles". We use Arabic numerals here in America. Many are writing Arabic and they may not even be aware of it. :-)

I hope you don't mind but I want to place just a few music-videos out here.





From Uzbekistan:





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