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Saddam Hussein: His Last Hours. Part 5 (final)

The article continues with a question. Was Saddam hanged or murdered ? Dulaimi says : The President professed the (Muslim) testimony of Faith, once...and while he was professing it the second time, his pure body dropped through that cursed hole/opening...the rope was deliberately extended, lengthened so the President falls/drops to the ground ALIVE, in order to be murdered (while making it look like death by hanging) and this is what they did. While the President was on the floor/ground, he raised his head and smiled, this is when they started first kicking him (his head)and hitting him brutally... ( my note : I am assuming this is also when they jabbed his throat with the knife as shown in the video...maybe not severing the head totally but enough...I must also mention here that Saddam Hussein's brother's head - Barzan's was totally severed from his body according to forensic reports. And I also need to add here two things that this article does not mention : 1) I saw th

Saddam Hussein: His Last Hours. Part 4

Here I am continuing where I left off yesterday, translating the rest of the article as published in the newspaper, with extracts from Al-Dulaimi's (Saddam Hussein's lawyer) interview and new book (see previous parts). And again, this is a direct, spontaneous translation, so be forbearing. ...Al-Dulaimi replies to the inquiry : How come the (hanging) rope had 39 knots ? This is what he had to say: The President refused to have the black bag put over his head before the hanging. And he allowed his lynchers to wrap it around his neck instead, underneath the noose. According to Dulaimi the rope was acquired by the Americans from a Zionist soldier and was designed and fabricated contrary to the law (regulations), in terms of its length and quality (of the rope)and they placed it (the rope) around the President's neck the way they wanted to... ( my note : assuming there is some "correct" way.) Before doing so, an American soldier of Jewish origins entered the room (whe

Saddam Hussein: His Last Hours. Part-3

At the High/Maximum Security Building, they removed his vest and his goggles, and he was taken to the first department of this building, the unit of "counter terrorism". It is this unit that is in charge of all the executions i.e the act of murder of the valiant heroic Leader of Iraq... The time was precisely 5.30am, dawn's hour, when the President entered that division. He saw a metal cage, and in it were a group of Iraqi Resistance fighters, on whom the verdict of "state treason" was pronounced. Dulaimi then describes the President looking at them and smiling to them with a smile full of Pride/Honor, as he recognized their valiant bravery from the fact that they were that division. He then continued walking, being led to another room... In this room he found himself surrounded by a group of armed men belonging to one of the sectarian militias...they proceeded to profusely insult him evoking the Iraq-Iran war of the 80's...of the last century. Du

Saddam Hussein : His Last Hours. Part-2

In Chapter 25 of Dulaimi's book, he covers details surrounding the killing of President Saddam Hussein, revealing from American sources that the Americans blamed the act of murder of the Sovereign President of Iraq on the Iraqi government under Occupation, whose loyalty is to Iran. According to Dulaimi, a number of U.S army officers tried exerting pressure on the U.S embassy in Baghdad to contact Washington, for a postponement of Saddam Hussein's execution. According to the same sources, some U.S officers also stated that they would refuse the handing over of President Saddam to the Maliki government. And the U.S Ambassador then, in the Green Zone, Zalman Khalil Zad, failed in convincing Maliki in postponing Saddam Hussein's murder. ( My note : I learned that according to International Law, a person who has reached the age of 70 cannot be executed. This is why, the puppet Government was eager to have Saddam Hussein murdered before his 70th Birthday, ie, in his 69th year.

Saddam Hussein : His Last Hours. Part -1

This is going to be very hard for me to translate, too many pages from Arabic to English...but not only...the subject matter is very dear to my heart and knowing me, I will probably have to take several breaks in between the pages... The following are extracts from a series of articles that are appearing regularly in a Jordanian daily paper called Al-Ghad , and extracts of which were taken up by the Palestinian news agency Maan News . They are based on the latest publication of a book by Saddam Hussein's lawyer, Khalil Al-Dulaimi , and the book was put in circulation a few days ago, and was published in Khartoum, Sudan. The book's title is : "Saddam Hussein: The American Cell. This is what happened. " This is a VERY long article, and deals with several issues : the invasion, the battle against the occupier, military tactics, and what happened to Saddam Hussein before and after his "capture". In this post I will concentrate on the events around his arrest an

Stuck in the Middle...UPDATED.

You're probably wondering - how come Layla didn't mention the black, bloody, Sunday's blasts that left over 700 Iraqis dead and injured ? It's already been covered...And it does take massive explosions to remind you of the "forgotten war". And am still here...ain't I ? No worries, I will never let you off the long as God gives me life. I will not cover the gory details...besides they hardly affect you. They did not affect you in 2003, nor in 2005, nor in 2007, so why should they affect you in 2009 ? As the demonstrating, very angry, Iraqis shouted in Baghdad yesterday : " We have no water, but our blood is pouring in gallons..." But hey, you are beyond what people under occupations shout, you are beyond their tears and grief....beyond their tragedies and are beyond and above it all... So Fuck You. A grandiose Fuck You. I don't personally give a fuck about what you feel or think or what happens to your mediocre lives...u

A Children's Market in Baghdad.

There are auctions taking place selling stolen Iraqi artifacts and there are auctions taking place selling Iraqi children in the center of Baghdad's markets... The stealing and selling of our past and our future... Tell me what is left ? What follows is my translation of an article I received today. If anyone from Sweden reads this, I need more information please and a copy of the article in the original language as it appeared in the Swedish press. According to this article, a documentary film on Swedish TV and then transcribed into an article that was published in some magazine/newspaper called " Express" ?, and translated into 12 languages in the past 24 h. This documentary was done by two Swedish reporters (Tracey Christensen and Thor Bjorn Andersen) who secretly filmed a market in Baghdad, from inside a car...and they witnessed transactions in which Iraqi children were sold. They mention the case of a 4 year old girl being sold for 500 US dollars ! 500 US dollars is


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Burn in Hell

This is not the first time that Americans burn the Koran, our Holy Book and which we consider a direct message from God. For us the Koran is the embodiment of the Divine Word. And it is the most sacred book, and the only Sacred Book worth defending. Desecrating the Koran happened numerous happened in Iraq when mosques and homes were raided, it happened in Guantanamo and it is happening in Afghanistan. And coincidentally, two days ago, I received a whole series of pictures, of some American cow, taking pleasure in tearing the Koran apart, burning it, throwing its pages in the W.C, stepping on it, leaving it as a doormat in front of her house...etc...I still have the pictures and I don't want to publish them here, on this blog or maybe I should, so the world can see what kind of animals you are. Today, Afghan protesters gathered in a demonstration , when they learned that our Holy Book was burned again...they burned an effigy of Obama instead, and some chanted "We don

Iraq, Iran and all that deadly Jazz...

To be frank with you, and I have a few vices but dishonesty is not one of them, I'd rather be doing something else than report your crimes back to you. But am also a firm believer in the simple motto that if you love something, give it your 110%. Unfortunately for you men (apart from l'oiseau rare - the rare pearl) my motto is non applicable... I've titled this post -- Iraq, Iran as both seem to be have become one country... Of course this is something I have not stopped repeating since I've started blogging... I have been walking around with a series of printouts, in Arabic, which I took time to distill and condense adding to them a bit of fresh news gathered here and there, from different sources... I feel like a private detective, who knows who the culprits are but keeps gathering more information, cues, to prove her some invisible court of law. I'd much rather be dancing to some love tune, writing poetry or engaging in fiction...I am no journalist an

Americans : Looters & Thieves.

So much has been stolen and looted from Iraq, from my Beloved's lap, treasures, boxes, and shelves... If I tell you that it is in the billion of Dollars, be it in cash or or in things/goods...I am not exaggerating one bit. I, for one was a witness, and I saw it with my own two eyes, 675 million dollars in cash , taken by the US soldiers in trunks in 2003, to be " counted in New York ". This money is still in New York. I have hundreds of stories of US soldiers looting homes they raided, stealing the money, the jewelery, even the food... I have hundreds of stories and some I have covered in the past, of U.S soldiers and journalists/reporters looting the personal belongings including clothes of Saddam Hussein's family, even Saddam Hussein's shoes and selling them in South Africa, Australia, and the U.S or keeping them as "souvenirs". And here, I don't even wish to broach the subject of the looting of Iraq's antiquities, by your own soldiers and even


Managed to get hold of some alternative Iraqi sat TVs namely Al-Rafidain, Ar-Rai, Al Babeliya which I have mentioned before. I made it a point to watch some of the news on these channels as they cover events that are totally blacked out in the mainstream media, including the Arabic speaking ones. 1) The Iraqi Resistance under its different factions Several resistance activities against the Occupier namely in Kirkuk, where one US patrol came under attack . Same in Mosul. Two days ago, another US patrol under attack in El Anbar province, and in North of Baghdad. Today another US patrol came under fire in Falluja, and several mortar bombs fell on the US airbase in Nasseriya. I must add that all the above were successful operations. US commander Odierno in Baghdad admitted that there has been a upsurge of Resistance activities in the past week. 2) Elections A deliberate stalemate provoked by the puppet government and its Shiite parties. Several issues : a) the debate around the open/close

RAPE - A Weapon of MASCULINE Wars.

Same happened in Iraq by armed Shiite militias from Iran and by US occupying forces. Not much coverage in our case...They kept it hush hush. Love's collaboration between the US and Iran obliges... FILTH. Rape in Iraq has now become endemic. Hail "Liberation" You can read the rest and watch the Video HERE . Rape as a Weapon in the Congo. A very important and heart wrenching video. How can any man watch this and not feel shame and disgust with his own gender ????


I received this from a very reliable and trustworthy source. Many thanks to Abu R. for the top notch translation. BREAKING NEWS NEW INFORMATION REVEALS THAT IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARY GUARDS PARTICIPATED IN THE MOSUL RAIDS THAT LEAD TO THE ARRESTS OF FORMER OFFICERS OF THE DISBANDED IRAQI ARMY AND OTHER PATRIOTIC NATIONALS. From MOSLAWI SON OF IRAQ, Sources have confirmed new details regarding the participation of units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the latest raids in Mosul and the province of Salah Al-Deen which lead to the capture of officers of the former Iraqi army, Ba'athists, and other national leaders. The participating units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were commanded by a high ranking commander of the Iranian revolutionary guard named Akbar Wahidi who was operating out of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. The raids were coordinated with Nouri Al-Maliki and unfolded as follows 1) The commander of the unit which lead the

Reading Blues...

I said to myself - girl, you need a break from this bloody I switched on the TV, I wish I hadn't. There was a very short documentary on Al-Babeliya Iraqi Sat TV on the state of the schools in Baghdad, its suburbs and in some of the villages... Good God, I could not believe my eyes ! What happened to our schools ? What happened to the Iraq that UNESCO gave a prize to for offering one of the best educational systems in the Middle East ? What happened to us ? I had not seen it so bad. Not even during the sanction years when even pencils were forbidden... There is no more education in Iraq. That is the blatant truth. The short documentary filmed a couple of schools, I was aghast. There are no more playgrounds, the schools are littered with garbage, there is absolutely no water, there is no electricity, the windows are all broken, there are no toilets, the schools are totally dilapidated. Some schools did not even have a blackboard ! On average in one classroom alone, ther


I tell you something, Americans are so full of shit. Really, truly... They are up to their heads in shit. Shit ideas, shit concepts, shit rationalizations, shit excuses, shit everything... It smells and it smells BAD. I have watched and read hundreds of articles on torture, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo - your favorite sea side resort. And each time, I keep reading, hearing the same shit phrases that crop up again and again... Here are, for the most part...NO, for all parts, innocent people arrested, imprisoned with no trial by those dickheads called Americans. And each and every single time, the same phraseology comes up - "sleep deprivation, enhanced interrogation techniques, stress positions "... The guy has been literally fucked, had his penis chopped off, been drowned in shit and water, pissed upon in his mouth, hung from his wrists, electrocuted in his genitals, bitten by dogs, made to stand up for weeks, stripped naked in extreme temperatures, been subjected to 100000

Vultures & Pistachios...

Ammar El-Hakeem with Ahmadinejad during his latest visit to Tehran Ammar El-Hakeem with Ayatollah Rafsandjani during same visit to Tehran Sectarian Shiite thugs greeted by Ayatollah Pistachios The Shiite psychopath J.Al-Sagheer in white turban with Ammar El-Hakeem and President of Pistachios Republic When I say birds of Shiite feathers flock together, I know what am talking about and you don't. I know because I receive daily news about the micmacs and machinations of this herd, with a handful of exceptions. And even then, am not too sure about the exception. Of course, here I am talking about political leaders or men of power...and not about the people. But even then, am not too sure...because as I said before, the influence of the Marjaeeya and Hawza , the Shiite theological councils and schools of learning in Iraq, are so much under the iron grip and ideological influence of Iran, that only rare and secular Iraqi Shias fit the bill of the "exceptional case". It is more

Nouri Al-Maliki's Curriculum Vitae.

This may not be novelty for some of you, but I thought I'd refresh your memories... Listen am not inventing the stuff, am just translating what appeared on a serious Iraqi website . Someone already wrote an expose of N. Al-Maliki, Iraqi PM's past, in 2007 and you can read it here. Jawad Al-Ali aka Nouri Al-Maliki personal resume in bold, the rest is mine including whenever you see a "Ze" and in (...) Diplomas : Personally involved in blowing up the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut and in assassinating senior Palestinian leaders in Ze Lebanon. This is Al-Maliki : 1- Was in the armed command of the Dawa party, and was personally involved in the criminal murdering of several people. 2- was personally involved in the blowing up of the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut. 3 - Was a member of the "lovers of Hussein" in the 80's in Ze Lebanon. "Lovers of Hussein" was a death squad affiliated to Ze Lebanese Shiite party called Amal. "Lovers of Hussein" death sq

Flowers, Candies & Tumors...

That was the deal. You greet us with flowers and candies and we will greet you with D.U, napalm and neutron bombs... This may be news to you, but all kinds of weapons were tested in Iraq by the demoniacal terrorists called the Americans. Depleted Uranium is the most "famous" one. D.U was used during "Desert Storm", may wrathful storms engulf you. And it was used during "Operation Freedom". Napalm was used in Falluja and Mosul. According to fellow MDs, they are convinced that neutron bombs were also used (for those of you who don't know, neutron bombs are a limited range nuclear mini explosions that carbonize people and leave buildings intact). According to them, those were used in 2003, in the battle for Baghdad, namely around Baghdad's airport. Fellow MDs said that the corpses they saw in ER on one particular day, were no longer corpses, they were not even burnt, like in napalm, they were simply disintegrated like and I quote " a handful of s


J. has just arrived from Baghdad. We spent many hours talking. Too many stories... But the most IMPORTANT one is this : According to official figures for 2009 alone (and God only knows what the unofficial figures are) 270 Iraqi kids reported missing. Missing because they have been KIDNAPPED FOR RANSOMS and parents can't afford to pay. Missing because SOLD Missing because TRAFFICKED to unknown destinations. Missing because found DEAD, after their ORGANS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THEIR BODIES. IRAQ NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE 2003. STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP THE TRAFFICKING OF IRAQI CHILDREN !