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An Offering...

I am not in the habit of sharing my poetry on this blog. Somehow in my mind Arab Woman Blues, the mother blog is dedicated only for Iraq, and poetry is a personal matter, a private realm where analysis fails to capture Truth. Poetry, a garden, where one can stroll and occasionally play, and sometimes a secluded room where one can cry... But habits can be broken, and exceptions to the rule are allowed. This is not Moses Tablet with its Ten Commandments. This is my place, my little home, which I have kept freely open for you. So today I have decided something "revolutionary", I am posting my poem here and on my two other blogs. When I do something as "revolutionary" as this, it is usually because I have a message. Same applies when I advertise my posts, I only do so when I have a punctual message to send to the world. And am hoping through this humble poem, of possibly  no "literary value" (that should shut up critics) my message will come across.