NO to CENSORSHIP ! has been censored yet again by Google News.

This is not the 1st time but the 4th time that Google News cuts off Uruknet.

Uruknet is ranked by Alexa as the no.1, most popular news media on Iraq.

So please keep Uruknet going by filing a complaint to Google - click here

Thank you.


Anonymous said…
i tried filling out the form on 'click here', it has been dismantled, something about it not being available in my language. i copied the url, and proceeded from there..

the timing is auspicious.

Layla Anwar said…
I agree Annie. I've had the exact same problem.
Anonymous said…
i was just googling Nadhem Al-Jibbouri (curious from your other post..i noticed a uruknet link there, maybe they are back up?

Layla Anwar said…
hmm Annie, I saw no uruknet link.
It's google NEWS not google General that is censoring.
They've put a new complaint file, but this time am getting an italian notice...don't understand much italian either.
Layla Anwar said…

it seems that the italian message says

" We thank you for your message. We read all the messages etc. etc."

As from what I understood the Google news response to complaint in english is not working.
KM said…
I tried and can get no where. I will try again.
alan wells said…
It worked for me. I'm working on a post on the same subject.
Anonymous said…
I don't see how it is censored. As of 4/29/08 at 11:00EST, a search for f-ing butchers links to a uruknet article.

uruknet is propaganda, not news. Google would be within its rights to include whatever sources of news it wants. However, I am glad Google includes it - to see what kind of unreasonable people are against us.

Free speech is more valuable than most people realize. It enables people to battle in the arena of ideas instead of on the battlefield. People are unlikely to stop fighting you until they see putting down their weapons as the path to better lives for them, their family, and their nation. How can they have a change of heart if they live in a closed system where the same stale ideas persist? Free speech is the only way.

I battle Layla on this blog because I am trying to make the case that the American system will rebuild Iraq and make it more powerful than ever if only given the chance.

The only problem is that there is some sort of alternate reality going on with ME bloggers - where the conspiracy of the moment rules. The internet now has a complete false history of events. Many people on this blog recycle and regurgitate this pseudohistory as justification for their anti-american point of view.

Fortunately, the pseudohistory contradicts itself in many places, which opens a window for me to be able to pump fresh air into the room. Now all that needs to be done is for people to take a breath.

The solution to speech you don't like is ... more speech.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Greg from US,

are you able to read?
On April 24, 2008 Google has stopped indexing as a news source. (The latest Uruknet article included in the Google News index is THE US POWER STRUCTURE Who Really Runs the World (April 24, 2008)

The article you quote was posted on April 15, 2008.
Anonymous said…
It's google NEWS not google General that is censoring.

ah, i see what you mean. who runs google? are they ptb affiliated? most likely.

KM said…
GOOGLE may be ran out of California. I am not sure though. I just know that an Asian friend of mine knows another who is from China and GOOGLE hired him. He works in California for GOOGLE.
Cecilio Morales said…
I suspect that the problem is the use of multiple sources, including Associated Press material protected by copyright, rather than original reporting.
Anonymous said…
Uruknet posts many articles from other news outlets, blogs, etc. only because the Copyright Law allows it since Uruknet is a not for profit website. Also Google News lists other websites that do exactly the same, so there is no reason why Google stopped indexing Uruknet.
Anonymous said…
Google news is run by west-coast pussbags. They wont even allow sites that criticize islam. Why would you expect them to allow terrorist propaganda? And it's not even close to cencorship you whinny dipshits. They just aren't giving uruk free hits. How was your hero Saddam with the free press huh? Oh no, of course his cencorship was fine because he still allowed news that boot-licking cowards like you want to hear.
Unknown said…
I sent it, and added my own words on censorship being a tool of fear and all that.

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