For those who wish to watch Redacted by De Palma. The whole film can be watched here.

It's 1h.30mn. And as M who forwarded me the link, satirically said "Get a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of your favorite drink....and watch on...and please don't forget the popcorns."

The film was inspired by REAL events in "liberated" Iraq, one of which is the rape of Abeer Al Janabi, 15 yo, who was gang raped by your brave boys and then burnt, and have her family massacred.

The pictures at the end of the film are REAL. So is your Occupation...

So enjoy your Occupation!


Anonymous said…
First, "De Palma has been criticized for not including the fact that all of the soldiers involved in the real-life Mahmudiyah killings were prosecuted for the rape and murders. The film ends with an official investigation underway, and does not depict a trial or conviction. Kurt Loder wrote that "all five of the soldiers involved (in the rape and murder) were arrested and charged, and three have been tried and sentenced to 90, 100 and 110 years in prison." In addition, the alleged ringleader, Pfc. Steven D. Green, is being tried in a federal court in Kentucky and is reportedly facing the death penalty.[25] However, De Palma points out that the film itself is fictional; HDNet's lawyers told him he couldn't use anything real about the true event - he had to fictionalize it, and wasn't allowed to refer to the real event in any way."


Second, this movie sucks so bad it is not worth watching it for free.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Grrrrrrrrrrrrreg from the United Asses will go to any length to deny American war crimes in Iraq.

Mahmoudiya is the tip of the iceberg...

But since when did American possess any integrity ?
Unknown said…
But since when did American possess any integrity ?

When they were black haired, ebony-eyed, tawny-red skinned beauties who wore feathers in their hair.
mojoe said…
little deer ! Lost yr e mail again ! My mail add. is the same but on G yahoo is no more...
holyworrier said…
I mistakenly left comments on the thread 'if you like the movies...' that I intended to leave here.

Thanks for the link to De Palma's gripping film. It is valid, strong work irrespective of any connection it may or may not have to actual events.

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