9th of April - The Fall of America

Everyone says that the 9th of April was the fall of Baghdad...And this Arab Woman says the 9th of April was the Fall of America.

At the gates of Babylon the Great, you are still struggling, fighting away, chasing this or the other, detaining, bombing from above, filling up morgues, hospitals, graveyards and embassies and borders with queues for exit visas.

Not ONE IRAQI wishes your presence. Not ONE IRAQI accepts your occupation.

And don't give me that shit about your democratic process and elections. You brought the whores from Iran to rule on your behalf and pimp for their Persian motherland.

You are small players in a game that still eludes you...the Iraqi Game is far greater and bigger than all of your strategies. You have lost in Iraq, you have been totally defeated - Politically, psychologically and economically...

Your tanks, your weapons, your artillery, your jets are nothing for us, for we are RESILIENCE and we are RESISTANCE.

You keep hiding in your camps and your Green Zone with the few Iraqi prostitutes who are willing to work for you. They don't represent us. They represent your brothel. And their days are numbered...just like yours.

Over 600'000 armed men; soldiers, mercenaries, contractors, intelligence, security, spies add to them the sectarian death militias that you and Iran have armed (Sadr, Dawa, Badr and others), add the Mossad, the Peshermgas of the dirty Zionist Kurds, add the ghettoes you built and where you segregated us, add the millions dead and exiled and maimed...And you still CAN'T CONTROL IRAQ.

Got news for you motherfuckers, you will NEVER CONTROL IRAQ, not in 6 years, not in 10 years, not in 20 years...

You can strategize and manoeuver all you want. Your DEFEAT is obvious, evident, glaring...

You have signed your own death warrant at the gates of Babylon, now face your own agony.

Five years on and not one heart and not one mind bears to see any of your stinking boys.

You have brought upon yourself the hate and the curse of all Iraqis, Arabs and the rest of the world...

At the gates of Babylon will be your total demise, and our total VICTORY. This, I promise you, America.

Long Live the Memory of the Great Martyr and Hero Saddam Hussein. Long Live the Glorious, Valiant Iraqi Resistance. Long Live Iraq.

and ...



bARABie said…
Well said and BRAVO.
Anonymous said…
America cannot bring democracy to Iraq because America is NOT a democracy (anymore). America is in relative early? stages of fascism or a manifestation of it.

Democracy = rule of the people. When most Americans oppose the war and Cheney responds w/ "So [fucking what]?" on TV, could it be any more obvious?

"Patriotic" Americans can derail me all they like, but they'll see soon enough. Hopefully they wake the fuck up. That wall they're building to keep the Mexicans out? Nu uh, its to keep us in. Don't say the founding fathers never warned us.

Babylon encompasses America and all that is evil in the world. It will fall, of course. We're coming full circle, we end this thing where it all began (modern day Iraq).

Its WWIII baby...
Anonymous said…
Brilliant words Layla! You have so succinctly said it ALL,for all of us who have never wavered in our support for the Iraqi Resistance and for the freedom of your sovereign Mother Iraq and her people. Be they your fellow Iraqis or non Iraqis.

With respect to the memory of your President, Saddam Hussein, and Long Live Iraq!

In solidarity
Anonymous said…
Brilliant, Layla!!! Your words bring me great, great joy! I have no words to express how I feel on reading your essay except....

I love you!!!

Anonymous said…
Sorry, Layla, I forgot to add that the picture accompanying your article today is SIMPLY BRILLIANT!!!

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
The Iraqi people have not begun to see bloodshed. As soon as the Americans leave, you will quickly turn on each other and then the real entertainment will start. The stupid Americans will watch the much more stupid Iraqis slaughter themselves from the comforts of their living rooms. You all will do a much better job of slaughtering yourselves than Saddam or the Americans ever did.
Anonymous said…
"You have brought upon yourself the hate and the curse of all Iraqis, Arabs and the rest of the world"

This is laughable because 1) no one cares who Arabs like or what they think and 2) NO ONE is more disliked than Arabs. This is especially so in Europe where Arabs are coming in by droves and demanding special rights. Europeans try to act so big-hearted but they are sick of your shit. 3) I find it odd that Arabs fleeing their miserable countries try to go to Europe or America: away from other Arabs. Keep trying to convince yourselves otherwise. You still have a few around (little deer, barabie, bluegum, et al) who still try to suckle at your dry, barren teets.
Peace unto you

Tummjin you said
"Democracy = Rule of the people."

Know Thy Self.

Demo= demos = Demon = Evil = Devil
Cracy = Rule


TheoCracy = God Rule

Which do you choose?

Democracy or THEOCRACY?


Faithfully Yours
Anonymous said…
yawn, I thought comical Ali was retired

You left out...

"[The Americans] are cying outside and waiting to receive bullets. They will be killed shortly."

and "Their infidels are committing suicide by the hundreds on the gates of Baghdad"

and "As soon as the Americans leave, we will quickly turn on each other and then the real entertainment will start" (thanks, Watcher)

It's only your choice until the theocrat gets in power, then it's your final choice.



Which would you rather have, DEMOCRACY or some KING of ASSES theocrat ruling you?

Peace unto you

Greg from USA
G.Gar said…
Salam Layla,

You are really a very brave and respectful lady. I wish some one would tell me, how on earth would Americans and Iranians control the men of Iraq who had mothers of your kind.

The more I see people like you, the greater my confidence in a great Arab nation that will definetly come back.
Anonymous said…
You keep saying that chaos is our goal. If so, we are winning bitch.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Lila, great words that represent a true Iraqi.

I hope one day someone will nuke the American cattle back to the shit age. Let the American terrorists mother fuckers know that the cowboys can't win against the children of Hammurabi.
Anonymous said…
anonymous: "cowboys can't win against the children of Hammurabi"

What in tarnation are ya sayin'? There ain't no shave tail Hammurabi ass an American Cowboy can't knock galley west! He'll clean yer plow. Now git on back ta yer cave, ya bin nailed ta the counter!

"Hammurabi is known for the set of laws called Hammurabi's Code, one of the first written codes of law in recorded history. These laws were written on a stone tablet standing over six feet tall that was found in 1901. Owing to his reputation in modern times as an ancient law-giver, Hammurabi's portrait is in many government buildings throughout the world... ...Hammurabi is one of the 23 lawgivers depicted in marble bas-reliefs in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives in the United States Capitol."

That Hammurabi, now he's Simon pure, but yer hero, Saddam Hussein, is a mudsill and a hard case. Anyone who follows him is bound to git dragged out and knocked into a cocked hat.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
american woman said...
'You keep saying that chaos is our goal. If so, we are winning bitch.'

Sure, chaos is/was your goal, (which also happens to be only thing US does well) except that dimwitted, bird brained USans did not anticipate that they'd be stuck in the quicksand as well!!! Don't forget that as long as you remain in a country where you are not wanted/were never invited into, you will be sinking, sinking, sinking....in the sands of Iraq. Iraqis have time on their hands - they are at HOME, you're not.

Wash your mouth, American woman. Layla has all the right to use expletives towards scum like you - you DON'T and your comment shows what you really are - trash.
Anonymous said…
"...the right to use expletives towards scum like you..."

Is that right? Well chew on this Little Deer

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Well said sister...

The defeat of our enemy is a fait accompli.

May the valiant Resistance continue to bring our enemies crashing to their knees.

Rest in peace Saddam Hussein...You will always be remembered as Iraq's greatest hero.
Anonymous said…
You are just full of shit little deer. Fuck you too. What was it someone else here call you? An Ankle biter. HA HA!! All your constant long comments amount to nothing. At least Layla is a talented writer.

By the way, Layla doesn't need you defending her. She does fine by herself.
Anonymous said…
Greg from the USA

Anonymous said…
Stupid American woman: I am not here to compete with Layla's fine writing skills and I'm certainly not defending her - she's perfectly capable of doing that, as she's so aptly shown. It's trash like you who make me sick. When will you realise that you are scum? From the language you so liberally use, your origins are definitely the gutter. Not surprising, huh, AMERICAN woman? Difficult to accept the truth, isn't it?

What makes you think your comments amout to anything? Especially coming from an AMERICAN??? All you ever seem to do is use four letter words every time you write.

Please go back under the rock (gutter) you crawled out from.

Greg's sense of humour - typical AMERICAN!!
Anonymous said…

About 7 minutes into this video, an Iraqi man says that Saddam killed millions of Iraqis. Is that what your hero, Saddam, will be remembered for? Or is the Iraqi man just another "whore" of the Americans?


Uncle Saddam is gone. So is uncle Joe Stalin. At least the Russians have the balls to admit Stalin was a monster. Stop being a coward hiding in your Saddam fantasy land.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
little deer,

"Greg's sense of humour - typical AMERICAN!!"

Actually, Jeffrey's classic post is a better example of American sense of humor.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Layla, have you seen this:


Great Iraqi ladies... keep it up.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

Heartfelt thanks for your recent posts.
Keep your moral and your spirits high.
God bless you!

Dans ma Patrie le soleil se lève
et les fanfares résonnent pour les héros.
O bien-aimée,
car nous voici
libres comme le feu
libres comme l'oiseau et comme le jour...

Anonymous said…
Hey, Layla--


In part of an email newsletter, Juan Cole below sites the ongoing courage of the Iraqi people, especially in Fallujah. He also makes a little-remarked connection between the Israeli assassination of Sheikh Yassin in Gaza and the U.S. massacre in Fallujah in 2004. By the way, the Yassin assassination also killed 9 bystanders in Gaza. I wish I did believe in hell, because these warmongers belong there.

"April 9, yesterday, marked the fifth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein. But for many Iraqis, it was more notable for marking the beginning of a long-term American military occupation of their country.

"The US military was so little in control after five years that two mortar shells slammed into the Green Zone, the American HQ in Iraq. On Sunday, a similar attack killed two US military personnel while they were jogging.

"It was a somber anniversary. In Baghdad, Samarra, Tikrit and some other places, vehicle bans and curfews were in place to stop there being any demonstrations or violence to mark opposition to the occupation.

"Nevertheless, hundreds came out to protest in Fallujah, a city that Bush destroyed in a fit of pique. The Fallujans had held a city-wide strike on March 23, 2004, to protest the Israeli assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, a quadraplegic and spiritual leader of Hamas in Palestine. A few days later, the Brigades of Sheikh Yassin, an Iraqi guerrilla group founded to honor his murder, killed 4 Blackwater security men, one of them a South African, and desecrated their bodies, as "a gift to the Palestinian people," claiming that they were CIA or Mossad (Israeli intelligence). (You would have thought the Israelis could have put off garish assassinations by helicopter gunship of Muslim leaders in wheelchairs for a while, since the US was in a delicate position in Iraq at the time; Ariel Sharon made things infinitely worse than they had to be). Bush is said by Newsweek to have been royally teed off (I gloss the anger as that brown guys did that to white guys), and instructed "Heads must roll!" Bush ultimately made Fallujah his own little Carthage, in November of 2004. The Sunni Arabs were so angered that they boycotted the 2005 election. They had little representation in parliament. The Kurds and the Shiites crafted a constitution the Sunni Arabs rejected. And the country went to civil war, just as I predicted in December of 2004. In many ways it all started with the killing in broad daylight of Sheikh Yassin in Gaza as he was leaving a mosque. Couldn't he have been arrested if he was wanted? It was not as if he could run away. And, you will note, that Hamas is still there in control of Gaza, and Ariel Sharon is now in oblivion.

"On Wednesday there were still Fallujans chanting that the US should leave their country. I mean, they were chanting amidst ruins (the US damaged two-thirds of the buildings there), and many of their relatives are refugees living in tents in the desert, displaced from their living rooms by all the firepower a superpower can bring to bear. But there they were rallying. And Westerners engage in glib stereotypes about Arab fatalism. In fact, it is hard to keep some people down."
Anonymous said…
اكووووول...الصحاف يكربلج بشغلة؟
Anonymous said…
more power to you layla, jocelyn
Anonymous said…
Amazingly powerful piece as usual Layla.BRAVO!
Anonymous said…
i sure wish all you peoples would learn how to spell. correct spelling, abbreviated texan form is murKins.

more accurately would be ameriKans or ameriKKans or most accurately ameriKKKans.

the French write accurately, at least in their own language. peace. and happy baseball to all you trailer trash.

ah remains, as ever, youse
Cecilio Morales said…
While I am willing to accept that the majority of Iraqis do not want their country occupied, I wonder whether the country would break out into an unrestrained civil war if U.S. troops depart. This is a question, not a statement. I would appreciate your opinion on this matter.

Many Americans who are very unhappy with the U.S. intervention in Iraq worry that it may be too late to leave suddenly. Or as Gen. Colin Powell told the elder Bush about Iraq, "if you break it, you own it." Meaning that if the U.S. invaded Iraq, we would have to run Iraq because Hussein was the glue holding the three major ethnic/religious groups together.

What do you think?
Anonymous said…
Considering the fact the most people here who insult America worship a pedophile and merciless warlord named Mohammad, your outrage is downright hilarious!!!!
Come now, what else do you call someone who marries a 7 year old and fucks her at 9? Too vulgar for you? Too bad. Oh yeah, I hear it now. I am an "Islamophobe" - BULLSHIT - go read the Koran or the Sunnah and tell me it's not true.

Oh I visited an "Arab" country myself too. Egypt. What a lowlife county. I like to sit back and just observe too. I watched men treat their wives like dogs everywhere. I saw men groping women in the streets - groping veiled, modestly dressed women. I saw tiny little girls, 6 year olds, veiled and covered head to toe, because their fathers and mothers thought they were old enough to be considered sex objects. Where and why would they get an idea like that?...oh, then I saw a man in his fifties gently stroking a little girls hair and whispering to her while her mother wasn't looking...she had such a desperate look in her eye that my husband went up and "accidentally" bumped into the guy so she could get away. Sexual abuse is everywhere in Arab Society. These things make your little story about the wacko in the elevator ridiculous.

I saw mullahs or whatever you call them, kick beggars out of their way entering mosques. The streets were full of pickpockets and thieves, snatching people's (again mostly women's of course) bags. This is a healthy society? These were just some of the things I saw and God knows what goes on inside of their homes!!

Arabs need to clean up their own societies before they have any right to criticize America. But this will never happen because they can never admit to having any faults, they think they are superior to everyone else. The only thing they are superior at is their capacity to HATE.

PS: This of course doesn’t apply to all Arabs.
Anonymous said…

Your unrelenting outrage is a measure of your humanity and worth as a decent moral person. The men, women and youth of the Iraqi resistance who are striking back at America’s illegal invasion and occupation represent all that is good within the human condition as they strike back against foreign occupiers who have rained down death, destruction and devastation on their land.

For all those who blindly insist that the former Iraqi government was extremely brutal, please keep in mind that since the beginning of this illegal, preemptive war of aggression well over 100,000 American citizens have died due to a lack of healthcare insurance and many others have been driven to financial ruin due to their struggle to stay alive with a devastating medical condition.

In Washington, D.C. there are over 36,000 registered lobbyists – among them are lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare insurance conglomerates. These lobbyists have “BOUGHT” our representatives to the extent that they keep credible healthcare proposals and bills like John Conyers’ HR676 and Barbara Lee’s HR3000 held up in committee, year after year, denying them access to a public hearing and floor vote. That is a huge measure of greed and brutality that the America government is
sanctioning. Talk about brutality!

My heart and admiration goes out to the Iraqi resistance – hang tough, you will succeed!
G.Gar said…
"Arabs need to clean up their own societies before they have any right to criticize America"

You have made m laugh! that would only be don by cutting off all sorts of American influence in the Arab world.

Here are some questions for you to work out.

1) who fought fiercely by all possible means, in alliance with the Wahbist dynasty in Saudi Arabia, the socialist progressive stream in Egypt lead by Nasser?

2) who supported the trends in seventies to erdicate all leftist, Arab nationalist , communist streams in Egypt in alliance with MBs and Saudi Arabia ?

3) Who is checking the levels of Egypt's technolgical advancement?

4) who is imposing on Egypt a neo-liberal system that simply doen't fit into its present " production mode" and social structure. It is a system that works agianst Egypt's developmental and cultural needs.

One last thing if you are going to bad mouth Egypt, then do the Egyptian a favour and help keep her clean by sparing us your unwelcome visit
Anonymous said…
to Greg from USA

You American mother fuckers have a very big dick in your mums mouths and you still have the audacity to even speak and argue,

Fuck you and fuck your terrorists barbarian country, and hopefully very soon, someone will nuke you, mother fucks.
Anonymous said…
I've been and go to Egypt many, many, many times and have NEVER seen anything untoward. Egypt is a fascinating land with wonderful people, warm and friendly. I guess you find things if you look for them - possibly the writer above was preying on children herself...

Handbag snatching and groping of unsuspecting women happens EVERYWHERE in the world. I've seen men leaning too close to women in the tubes in London. I've seen men abuse women and swear at them in shopping malls in the west. Men, whether young or old, stroking little girls' heads is normal and accepted in non-western society - it is human and perfectly normal (ever thought that the man might have been an uncle/grandfather? As usual, USans want to make everything in the world their business while their own backyards are full of SHIT. Western society has to address this due to the abundance of PAEDOPHILES that exist in the west. Many of these Anglo PAEDOPHILES go to developing countries to abuse the children there: e.g., Africa, Bangkok, India, to name a few. How many times haven't we seen these bastards on our TV screens? And all the PAEDOPHILE rings which get busted in the US/UK? All these randy bastards don't look like Arabs to me.

And another thing - gutless American woman wouldn't DARE say the things she's said here to the face of ANY ARAB. I DARE YOU, COWARD. As with everything the USan does, it is under cover - spineless, gutless nation.

Don't wish to address this dung heap any more.
Anonymous said…
You obviously are so used to Arab "culture" you don't even notice slim when you see it little shit.

Talk about having guts. I know you wouldn't dare say the things you do here in front of some American soldiers' wives. NO WAY MY DEER COWARD!!!!!!!

I actually feel sorry for you. It seems all you have is this fantasy blog world to express yourself in. Spending hours going over every word layla writes, endlessly commenting on everything even when you have nothing to add. You are like a cow endless chewing it cud. I bet you look like one too.

PS: It's funny, you will probably still be here in 20 years with Layla still talking about how America's days in Iraq are numbered!!! HA HA HA
Anonymous said…
Asalam alikom. Though I do not agree with all the writer of this blog has to say, as an American I am saddened and ashamed at my government and my leaders. I realize my words mean nothing to you nor should they, but somewhere, in the back of your hearts know there are many like me in America who pray for peace and are working for change in our country. We are not all like "greg in america" or "american woman".
Anonymous said…
American Woman,
"I know you wouldn't dare say the things you do here in front of some American soldiers' wives. NO WAY MY DEER COWARD!!!!!!! "

Well put - "in solidarity"!

little deer,
We are only afraid to lose what we have - the American dream, baby. If your terrorist buddies take it from us - then YOU need to fear.

"I've seen men abuse women and swear at them in shopping malls in the west"

In over 30 years on this planet, in the USA, I NEVER saw men swear at women in a mall. - A bar, maybe - my parents, certainly swearing - but in a mall? No. My wife has never been groped. We don't even know anyone who has. We NEVER had our wallet or handbag snatched. We don't even know anyone who has. Does it happen, sure - even where I live, in my pampered middle class world, sure. But it did not happen enough to affect my family. In middle class USA, mistreatment of women, especially in PUBLIC, is SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Such behavior will likely cause other men to come over, confront you, and KICK YOUR ASS if you don't back down. In a bar, you will get your ass kicked whether or not you back down.

The more I read, the more I understand Islam, and it explains for me what in the past I viewed as purely barbaric. From what I have read, I have concluded that Islam rules by violence, fear, force, and taqiyya. It makes sense that Muslims would swear at women, grope them, beat them, and rape them. Sharia law demands this for women who do not submit to men, and to God, in various forms like dress code. If a man sees a woman not fully covered, that woman is insulting Islam, and must be forced into submission. Rape is an act of power and dominance. It is the preferred tool to bring disobedient women into submission to Islam, and to Men. It has been used forever by Men who are angry and feel a lack of power. The lack of power could start with their low place in the family, society, their dependence on their mothers, etc.

However Women are lower, especially those Women who act as unbelievers. It enrages these men and when they catch these women, out alone, dressed to insult Islam, they are regarded as possessions of the men who catch them (thats why women are safe when with another man - the man they are with owns them) Raping prisoners is sanctioned in 4:24.

Now in some parts of the Muslim world, it has become socially unacceptable to rape or beat women for lack of submission, so that's why men would scream at them in public instead.

As for groping, women alone are not permissible, so perhaps the groping is a gentle reminder that these possessions have wandered from their master.


Which brings me to anonymous, Mr.
"big dick in your mums mouths".

Since I am an Infidel, and American women, with the way they dress, are the lowest of the low, I take his quote to mean "If we could rape your women into submission, perhaps you would not be born a filthy, worthless, hopeless unbeliever who must be erased"

My first response is "As opposed to your little dick in your boyfriends mouth?" This degrades and emasculates him on the spot. If he is really a homosexual, he would surely be in a rage now, due to his denial.

On second thought, anonymous, here is my response to you: It is not ok to rape women. It isn't even ok to talk bad about someone's mom. When God gives you the gift to discern which Hadiths are from Him and which are the conveniences of Mohammed, then you will understand.

Finally for the rest of you who will get no light from God, and criticize the debauchery of Americans and put down our women

Take the burka off your women and put them on your young boys, "fresh like pearls", to spare them from Koran 52:24, 56:17, and 76:19

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
To Greg from USA

About the American Dream - check out this site: http://home.att.net/~mwhodges/hodges.htm
Unknown said…
Another reason we are still in Iraq.

Copy/pasted from surfingtheapocalypse:

Paul Berenson, a friend of mine with a radio show in Santa Barbara, Ca. sent his e-mail notice to me today, with the clue right at the beginning of the e-mail. Dig it:
Progressive Talk 1340 KIST- AM ,Santa Barbara, CA

Saturday, 1-4 PM (Pacific) 3-6 PM (Central)

"***Members of Congress of both parties have $196 Million of personal investments in companies that receive hundreds of millions of dollars a day in Pentagon contracts from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. General Petraeus speaks to Congress, sort of, and the Presidential candidates comment.***

The party caucuses are set for Sunday to pick elected delegates to the Dem Convention in Denver. We'll try to get representatives from the campaigns.

SB Mayor Marty Blum joins us in the first hour. Impeachment activists spoke at Tuesday's Council meeting, and we'll talk about this, what Santa Barbara's doing about the gang problem since the last time we spoke, and much more. It's always a great time with Da Mayor!

Actress/Activist Mimi Kennedy joins us for the second hour along with her musician husband Larry Dilg. We'll talk about double-bubble ballots, bringing the money spent on Iraq home, PDA, impeachment, and more. Larry will play some of his songs, including Hey George and It's The Oil.

Tune in to "The Paul Berenson Show" , Saturdays 1pm - 4pm PST on Progressive Talk 1340. Alternative, Informative, and Provocative, we examine issues nobody else does. We're joined by top newsmakers and lively guests on Santa Barbara's Progressive Talk Radio show.

Your local phone calls are welcome at:

If you want to hear a Democrat with attitude on Air America Santa Barbara, this is for you! Please forward this to any friends who might be interested.

Join listeners and callers on the South Coast. Thanks, Paul"

While this show is broadcast in California, you can also access the archived podcasts at:


Each week the podcasts are put up. Tomorrow's broadcast can only be heard on the air, but sometime during the coming week it will be loaded on the site. You can read through the listings for shows & get a lot of good headline topics. Paul has lots of other cool things on his page, too.


Interesting, huh? I can't argue with your post, and there's a few people in the U.S. who fully agree with you. Love the picture for this post, by the way. It made me laugh.
Anonymous said…
Greg from USA said...

in front of some American soldiers' wives.

These are just extensions of the murderous, raping thugs in iraq, and are therefore inconsequential. Most would be uneducated and unrefined as their spouses.

The link you have posted is dominated by zionists, and propanganda against muslims. Hardly surprising.
Anonymous said…
A few statistics on violence and abuse against women in US.


In the United States, a woman is beaten every 18 minutes. Indeed, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury among women of reproductive age in the United States. Between 22 and 35 per cent of women who visit emergency rooms are there for that reason.

The highly publicized trial of O. J. Simpson, the retired United States football player acquitted of the murder of his former wife and a male friend of hers, helped focus international media attention on the issue of domestic violence and spousal abuse.

In the United States, national statistics indicate that a women is raped every six minutes.


Domestic Violence is a Serious, Widespread Social Problem in America: The Facts


Annually in the United States, 503,485 women are stalked by an intimate partner.37
Seventy-eight percent of stalking victims are women.

The health-related costs of rape, physical assault, stalking and homicide committed by intimate partners exceed $5.8 billion each year.
Anonymous said…
Whether we were there or not Iraq and all other Arab countries would be backward cesspools. Arabs have not contributed to human knowledge in science or medicine in any measurable way for 1000 years. I know you guys hate the Jews in a insane way so I love the fact the Jews as few as they number compared to Arabs make the Arabs look like sub morons with their contributions to science and medicine. Parasites living off the efforts of others comes to mind. Arabs cant even beat a little country they outnumber 100 to 1 and even get a severe ass beating to boot. All you guys are good at is murdering others. Your constant bloviating of how much better than Americans you are is typical Arab self delusion.
Anonymous said…
murKins, if yer not in usa, just go home.

if you're "fortunate" enough to be in usa, just stay there, murKins. go shop till you drop.
Anonymous said…
here's a short broadcast for master greg, the self righteous murKin sheman, and other red blooded murKins who might not be able to read.

enjoy the fruits of your aggression......

Anonymous said…
Richard the Lionhearted said...

Parasites living off the efforts of others comes to mind.


Who ARE the parasites? Seems like US cannot keep away from LOOTING and STEALING from other lands, particularly the MIDDLE EAST and would not exist if it wasn't for this loot.

Seems like Richard the Lionhearted only knows history through the adoption of his name going back to the Crusades. Or else he'd have known that the ROOTS of ALL civilisation began in the Middle East (while his ancestors were still living in caves and trees); Christianity, Islam and Judaism began in the Middle East; science, maths, astronomy, medicine, etc., etc., began in the Middle East (IRAQ) and later, exported to the west by civilisations like the Romans and the Greeks. Iraq is the CRADLE OF CIVILISATION - from where ancient artifacts were STOLEN in 2003 (and now, too) (again) by US soldiers. Any more facts required?

Wouldn't it be good if there would be a face to face duel between US and Arabs - it might help dispel many doubts as to who is the braver, brighter, stronger. No aerial firepower, no humvees, no robots, no powerful artillery, no depleted uranium....just man to man..

Think we know what the result will be, don't we folks?
Anonymous said…
regarding USA Greg/American Woman

No doubt about, it these terrible-two INVASIVE UGLY AMERICANS are the stuff the USA is made of!
Anonymous said…
Historian, mind you that Arabs used some very agressive means to expand their range/territory as anyone else. Why Americans and Westerners ignore this is beyond me. Perhaps because Islam was not in fact spread solely through peaceful means and we don't want to offend someone's religous sensibilities. If the Christian crusades were wrong then the Arab crusades were wrong. No doubt that Arabs have contributed much to the world over the years but what have they done lately except be lucky to live on land that has oil? I have no problem with the bashing of America as a less than civil country that fucks things up but surely Arabs can be said to be right in the same boat. One need only go so far as 1948, 1967 or 1973 to witness the enormity of their incompetence. Even when fighting united alongside other Arabs against a single (and very small) enemy they are ineffective. You would argue otherwise?
Anonymous said…
"Islam rules by violence, fear, force, and taqiyya. If a man sees a woman not fully covered, that woman is insulting Islam, and must be forced into submission. Rape is an act of power and dominance. It is the preferred tool to bring disobedient women into submission to Islam, and to Men."

Aren't there any Muslims that want to REFUTE my claim that RAPING UNBELIEVERS IS ACCEPTABLE TO MUSLIMS?

All I got was "fact finder" who said "In the United States, national statistics indicate that a women is raped every six minutes."

Where I live in the USA, rape and other mistreatment of women is SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE.


Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
Not here to play games with anyone who may know me.

Hello Layla..
we are RESILIENCE and we are RESISTANCE.

And long will we live!
We shall fight any where the fight may be and we shall NEVER surrender!

Anonymous said…
Greg, there is no such thing as refutation of the truth. Thus the silence. If you point out that Arabs do fucked up things, people will only ignore it. Honestly, I don't have a problem with people criticizing America but when they do so while ignoring their own fuckedupness (yes, that is a word) it is dishonest and irresponsible.
G.Gar said…
1948, 1967 or 1973 to

You fool, in 1948 the combined Arab forces were 40,000 up agianst 100,000 jewish forces who had the experence of world war 2-while Arab armies on th other hand were more of police forces in terms of training and equipment, thanks to colonialism. Still the results in 1948 were staisfactory for Arab , in light of the level of fire power avaiolable at the battle field.
Anonymous said…
See Layla what you have done for Islam? You can wear your Italian high-heels and celebrate now! For all we know, you can be in the Arctic by now!
Anonymous said…
greg from usa, go fuck yourself and take american woman to watch!
Anonymous said…
and this is all from someone who has travelled in US from north to south, and seen how perverted you are!
You are so IGNORANT and so full of FILTH, that even your Jesus will not be able to save you!
Anonymous said…
you knitwits, you sickos,you egotisytical bastards! you know what? You will never be able to divide and conquer, cause you don't have the guts! Oh, I know, you wish to divide and conquer, but you are piss-artists, and without your zionist weapons, you are zilch!
Anonymous said…

You stupid fuck.. where are you getting your information from? Unfortunately, we've recently had this surge of fuck heads like yourself and from our arab world like Wafa "Khara" Sultan, and that other pathological liar Ayaan Hirsi Ali try and taint islam and arab with false information. Of course we get then people like you who read their books, and right away will proclaim themselves as experts in islam and its evil doing!

For one, this raping and other bullshit practices you try to attribute to islam has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. These are brought upon and carried on from culutral practices in mostly countries that YOUR fucking people have ruined and raped. Does Afghanistan ring a bell?

Remember Afghanistan you stupid fuck? You remember your past presidents and YOUR filthy people contributing to Osama during the cold war? Remember how during post WWII how the west considered Islam the greatest religion in the world! how it is a free religion! It was only when the soviet communist threat crumbled that you filthy people waged a war on those you supported. You remember your past presidents and representative contributing to the rise of other corrupt dictators that have ruled and terrorized the arab world?

When the fuck are people like you going to raise beyond this bullshit and spehere you live in and open your eyes, that you are killing human beings and humanity? You are nothing but cowards, with no moral and nothing to be proud of. Your country's history is known and notorious for perfecting the art of being a pathological liar, and you are a prime example of its masterpeice. You try and present false facts and information, and keep repeating it to yourself when you damn well know it is not true.

I would be damn ashamed to have a fucking idiot like you as a father or even a friend.

Like my dear friend Layla has eloquently said before, “Yalla ro7 wallee ya zbaleh.”
Anonymous said…
Hey you porkie, with the blood stains, how's life treating you these days?!
Anonymous said…
If America and Iran are partners, her defeat doesn't seem so glaringly obvious to me, Layla.

Your rant is quite sad considering that you're one of the millions of Sunnis exiled to Jordan.
Anonymous said…
No, you are a fool. Anyone with a little common sense knows that Israel was invaded by several Arab countries (who had tanks, artillery and aircraft) and the Arabs lost to the Jews. Then when thousands of Palestinians became refugees as a result of the war, the Arab states who helped cause their displacement just months earlier ignored the refugees altogether! And now the Palestinian struggle has become a cause for Arabs to support. Bullshit I say. They did nothing to help the Palestinian refugees, they stood by while Saddam invaded Kuwait and they continue to stand by and do nothing while America occupies Iraq. Weak. Arabs have made no significant contributions to the world (save for suicide bombers and jihad) for hundreds of years and when you run out of oil, you are absolutely fucked.
Anonymous said…

Because these recent postings in response to Layla's writings are beginning to give one the impression that they are being hosted by the "Invasive Ugly Americans" and they are the main stars of the show. And because this is Layla's show and not theirs,I feel compelled to write the following:

Perhaps people should give some thought as to responding to the unintelligent dim-witted Arab and Muslim haters who invade these posts. Fair enough to send them up by ridicule. But to attempt to have meaningful debate with these curs is a useless activity. We are supposed to be on the attack here - not on the defense. The Iraqi Resistance is not stopping to have meaningful debate with these racist invaders. Why should we?

Just look how these racists respond and expose themselves when Layla attacks. It is my view that we should strongly sustain this attack. In turn the most successful attack is one of exposure and ridicule.

Because these pieces of unintelligent scum are beyond the capability of reason, I WOULD URGE THE DECENT HUMAN-BEINGS ON THESE POSTINGS RALLY TO LAYLA's CALL DON'T NEGOTIATE USING REASON AND DEFENSE - ATTACK!
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with Bluegum.
Will respond later once I finish my latest post on the RESISTANCE.
Anonymous said…

Iraq was not Arab back then.

In any case that is the typical delusionary response to the fact that Arabs have done nothing in 1000 years. Arab countries are backward cesspools with some lucky to have oil so they can buy and upgrade to a more modern cesspool. The Arab world contributes nothing to mankind except a better suicide belt. Try inventing aerial firepower, humvees, robots, powerful artillery, depleted uranium instead of whining about how you dont have it.
Anonymous said…
To Greg from US:

You don't need MUSLIMS to refute your ugly claim: it will be done by a CHRISTIAN WOMAN -

Either you are a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR or you have been misled - I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I am not sure who you refer to as 'unbelievers' but I am assuming you are talking of non-Arab Christians. Am I right?

As a Christian woman, of non-Arab origin, I have had the privilege to work and socialise with (Arab) Muslims, often men (for reasons beyond anyone's control). Throughout this time, I have been treated with the greatest respect and courtesy, protected and felt very cared for. At no time has any man taken advantage of me or called me an 'unbeliever' and, certainly, no man has tried to rape me - the thought is laughable. AND, you seem to forget that there are thousands of Arab Christians living in the Middle East,and the oldest Churches exist in this region. I think you already know that Christians, Muslims and Jews all lived in harmony for centuries until the hoardes from the west came and destroyed and divided all that was pure. Why haven't all these 'unbelievers' been raped? If Christians are persecuted in the Middle East today, they have the Christians from the west to blame, those who came and destroyed the lives of the Muslims - something that has been stated very clearly by the Christian Church in the Middle East - specifically in Iraq.

I honour and respect them all, these wonderful men, dear friends, I have been working with, and would trust them with my life (something I would not so quickly say about many Christian men). Your claims that abuse of women is not tolerated in the US is misleading and untruthful: it may apply to you individually but you cannot speak generally; and I would be doing my Muslim brothers (and sisters) a great disservice if I didn't refute what you've said, in addition to being false to my Christian faith.

You (and your fellow American woman) have reduced what could have been a healthy debate, even if some disagreed as is clear above, into something very ugly and which touches something personal and sacred - people's religious belief - the sacred right of every human being, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc.

Through your writing, I am assuming you are an 'unbeliever', i.e., a Christian. If so, you have betrayed the Man you claim to follow: by lying and by being racist and intolerant and by reducing this forum to religious bashing. The very same Man whose origins are in the Middle East, and who, by the way, is honoured together with His Mother, by the Muslims and in the Qur'an. Would He agree with you?

Your views certainly do not represent those of all Christians (unbelievers, as you call them) and, on this site alone, you have proved, without any doubt, the tactics (of division) used by your people (US) in the Middle East.

May God have mercy on you.
Anonymous said…
re: Lates USA edition of "Opposite Speak"

Just viewed yet another wonderful example of USA “Opposite Speak”. While the USA's Iranian spawned puppet government stays installed in Iraq. And while the USA and Iran kiss, hug, and congratulate each other as partners-in-crime in Iraq. The present “Opposite Speak” from USA Defense Secretary, Robert Gates warns us of Tehrans “malign” influence in Iraq. (see Washington Post article Sat 12th April,2008 on Uruknet “Iran Top Threat to Iraq, US. Says”)

This is ironical coming from USA Robert Gates who has a long history of close effection for Iran. Why historical facts show he even supplied military weapons to Iran,behind USA President Carter's back.

Gates's extreme closeness and affection for Iran can be clearly observed when he secretly brokered a deal with Iran to supply arms to them.(Iran-Iraq War) Imagine! this was even at the exact time the USA were holding their official public enquiry into the scandalous USA/Iran "Contra affair"

Now really, what more could USA Robert Gates do for his close Iranian mates from Tehran?

So when Gates and his USA mates tell us something folks, just think opposite and you will get the truth of the matter.

And the truth here is that Gates and his USA mates are still supporting Tehran in Iraq.
Ian said…
I think Layla should disable responses since they rarely add anything of value to her posts or court serious discussion. The Arabs who post seem to think all Americans are agents of the devil while the Americans on here think all Arabs should go to hell. And then someone goes so far as to ponder the outcome of a good ol' American-Arab fist fight. Re-goddamn-diculous. We fool ourselves when we think that people can be defined so narrowly. I have met Americans who should be killed, Arabs whom I would give my life for and vice versa. There are jackasses and dickheads wherever you; too many of them are posting right here.
Anonymous said…
response ian

Interesting generalised response Ian. Not all people that oppose the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq who post on here are Arabs. And so what if they were. Also many people here attempt to have serious discussion. And many are very well informed. I wonder if you would be so sanctimonous if you and your family had suffered for the past 17 years under continuous destruction of your country and people by the USA/Iran/Israel?

We too suffer here from the "Invasive Ugly Americans, Iranians and Zionists invading our comments space.These are the exact 'dickheads' whom you are referring to.

Why should the freedom to comment be
closed off because some people are trying to oppress it? Surely,freedom loving people should see this as all the more reason to resist?

For for the moment I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are merely sitting on the fence being judgmental without really thinking about it. Because otherwise, I would think you are just being a very sly smart-arse.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Bluegum, on the comment about 'Opposite Speak' - I've followed that piece of news on Gates. And you are absolutely right.

We are living in times when the Truth has been so distorted, and people's intelligence so underestimated - and it ALL arises from the US. Something desperately wrong with this nation, it just beggars belief... Makes one wonder where this beautiful planet is heading. I fear, in particular, for the children who are growing up (or attempting to, in cases such as Iraq and Palestine)and the kind of world they are destined to inhabit. Unless we witness a miracle.

I've also been thinking deeply about all the current hue and cry about 'food shortage', particularly grains, which, it is claimed (by IMF and others) will be the cause of 'wars' in the world. Something stinks here ... and I see the US hand in this, again. It just seems a deliberate attempt, one among many others, to create chaos and suffering WORLDWIDE. There's issues on China/Tibet; Zimbabwe; Somalia; the Sudan; Pakistan; Kenya; rumblings in Latin American; in addition to the major ones in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. If one studies all these cases very carefully, there is one common denominator (or two) with them all. Cui bono?

Would love to know your thoughts on this, Bluegum. And I am also convinced that everything revolves around the gross failure of occupying Iraq - the profits that had been planned out of this 'misadventure' did not materialise, thanks forever to Iraqi Resistance. And that this will eventually engulf every nation on Earth. I guess it was to be expected: all of us stood by silently while an innocent and sovereign nation was raped.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Christian woman had the best post, refuting my ugly claim about Muslims and rape. However it is diluted because she is not a Muslim and cannot strongly speak for that which she does not believe.

Ever since I found this blog, I have been called "a stupid fuck", a "fuck head", "filthy", "idiot", etc. (And that's just one poster above.)

Sorry, there is too much going on here - I cannot concentrate this morning except to tell everyone that an egg has been cracked and the goo is flowing out and you can't get it back in the egg - you must clean up the egg.

And you must stop degrading Americans as filthy lying animals.

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
"And you must stop degrading Americans as filthy lying animals."

And you must do the same in not degrading arabs and muslims alike.

I appologize to Layla and others in this blog for my rant which was laced with profanity, but I did reach a point earlier this week whe I realized my attempts at trying to help those brothers and sisters displaced from Iraq are fuitle now. No matter how much I am going to try and help, children, men and women are going to suffer.. and not suffer a little bit, but suffer greatly.

Anonymous said…
To SA above:

I can sense your frustration, but please don't give up with helping displaced Iraqi brothers and sisters. The overwhelming need can make one's efforts seem futile, but, however little, it makes a difference. Sometimes, just the fact that someone on the outside is thinking of them brings them hope in the middle of so much tragedy.

Our own individual efforts seem very small, but, when one looks at the larger picture, if each one of us puts in our best, the collective is worth it. Please don't be discouraged, although I know it's not easy.

In solidarity.
Ian said…
Bluegum, I never suggested that those who opposed the invasion and occupation were Arabs and nowhere did I say that. I'd like for you to show me otherwise.

I suspect many do attempt to have serious discussion but that discussion gets drowned out by the race-baiting, silly name-calling and ridiculous profanities. It ends up degrading to the point where (as I mentioned earlier) someone wonders who would win an Arab-American fist fight. Perhaps you find that serious discussion.

Your question presupposes that no one who has been oppressed can be pious or devout. Not sure what you mean here.

I'm not on the fence. Dickheads and jackasses add nothing to Layla's post and in fact detract from it. Even the serious posters get distracted and take time to answer them.

I really don't care whether you think I'm a smart ass or not. Surely I have made a far more coherent post than others you've taken time to respond to.
Anonymous said…
Ian, I believe I am the one who suggested a face-to-face duel, and it was not meant to suggest a 'fist fight', as might have been interpreted. It's a question of absolute imbalance of power in this case: where there is all kinds of advanced technology, fire power, etc., and all this done either from the air or from the safety of heavy duty tanks fitted with the latest gadgets (I'm sorry, I am not technologically inclined) - and, on the other hand, you have Iraqis who are already weakened through years of sanctions and now, the most devastating attack ever witnessed by mankind on a terribly incapacitated populace. Can you see the imbalance and terrible injustice in this? We'd call it a war-crime if both parties were at least well armed, so how are we to see what's happening in Iraq? And when they do take up arms to rightfully defend what is theirs (far less sophisticated than what the occupiers are using), they are tehn labelled as 'terrorists' or 'insurgents', never legitimate RESISTANCE, which they, according to international law, really are.

Since such works of aggression are really about power and strength, my suggestion was for both sides to be equal - wouldn't that be fair? Obviously, this will never happen, but what else is one expected to think? It certainly wasn't meant to suggest a fist-fight, similar to a street brawl.

I'd just like to clarify that.
Ian said…
Little dear, I misunderstood but you have clarified your point well. One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. I hope it did not seem as if I was attacking you.
Anonymous said…
Dickheads and jackasses add nothing to Layla's post and in fact detract from it.

it is important on threads such as these, addressing layla's fuck america post, to hear examples of the very poison infecting our world ("Arab countries are backward cesspools" grotesque blatherings). when i say our world i mean the entire globe for they are not only the enemy in iraq and the middle east but within my own country as well(whether this particular anon is american or not he/she carries the voice of the enemy of humanity, human dignity, human potential)

that said, i agree it is of no use ever to address this beast. it does however provide context. these animals are out there, among us. they must be extinguished for our survival. right now the IR is on the front lines of that mission, one the global community owes a great debt.

Anonymous said…
Nicely said Layla. Im American and Im getting the absolute fuck out of this country I live inside.
It wont be long either and the fascist can kiss my ass.

It is NOT about nor was it ever about Iraq as a threat..to any neighbor. No yellow cake. No WMD's. No aluminum tubes. It WAS about removing Saddam and installing a govt that is labeled as being a ..hahahah...Democracy.

Please understand one thing. Just one thing Imore I will say and I will go. It is about yer future and maybe the future of other countries too. Please go to Google and type in CAFR. Please click on the very first site that Google shows. Please read and understand.

The US govt is NOT in debt. In 1913 the bigboys in the monetary system met on an island called Jekyl Island. They set up the Federal Reserve Banking system to print US money, called the Federal Reserve Note. It was supposed to be backed by gold but it is no longer. The Federal Reserve is NOT government. It is a private corporation designed to enrich themselves off of people being in debt.
In 1946, the US govt went from a pay as you go system ( getting money by taxing citizens ) to a corporate structure. A corporation has the same legal rights in law as a living person. It was no accident. There is a motive. It didnt JUST HAPPEN that way.
China DID NOT TAKE JOBS FROM AMERICA. Our govt WROTE THE LAWS to make it so American corporation can move into China. The US govt owns the corporations thru stock ownership. They bought stock in these companies and in some case they own up to 80%. They are profitting enormously because they own stock in these companies and many other on WallStreet where stock are bought & sold. Many Fortune 500 companies are owned by the US govt;from war profiteers, insraunce, pharmacuetical and the banks.
ALL US politicians talk about BUDGET REPORTS and they use them to cry and say they are in debt and need to raise taxes. This is bullshit. The BUDGET REPORTS do NOT show the cash INFLOW they receive from their investments they own here and internationally.
The fallof the US dollar is not hurting the US govt becasue they have their investments in other foreign currencies as well. They are profitting from the fall of the US dollar.
The US govt made an absolute windfall profit when the stock market fell right after 9/11. Estimates are about 3 Trillion dollars. They did it by the use of derivatives on the stock markey. They placed their bets that the stock would go down in price and they certainly did go down. BINGO..they hit the jackpot. Hell of a coincidence huh?? Wrong!
All those contractors in Iraq working for the WallStreet corporation....the govt has ownership in them.
If this is not FASCISM then what the hell is?? While 96% of the Americans are playin with themselves wondering what is going on, the govt has both hands in the wallets & purses of Americans... while the govt enriches themselves on the dead bodies of Iraqis and anybody else that gets in their way.
Welcome to the circus. This is the shell game. Americans better wake the fuck up. The corporations with the backing if the US military and the backing of printing press that prints dollars, is roaming the World. They are keeping people distracted by slogans such a 'fighting terror'. Follow the MONEY. Think MOTIVE.
Oh, one more thing. Silverstein owned the World Trade Center buildings. He was losing money. So he takes out an insurance policy insuring his buildings against 'terrorism'. He di dthis right before 9/11. PRESTO and like magic, 2 planes hit the towers. Silverstein automatically rakes in the CASH for his downed buildings. COINCIDENCE??

Keep fighting Layla. My thoughts are with you and IRAQ.
Anonymous said…
Something else to know and this includes Americans. With the US govt having such a high percentage of ownership in US companies thru stck-ownership; the majority of the profits then go right back to the US goverment. When these corpoaration downsize by laying off or firing workers, that in turn increase profits..it lessens the liabilities. This illegal invasion into Iraq is a sham for investments...and the US govt is reaping huge profits.
I dont know if you heard that 2 weeks ago a very large investment babk named Bears / Stearn went down. Some called it a bailout when the Federal Reserve stepped in. But it was actually a Take-Out. The feds took em out and Chase came in a bought up the stock at a very very low price per share. The govt was in fear of losing money so they took out B/S.
Its a consolidation of wealth & power and the US govt is hell bent on getting more.
The US govt/corp did not invade Iraq becuz they fear Islam or are there becuz they love Iraq...its PROFIT DRIVEN...ha....while Americans are losing their wealth, their homes, their health coverage, and even their rights.
But hey......many are still just as happy and oblivious as hogs in shit.
Anonymous said…
Ian disable responses

Ian I would suggest that you should re-read my article which you responded to, and then read your own article again.Your answer was to 'disable responses' which means to me is to close all responses off. In turn to stop free speech from all of us. Then you continued to infer that most of the postings were not of any quality.

What I said in plain simple terms was suggesting how to deal with the pro-USA/Iranian/Israeli Iraqi enemy who while fighting the Iraqi Resistance in Iraq, at the same time some of them are trying to fight the Iraqi Resistance on this site. The former is using guns, the latter computers, and in both cases they are proving to be very dumb .

My simple suggestion was that we show the enemy up for what they really are, and ridicule their stupid and ill-thought out racist nonsense, but do not bother to reason with them because they are not interested in reason. Their interest lies in being destructive, so in turn people like yourself will respond by saying Layla should 'disable responses',

Your approach was completely negative in that you condemned both sides as if you were speaking from a position of moral authority. This in turn, conveyed to me that you saw no difference between decent people and these indecent excuses for humanity that spew out their nonsense on these postings. while their fellow USA buddies continue to slaughter Iraqi people.

Also I was slightly baffled as to why you had not written your post beforehand if you had been finding dissatisfaction in reading these comments, and then only responded after reading my posting on the matter. Hopes this makes things a little clearer for you.
Anonymous said…
Hi! Little Deer, Will respond to your questions tonight. Have not forgotten you.

In solidarity
Anonymous said…
Little Deer - re: Orchestrated Food Shortage
As usual this is the brainchild of US Corporate fascism which is infecting the globe.If one looks at the so called developing nations, people who live and farm in the countryside are being forced to the cities – where they live in poverty and cannot get work – also many of these people are used as global labour fodder to be sent around the world to work for the cheapest price. This in turn keeps wages down in so-called developed countries. You probably read the article on Uruknet about those poor Phillipino workers who were illegally taken to Iraq to build the illegal US embassy. They are being treated like slaves and made to work 12 hrs. a day for 6 days of the week. They too are imprisoned against their will in Iraq.

Interestingly one can correlate the treatment of these workers, to the treatment of women in the USA in the 19th Century They too worked 12 hours and day and were brutally treated.

Next step in all this we now look at countries like Australia. In this global fascist economic system we are a major food producer and exporter, Therefore depleting the developing countries of growing their own crops provides a market for Australia and other big food producing countries. The problem here is that the highest grade food is exported to the wealthy areas in all other countries i.e. prime beef to Japan,while the Aust. domestic population gets the 3rd grade beef.The same process with assorted food products is repeated between various countries around the world.

For instance the USA exports its shitty oranges to Australia, while our farmers export 1st grade oranges to other countries whilst at the same time they dig in or burn their own orange groves in order to ensure Australians buy USA imported shitty oranges. (except me), or 3rd grade Aust. oranges.

Also our country grows the best garlic in the world – but garlic production is kept small, while our markets are flooded with tasteless Chinese garlic. This process is also repeated between each and every food producing country in the world with all sorts of food products.

Then there is now a new dimension in this drawing of useless circles where the the USA is growing grain crops ie. corn to feed cars instead of people. The USA are also making sure their Corporate puppets in South America are growing food for cars as well – and bugger the people living there they can eat dirt.

Then we add in another component. When all the people are removed from the countryside this leaves land for Corporations to develop, mine, or grow genetically engineered crops, etc.

So as you can see food exchange and food productions is clearly manipulated. Because the simple reality is that if small farmers were not cleared from their land, and the people were able to grow certain crops endemic to their country to feed the people within their own country – and then they only imported any extra they needed, as well as what they REALLY needed and could not produce. there would be no food shortages on this earth. For example the Japanese people have survived for centuries without beef. Yet Aust. exports special grain fed beef to Japan. Now Japanese people are getting cancer. Also, if there were countries that could not produce any crops at all. Then of course other countries around the world could supply to them.

Iraq, before the US-led economic sanctions also imported a huge percent of food into their country.But when the economic sanctions were put in place in Iraq, the fact that so much of their food was imported made the food situation in Iraq even worse. But sadly, when the Iraqis started to increase growing and providing much of their own food during the Sanction years, following this,came the illegal invasion and occupation of their country and now they are starving again. Also their farmers are being pressured into using genetically engineered seeds. Which I hope they are resisting for the sake of the Iraqi peoples' health. What a situation to be in starve or eat genetically engineered food which will most likely eventually kill you, like it has killed rats when genetically engineered soya beans were trialled on them.But maybe Layla may be able to enlighten us further on this.

Have only answered one of your questions Little Deer-will get to the others at a later date
In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Dear Bluegum, thank you very much for sharing this information. You have made it ever so easy to understand!

It's all so much clearer now, and I can see what's going on in the background, particularly in developing countries, in the interest of the developed. I've read about the US growing grain crops to produce ethanol. I don't know when USans/their corporations will be satiated from this hunger/greed for better and better living standards/accruing profits, at the expense of the entire world.

As for GM seeds and Iraq, you are absolutely right and I followed this issue very closely when it first came up. I'm not sure where things stand now, and, perhaps, Layla may be able to enlighten us about this. It's important that Iraqi farmers are enlightened about these global thieves who prey off the poor and suffering in order to fill their coffers.

Bluegum, how on earth do these people sleep at night?

Yes, I read the article about the Filipinos including the testimony of the one man who managed to escape from Iraq. Right now, Ugandan army officers are being encouraged to join the US army, and we know the reason for this - to be sent to Iraq. Unfortunately, many Ugandans are so 'excited' about this, I think they are flocking to register...they have no idea why they are being enticed.

There is a DESPERATE need for people in developing countries to be far more aware of what's going on in this world, and how it affects everyone, and how the weak and poor are being exploited - and often betrayed by the very leaders they have elected. Most people tend to think that countries such as the US are paved with gold - many get a rude shock when they eventually get there and realise that home is, after all, the best. I always feel that being educated is to be empowered.

We are living in an ugly world, made ugly by those in power, particularly from developed countries - the rape of Iraq helped to open many eyes, Bluegum, but it's not enough. Most people are very comfortable ... for the moment.

Thanks again!

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Bluegum, you are right to mention the cheap slave labor used to build the U.S. Embassy in Iraq but it should be mentioned that Blackwater and KBR are not the only companies getting rich off this ridiculous and illegal war. Many, many Arab companies are providing that cheap Asian slave labor which is in fact fueling and sustaining the American cause—whatever the hell that is. The Arab countries providing this slave labor are in fact aiding and abetting the Americans slaughter of Iraqis. Just because you aren’t holding the gun, doesn’t make you not guilty.

Arabs are very well known for treating poor Asians like shit. If you have ever visited Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait of Saudi Arabia you will notice that the manual labor is being done by poorly-paid and poorly-treated Indians, Pakistanis, Filippinos and Thais. Their hours, pay, work and living conditions are absolutely atrocious and they are little more than slaves. In this regards, Arabs are no better than the Americans. Arabs contribute greatly to the ugliness in this world and have done so for some time.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
You are very right about the use (and abuse) of cheap Asian labour, Dissent. I have seen that, too, and the bottom line is: if neighbouring Arab countries hadn't cooperated with the US, Iraq would never have been occupied and destroyed.

I particularly agree with your sentence: Just because you aren’t holding the gun, doesn’t make you not guilty.
Anonymous said…

This is not the first time you leave racist comments here regarding Arabs and Iraqis,...
You said

"Arabs contribute greatly to the ugliness in this world and have done so for some time."

And your ugliness Dissent is way too glaring and way too obvious.
And has been since you have first started commenting on this blog.

And trust me, it smells....
Anonymous said…
Being called ugly and racist by the most intolerant woman on the internet is almost funny but I assure you that you are wrong. Unlike you, I am quite fair and can see past my own nose. Just as I acknowledge the "slaughter of Iraqis by Americans" I also acknowledge the horrible mistreatment of Asians by Arabs. Your denial of the truth is glaring and obvious. There is enough ugliness in the world that everyone can take some of the credit: Americans, Europeans, Aussies, Asians and yes, even Arabs.
Anonymous said…
Just came across this:


*Iraq's financial free ride may end*

... From the fiercest foes of the war to the most steadfast Bush supporters, they are looking at Iraq's surging oil income and saying Baghdad should start picking up more of the tab, particularly for rebuilding hospitals, roads, power lines and the rest of the shattered country.

... "I think the American people are growing weary not only of the war, but they are looking at why Baghdad can't pay more of these costs. And the answer is they can," said Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

... "Collins says the Iraqis should cover those costs.

"It's really difficult for Americans who are struggling with the high cost of the energy to see us paying for fuel costs in a country that has the second-largest oil reserves" and a burgeoning budget surplus, she said.

WHAT surging oil INCOME does Iraq have? And if it does, we all know that it's ending up in the pockets of the puppet government, which is in cahoots with the various occupiers of Iraq. Besides, this 'surging oil income' is not reflected in the lives of the Iraqi people, both inside Iraq and for those who are languishing as 'refugees' in other lands.

There are documented facts, Layla, yours included, of the mind-boggling amounts of money that has been siphoned out of Iraq (carted away as CARGO in aircrafts): during the time of that despicable Bremmer and early days of US occupation. And what about all the greedy oil firms which are waiting like vultures on the side lines?

"You break it, you damn well fix it" MUST be the way this should be handled, even if it takes the next forty generations of USans. Who cares about them having to pay extra for energy? After all, it is their very greed that has been the CAUSE of the destruction of a sovereign land, thousands of miles across the ocean.

This is a DEBT that USans are obliged to pay since the destruction of Iraq has been done in their collective names ("we'll get them out there so they don't get you here"). Iraq's infrastructure (road network, communication, health system, education system and economy) has been destroyed primarily by the US (with other occupiers lending a hand).

Grand theft, embezzlement, lack of responsibility and lying are some of the inherent qualities, not forgetting murder of innocents, among USans.

Of course, the traitorous Iraqis and Iranian representatives in Iraq should not be allowed to get away with this either.

Anonymous said…
Better news!!


"Financial Collapse will End the War:
And it won't be "A time of our choosing"
Mike Whitney

- Layla, you've been quoted in this piece.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Firstly, could fill a page as to why the Iraqis and Palestinian people are starving. But I will keep it short - Because of the criminality of the USA/Iran/Israel.

It appears your blinkered desire to get one-up on the Arabs, blinds your to the reality of this issue. Open your mind and look at the big picture. The crux of this issue is simply that THE MAJORITY of leaders from the MAJORITY of countries around the world have accepted the USA driven Friedman Corporate Fascist Global economic system.

From this, the ruling elites of these countries have prostituted themselves to the USA's Corporate fascist economic system on behalf of the wealthy elites of their country in order to satisfy their continual gratification of monetary gluttony and personal aggrandizement. And in doing this are prepared to sacrifice the lives of their own people, even to the extent of starvation and death.


Also,under these headlines of“Opposite Speak” we read of the World Bank/USA urging other wealthy countries to donate more money to poorer countries because they are concerned about SOCIAL UNREST!!!! But the truth of this is the USA through it sub-branch, the World Bank, has called on everyone else to chip in so that the USA can keep growing food crops to feed SUV's.We should all bear in mind the cost of growing and producing ONE FULL TANK OF BIO-FUEL TO RUN AN SUV IS EQUAL TO FEEDING ONE SMALL CHILD PER YEAR.

Also. we now have the Asian countries like China, India who,for the time being,on this insidious system have become wealthy and spawned a wealthy elite.The wealthy elite now require increased meat in their diet which was once very healthy because it was low in meat, therefore they do not really need to eat more meat.

And while today we hear that Canada wants pig farmers to kill off 10% of their pigs and use them for pet food; corporations in western countries will produce lst grade beef for the wealthy Indian and Chinese, while the rest of the Indians and Chinese people will be left to furrow for crumbs, and the mass of Australians, Nth Americans, Canadians etc. will pay higher prices for corporate unhealthy imported artificially processed food, and unhealthy locally made corporate massed produced franchised 'dunny crust” bread and 12 months in the freezer 3rd rate fruit and vegs, and genetically engineered soya beans and canola oil, and become diabetically tubby and chubby, or simply die from unknown causes. And serves them right for being so politically apathetic.

This is the corporate fascist economic system the USA together with Iran and Israel are attempting to impose on Iraq at present. But we should take heart because this inhuman insidious system is unsustainable and in turn it will eat itself up, along with the "USA CARS BEFORE PEOPLE" empire. - thank goodness!
Anonymous said…

You are most right but it is Zionist/Isralian Jews that are elite controllers. USAer elites are controled by the Zionist/Israelian Jewish. They have sold themselves for wealth and do the Jewish bidding. The USAer country is a immoral corrupt depraved country so its easy for the Zionist Jewish to control. The Zionist/Israelian Jewish must be stopped to help the world.
Anonymous said…
response to zynzoor re Zionist/Israelian jews are elite controllers

Well I suppose we should all ask ourselves here why are people allowing the Zionist to be in control? And then my answer to this is because it suits people to allow them to be in control.

With the USA and most other pro-Israel countries it is a case of 'birds of a feather flock together' or, I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' as we see at present with Iran and Israel in Iraq. In this case, it is not about Zionist control, but mutual convenience.

In turn this leads to the question of how long Israel would exist if it were not being propped up by non-Jewish politicians in the USA and around the world?

Surely, no controller is indestructible. But from a great deal of reading and and observation over the years on the issue of Zionism, a strong overall message emerges to the lay person,which is - the Zionist are in control and there is little one can do about it.

And it certainly looks like that in Palestine, when for over three score years the Palestinian people are still unable to defend themselves militarily.
One can surely question here, who are the real culprits causing this situation

I certainly agree with you that the Zionist/Israel must be stopped, but to date. I have seen no collective attempt to stop them by anyone much. In recent history President Saddam Hussein had the courage to attempt as you say, to stop Zionist/Israel.Bad sadly, the rest of the Middle East collective let him, and the Palestinian people down badly.

Fortunately corrupt and depraved self-appointed empires fall, and it is looking as if we might be turning the corner,when it comes to the fall of the USA then perhaps we will see what control the Zionist really have.
In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
what happend to merican Women? she is gone after Fact finder said... comment.
Anonymous said…
For you Layla, and all those whose lives have been ended, whose futures and children and homes have been stolen by the Americans:
Anonymous said…

I know who you are, I told you it smells. It smells of your anti Arab stink and it smells of your racism and it smells of your " gassing the kurds, killing opponents..."and the rest of the zionist, iranian shit that you have made your bread and butter.
So yes, your hideous face shows all too well.
Anonymous said…
America is the greatest force for destruction the planet has ever seen. 1.5 million dead Iraqi's and they are still their with the Oil Protection Force. We have babies dying in hospitals, malnutrition is rife. 100s of women and children are dying daily through American state sponsored terrorism. I call on all citizens of earth to boycott American goods like Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, Burger King, Ford, Pampers etc. People must stop funding the American war machine, that is the only way to stop it. If its American boycott it. www.boycottbush.net.
Anonymous said…
I agree anomymous above. One problm though is that American companies are now scattered around the planet in so many places. Plus there are joint ventures. But boycotting can help.
Anonymous said…
response to the 2 anonymouses re:Boycott American Goods

You have hit the nail on the head. For all those people who are feeling powerless, boycotting USA corporate junk food and junk drink is the one and only way to go.

The reason being is that in this present time,no worker in the world has their labour power to bargain with any more. Under this economic global system governments have a global pool of cheap labour, which they shift around the world where needed.

For example in Aust. our unemployment centres are taking l,000 people per week off unemployment benefits through harsh and unfair regulations. This is pushing people to live in the streets. Yet we are importing cheap labour from China, and many poor countries from around the world while being told in "Opposite Speak" that our unemployment figures are low.

This USA created corporate fascist system also gets rich from global junk food supplied to all people around the world. And it relies on people buying and consuming unhealthy food like bottles of 700 calories of sugar Coca-Cola which nobody needs if they value their teeth and general health.And if people think that they are any healthier by drinking diet Coke. Then think again because the chemical additive is carcinogenic.

If the boycotting of US consumer goods were carried out on an organised global collective basis - then it would be possible to bring down companies like USA Coca-Cola to their ultimate economic destruction.

In this century people especially in the so-called developed countries do have a very powerful weapon - CONSUMER POWER!, and sadly it is being overlooked.

The USA corporate fascist system has now transformed people into non-people. We are now referred to as 'consumers' or 'clients' while the corporations now have legally being made 'citizens'.

In view of this,surely it would be a wonderful political excercise to target just one product like Coca-Cola and use it as a pilot project to see the effects of a 'Peoples' Consumer Global Boycott.

It is my strong view that Consumer Boycott's such as this could play a big part in hurrying along the economic demise of the USA. AS well,it could also help hurry along Iraq regaining her freedom.

Image the slogans everyone could think up. Just off the top of ones head already ie. DONT'BUY COCA-COLA & SINK THE USA!"
Layla Anwar said…
Hi everyone,

Sorry am simply not able to reply to all the comments here. There are 97 of them !

I thank those who expressed solidarity and those who really took this post to develop more insights, revealing how all subjects are really interlinked.

As for the others who are just on the attack and slandering away, please refer to the mantle, center piece of the post i.e the PICTURE.

With my Regards
Anonymous said…
Ha, ha, ha! Good one, Layla!
Anonymous said…
Yes, the centre piece of the post=your attitude! And little deer is right there and ready to lick it!
Anonymous said…
I like that 'finger'.
Maybe the attitude towards the World are those that persue such technology. That's how I see the 'finger' as.
Anonymous said…
How sad to see people like Layla Anwar using their telent in a destructive way. I find it totaly strange to see someone prasing Sadam, the man behalf the destruction of Iraq. Where was Layla during Sadam when milions were gased or killed by this dictator.

Is this not the time to wake up and be constructivr?, i sthis not the time to accept the mistake of the past and regard other Iraqes as human with rights equal to yours?. And is this not the time to use your talent constructively?
Anonymous said…
What would be yer idea of 'constructive' ?
Anonymous said…
I should have added this to my above. The United State Central Intelligence Agency is pretty well known for some its operations.
This link shows just one of many of what they have been capable of.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
Yes, the centre piece of the post=your attitude! And little deer is right there and ready to lick it!

Coward, hiding behind the 'name' of 'anonymous'. Your viciousness gives you away. Talk about attitude!
Anonymous said…
HAI GAIS!!!! I'm the "invasive ugly american" bluegum won't stop reffering to (I think I made him cry on a previous thread). I haven't posted on this article but he just can't stop thinking about me.

I was just wondering Ol' blue. If you hate "evil, racists" so much. Why do you have such a blatently racially offensive handle?

p.s I still love you Layla, and I wan't you to take me on your kitchen table.
Anonymous said…
HAI GAIS!!!! I'm the "invasive ugly american" bluegum won't stop reffering to (I think I made him cry on a previous thread). I haven't posted on this article but he just can't stop thinking about me.

I was just wondering Ol' blue. If you hate "evil, racists" so much. Why do you have such a blatently racially offensive handle?

p.s I still love you Layla, and I wan't you to take me on your kitchen table.
Anonymous said…
Great commentary! Yes... you will have the LAST LAUGH. And I for one can't wait! And hope to see Bush hanging from a tree.
KM said…
Hey, its happenin already. Gas here today where I live is $3.52 a gallon. Tons of homes setting with for sale signs in their yards for ages. Even businesses are going bankrupt because obviously when folks have no money then they dont shop. The BIG DUMP as rollin'.

But heyyyyy, the government is gonna give to taxpayers in a certain income level, on average....(drum roll please)..a whopping $600 as an Economic Stimulus Package. Wow..quite generous of the government. Too bad taxes are gonna go up. hahaha

And what about all those college grads? What about all that debt payin for college tuition and how many college grads are in debt before they even graduate. hahhaha

In debt for a Board Game Style Education and then what kind of jobs are out there?? hahaha. The United States imports ( IMPORTS ) college grads ( ENGINEERS ) from China & India. hmmmmmmm, wonder why?? :-)

Layla, ya know what we get here in America when a credit card issuer or in some cases, a medical records technician calls us? We get somebody in India! hahaha Hows that? And the VAST majority of Americans pick their ear and smell somethin fishy but they just cant get it. "We're Number One ! We're Number One ! " HAHA Number One in WHAT? BULLSHIT EATING CONTESTS ??

OH Wedensday night Clinton & Obama sounded off in a debate for the Democratic seat. Wow..now THAT was a piece of work. Nealry the first 50 minutes was devoted to a personality contest and pinkin apart words and what did you mean by this or what did you mean by that? GOOD GRIEF !

Obama cant bowl.
Clinton has a sneaky sounding laugh.
Can Obama bowl?

Society in America.....

Im just wondering if I can apply for Refugee Status.
Anonymous said…
You sound very bitter and angry. While your anger is justified, I would like to remind you that peace can only be a manifestation of peace. Anger and violence only lead to more anger and violence. I am an american woman married for 15 years to an eastern man. He is muslim, I am christian. We have both felt the prejudice and accusations that have come from both sides. While it is easy to fall victim to the agenda of politicians and economic leaders, please keep in mind that they are never on your side. Their interests are self-serving. As a middle-age, middle-class woman like yourself, I wish you peace. I can not see into the future and I have no way of knowing the consequences of those actions that are happening now. I only have the life that I am living right now. I live a life of peace and human understanding. This is what I pray for you. May light and love find their way into your heart.
KM said…
Yes. I am angry when it comes to this especially. Anger is a natural emotion. When I see kids being targeted or hear of their murders, I tend to get angry, no matter who the participants are what race or nationality.

Do I have peace? Yes I have peace in areas.

"Anger & violence" CAN lead to more violence but anger can be a motivator also that does not always include violence.

Politicians usually will work for their own best interests and spare yer prayers for me please. Maybe donations to Iraq or Palestine may be of better use ( if you haven't already ) instead of praying for me, but Thank You for yer concern. There are plenty of organizations on the web to donate towards people in need.

I left the Christian church 5 years ago. I attend my masjed regularly and am Muslim. I made that choice for several reasons.
KM said…
anonymous above,

You said that you "have no way of knowing the consequences of those actions that are happening now.".

You surely must. There's thousands and thousands of 'consequences'.
Anonymous said…
Good Job! :)

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