A short introduction to Iraqi music here


KM said…
music is very nice

the tempo reminds me of some Argentian music too
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much, Layla - Ilham al-Madfai happens to be my favourite Iraqi musician and I have quite a collection of his music, including the one you've posted here! I just love his version of 'Baghdad' - truly beautiful and haunting. And 'Mawtini', which I simply love!

A mutual friend :-) happens to know him personally and was meant to arrange a meeting last year - this did not materialise due to lack of time, unfortunately.

In solidarity.
Angel said…
Hi Layla,

That is a beautiful piece, and indeed very soothing.

Forgive my lack of posting, new job has a huge amount of paperwork to read.

Rest assured I will post when I can.

Stay safe.

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